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"So... you weren't going to tell me?" The pink pegasus had tears in her eyes, feeling like a tiny filly again as she looked up at her mother.

"Dearest..." There was sorrow in Queen Haven's eyes, and Pipp didn't even need to hear what she'd say next. She already knew she was right. But her mother spoke anyway. "Before today, it wouldn't have mattered."

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10 stars I loved the story.

Yeah, I wondered why Pipp's wings were so fluffy compared to everyone else's. Maybe it's a beauty thing.

Sad though I don't think quite canon. It's clear Pipp can fly to an extent, though I think the idea that she will be a slow speed and slightly awkward fly makes sense, haveing such underdeveloped wings he magic has to do all the heavy lifting. She'll have poor flight endurance and low wing power, still a disability but one of degree instead of full inability.

I can appreciate Pipp's wings a little more now.

I really like it. Thanks. Also, all the characters nailed.

Ooh, I like it

I remember people pointing out that they look like they have down feathers. Possibly to help distinguish that she is the younger sister. And maybe the youngest in the group. If so, it'll be interesting to see those feathers being replaced gradually with adult feathers as she grows physically and personally.

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It's just a headcanon dude, you're free to have your own interpretation

My only issue with this is the pegasi we see that are even younger than Pipp have normal wings

I remember a g4 comic we’re rainbow dash makes scootaloo a scooter made of clouds so she can use them to fly since she can propel herself forward but not enough to keep her up. So the cloud acts as a ballast

Plus there's various pieces of fan art featuring her flying with the aid of various pieces of technology (glider, prosthetic wings, etc.). Also, the way she was handled in issue 81 of the IDW comic (with the earth pony aeronaut who got himself into the Wonderbolts) made it feel like the writers were practically screaming, "We would LOVE to have Scootaloo fly with that guy's invention, but our hands are tied!".

And Zipp had been studying aerodynamics in an attempt to restore flight to the pegasi. If G5 were to give us another handicapped pegasus, it would be lovely to have her use said knowledge to develop a solution.

This story itself is as delicate as petals. Love it.

The headcanon is imaginative but not beyond reasons. The story is short but long enough to build characters.

It's like the goode eald days back in 2011 all over again. So nice to see people warming up to the new gen.

Every bit of this is lovely, and very intriguing! Never would have I thought about Pipp's wings like that, but it's nice to imagine the what ifs! Absolutely beautiful stuff! Hope ya didn't mind, but I couldn't resist making a reading of this scrumptious fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/RNUHhTayxoU

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

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I really enjoyed this story, really wholesome T.T

Most Pegasi wings seem to be modelled of birds like Blackbirds and Crows.
Pip's wings makes me think of stylished Swan wings and Eider down.

(We've seen that smaller wings doesn't necessarily mean flightless, but possibly a higher energy/magic demand and less speed and/or manoeuvrability)

Pip looks so fluffy compared to the other Pegasi - think she'd handle high altitude cold better than her sister? :trixieshiftright:

New headcanon acquired.
This is great.

Nice little read!

What’s going to be scary is if they do something like this in the actual series and you called it before they even created it.

I never really thought much about how her wings were so different. I like this head canon of yours, it makes perfect sense.

I like the concept. Although Cadance wings were sort of like that when spread. Kind of. P

You made me feel really bad for Pipp despite her duplicity.

I hope when G5 gets off the ground next year, we see more stories like these.

Cadence's wings are a gradient from one colour to another, they still have a clear definition like all the other wings we see in the show. Pipp is the only pegasus in any generation with weird fluffy wings like that

This story was so sweet and made me love Pipp and Zipp even more.

Ah, this makes a lot of sense, I wonder if it will turn out to be official.

Well I'm gonna turn on my microphone and read this out loud for an audiobook version :).

"Why are Pipp's wings different?"
Concept artist: "Oh, it's just to make them look like a feather boa, don't worry about it"
Fanfic writers: "Peace was never an option"

This story made me love Pipp more than I used to. This gives some amount of depth to her character. Waiting to see this becoming canon.

This is super cute and a big brain moment, focusing on the aesthetic choices of Pipp's wings. Very nice job!

scootaloo two electric boogaloo

Zipp once again put a comforting hoof on Pipp's shoulder. "I never said you could. I said, who said you can't get to the clouds. Come on, you really think I'd leave my baby sister behind?"

Shades of Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.
No less moving because I saw the mechanics of the solution as soon as Haven's words of comfort were rejected.

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