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After watching Izzy Moonbow sink a backwards shot in her face, while singing, Pipp Petals decides that she needs to learn how to hoop. So she does, and gets pretty good at it.

But not as good as Izzy. Of course.

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Hahahaha I can definitely see Izzy as Pinkie Pie's descendent. She would be proud.

This was quite funny and the unicorn's secret, Pipp will never beat that!

Why all this time I thought she was cross eyed in that pic?

Honestly she just looks confused to me. It's the most fitting freeze-frame from the movie there is.

God I love it. 😂

That was a cute story~

This is how a snuggle-dragon-currently-in-umbreon-form likes this story! :pinkiehappy:

Izzy reminds me a lot of Pinkie in this being able to just pull a basketball out of thin air. Like Pinkie only 20 million percent cooler.

Queen haven's reaction is spot on, lol

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