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Happy Bornday to Me · 10:49am April 23rd

I'm not usually a fan of posting another blog so soon after the last one, but I gotta make an exception here because...

...it's my birthday. Dope, huh?

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The Time Has Come... · 7:29pm April 22nd

...for me to do sumn I probably should've done a while ago.

I've known since prolly January at the earliest that I wanted to be more serious as an author on here. And by that I mean I wanted to cut back on the level of stupidity in my catalogue. I didn't wanna completely eradicate it (which is why I wrote the Joe Biden story, something I still laugh at), but I wanted to trim my collection down to at least the more sensible stuff.

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This deluxe album got me feelin some WAYS man · 3:02pm April 14th

So on Thursday, CB dropped the deluxe version of his album 11:11, and obviously I was hyped because I been waiting on it for a while.

I went and listened through the 13 new songs, and although a lot of em kinda sounded the same and didn't really grab my attention, two tracks in particular were nothing short of fucking amazing.

Bruce Lee...

...and Afterlife.

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new fic + where i'm at · 6:22pm March 18th

So I'm up here in Pennsylvania for the week, and currently writing this from a house somewhere in the sticks of Ford City. Fun, right?

I'm mainly here to see family and things, so I don't spend too much time worrying about being bored. It's honestly pretty great out here, aside from the cold that I can never seem to get used to. The nature's great though.

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mind state? idk. · 9:00pm March 8th

So many things I wanna write that I just can't seem to get out.

I've had a bunch of ideas lately, but they're just that. Ideas. Because the moment I try to start writing I immediately realize I have no clue what I'm doing and forget about it. That happens pretty often.

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writing more stuff cause I feel like it · 10:20pm March 1st

So now I'm putting out a bunch more stuff (as you prolly seen). Some of it has just been old things that I decided to finish up, and some of it has been new ideas that I thought I could write.

After putting out that Biden story, I had to drop something a little more sensible. So I wrote a sequel that a couple people asked for.

ELong Days, Cold Nights
Two familiar faces in a familiar place.
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we back. · 10:54pm January 30th

I was looking through my old story drafts and found a fic worth polishing up. Hope you guys like it, however many of you are left.

Working at UPS is boring. Until a pony shows up in a box. Now it's stressful too.
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Also, happy late new year. Hope y'all have a dope 2024.

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Happy New Year (2023!) · 9:02am Jan 1st, 2023

Happy 2023 y'all!

I know my account is fading and I'm basically a ghost at this point. But happy new year, maybe I'll write something.

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yea i did that · 9:07am Aug 8th, 2022

EAce Is The Place
Ace is the place with the helpful hardware...ponies?
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Yeah, I got no regrets on this one. Enjoy.


fall. · 7:43pm Jun 6th, 2022


Looks like my page is finally dying.

I guess the natural solution would be to write some more stuff, but man, I got writer's block like never before. I kinda wanna make a fic ripping that new MLP Make Your Mark special, because it was pretty garbage. But I don't know.

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