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Gordon Ramsay walks into Sugarcube Corner and orders a cupcake.

Then he savagely critiques it.

What more is there to say?

Rated T because Gordon.

Featured 8/27 & 8/28/2021!! Thank y'all so much!

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

Now with another reading by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan!

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Downvote, only because you did Gordon dirty in overall personality. Also, no "Thank you, my darling." when Ponk gave him his food.

Rated T because Gordon.

But... This story is rated E.

He then pulled a handful of bits out of his pocket to pay for them because this is a crackfic and I don't have time for plot advancement.

This, this is good.

Damn. Lemme fix that.

Damn, that pigeon do be phresh

This is perfect :rainbowlaugh: Good job!

Gordon Ramsay? Yes.

Gordon Ramsay in Equestria? Hell yeah.

After a minute or so of walking, Gordon Ramsay stopped, turned around, and gave the finger to the Sugarcube Corner. Then he disappeared, off to break the soul of somebody else.

Sounds like Donut Joe’s and Celestia’s cake kitchen are gonna get a couple rude visits.

"You fucking donut!"

This story is fucking shit! Do you happen to realise how short it is? Where's the tense? Where's the twist? I tell you, this, this is as bland as textbooks! This is simply so drab, even a D.A. would be crying to sleep after they read this!


Rainbow Dash, who's voice was finally back from its lunch break, said, "We need to stop him!" But of course, nobody listened to her because she's just a blue cunt.

:rainbowderp: ...Ouch

eh, thought pinkie was going back into the kitchen to try and make a better cupcake

im dyin' of laughter here! Best celebrity story I've read on here!

I... I just can't help imagine Gordon stop in his tracks, turn around, scowl, and then flip the bird towards sugarcube corner before vanishing into the sunset... My god.. That is freaking funny. :rainbowlaugh:

the crowd Rainbow Dash used to attract back when she was cool

:derpytongue2: She still is cool, but she used to be, too!

You should do a sequel where he goes to Canterlot and reviews their 'high class'. establishments from this episode.

Eh... This feels more like a parody of Gordon Ramsay than the actual Gordon.

He examined the counter. "It's covered in fucking sugar!" he said. "Covered!" At least, Gordon thought it was sugar. But how else was Pinkie supposed to be energetic and happy all day?

Ha! Coke refrence. Also, wonder what he'd think about the tastey treat?

little did you know, Gordon Ramsey also wrote this. The editor tried to get everything out, but overlooked that.

I do wonder how much of his show is scripted. And I imagine he tends to overstate his opinions for dramatic effect. Ever notice how everything he eats is either dogshit or delicious? How often do you hear him say something is unremarkable, average, a little bland but passable, etc?

I imagine Ramsay just knows what his audience in the states likes.

He gives more subdued reactions to people on British TV. He's over the top for American TV.

Well at least it wasn't as bad as cupcakes ... so it's got that going for it.

But of course, nobody listened to her because she's just a blue cunt.


Anyways, this is a great crackfic and I’m glad I spent a minute of my life reading it.

Thanks homie

Thanks for all the comments y'all, it means the world

The crowd that was staring at Gordon at this very moment was larger than the crowd Rainbow Dash used to attract back when she was cool.

But of course, nobody listened to her because she's just a blue cunt.

Y'all have some repressed feelings or something? lmao

Ffs I love crack fics

Okay. Gordon is definitely OOC, here.

But that's okay because it doesn't frickin matter.

This was a great laugh and I'm glad it was on the front page.:pinkiehappy:

Great job on this! This story had me laughing the entire time ngl.

This story was a beautiful read to start the weekend. (69 likes, congratulations. :trollestia:)

At 100 y'all get a sequel

(Incomprehensible laughing and screaming)

I want a bonus epilogue chapter where Twilight tries to use words to give a stern telling to Ramsey and Starlight is like fuck that and just kicks his shit in for being a shitbag to her friends.

To be fair, it's so much of a crackfic that there's a sly reference to Pinkie using cocaine.

This is not Gordon Ramsay. This is a Yankee caricature of Jamie Oliver trying to do an impression of Gordon Ramsay. Crack-fic or no, I cannot in good conscience give this story my seal of approval.

Artist #41 · Aug 28th, 2021 · · 12 ·

I'm sorry but I will not read something so wrong, i have not read it yet and i don’t have to, to tell ya it’s not good.

Just wondering... What would his cutie mark look like, if he was a pony ?

*sigh* Of course you're the one.

Get in the featured box then talk to me.

No idea what I just read, but due to several things plus 4th wall breaks I laughed and that's all that matters. Kudos to your weird brain for actually writing this down and sharing it with us.

I haven't even read this but I love it.

It would either be cooking supplies, or...
a loud speaker.

because this is a crackfic and I don't have time for plot advancement.

Naturally. :rainbowlaugh:

At least, Gordon thought it was sugar.

Did you not just call this a crackfic? :trollestia:

I don't really pay enough attention to Ramsay to comment on whether or not this portrayal was accurate. But this was just... weird. I'm guessing that's what you were going for, though, so... good job? :unsuresweetie:

Weird....I like it.

Sequel is actually in the making.

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