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While closing up at a dollar store, a human named Jay finds a pony toy sitting on one of the shelves. He decides to take it home.

He never expected it to talk to him.

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Cute story wish it was longer

poor guy must think he is on drugs now

This is good! Nice work ^^

Eh, it might get a little bit longer.

A chilling twist at the end there. :rainbowlaugh:

Cute, feel-good fluff story, or a depiction of the beginning of Jay's decent into madness?

It holds up either way. :moustache:

So anytime he says her name she will be alive or back to an object

Not really, he said her name quite a few times while talking to her and she didn't change back.

Oh. Sorry. I forgot about that. Anyway, this story was SO CUTE😁😁😁

Well that’s a mysterious story...

Wonder if Izzy actually came alive or not

very nice story, good job!👍👏

After sweeping up a large and rather thick dust bunny, he put away the mop

Using a mop to sweep, interesting choice ...

Nice little bite sized fic, that I might as well make an audio version of :). Plus Izzy is best pony figurine.

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