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Hitch and Sunny look at an old window and contemplate the legacy of Twilight Sparkle.

Warning: Movie Spoilers!

Note: I have a cover art piece for this but didn't include it because I felt it was spoilers.

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I could see something like this being the reason why things are the way they are in G5. Nicely done.

I loved this story. I hope we get more G5 fics like this soon.
On a unrelated note, why have we not gat a G5 or MLP:ANG tag on this site yet?

Nice story! Friendship will be growing up!

Good stuff! I liked your ideas about Twilight and her connection to the Crystals' creation, and the conversation between Hitch and Sunny — particularly, its latter half — made for a good read.


P.S. Just curious, were you still thinking of putting up that cover art you mentioned?

Author Interviewer

Very nice, good stab at a G4. :)

Pretty good, the characters are written really well, and so is the dialogue. Great work!

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