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Sunny is careful to use her new abilities and influence only to help others. But even so, she notices everypony in town is increasingly tense and fearful around her. And then she finds out why...

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" The Sheriff of Canterlot ," Pipp said grandly, motioning with a hoof. Then she laughed. "Sounds like a ten-episode streaming series right there!"

Lol I see what you did there nice one

"Huh? I can't mind-control anypony," Izzy objected. "Not even now I have magic. That's not how magic works. You use your thoughts to control magic, not the other way 'round."

Well yes and no because King Sombra basically mind control ponies before so it's not possible but it is very dark magic right there let's just hope they don't discover something like that

But that's not right!" Sunny objected. "They shouldn't listen to me just because of my weird magic. I mean, what did they think I was going to do? Turn them into frogs or something?"

"Oooh! Can you do that?" Izzy asked.

"Of course not! Like you said, magic doesn't work that way."

Well actually funny story about that...sunny

"I have to be careful with those," Sunny said. "Some of those 'legends' run perilously close to tall tales. Like the one about Twilight accidentally putting a curse on an entire town? Or the one where she travels through time to prevent a super-villain from destroying Equestria's future?" She shook her head. "You shouldn't believe everything you hear."

Which it's kind of true actually because well we was there kind of watching the episodes Good Times

Just to be clear, Sunny and friends are speaking from the perspective of what they know from at most a week's experience with actual magic. The story touches on this a bit later:

"And that's weird how?" Zipp smirked. "History, they can learn about any time. But you, you're right there. They can talk to you. You just need to make the history part more interesting. Toss in a few of the legends about Twilight Sparkle and her Friendship Council. That'll grab their attention, trust me."

"I have to be careful with those," Sunny said. "Some of those 'legends' run perilously close to tall tales. Like the one about Twilight accidentally putting a curse on an entire town? Or the one where she travels through time to prevent a super-villain from destroying Equestria's future?" She shook her head. "You shouldn't believe everything you hear."

We know those things happened, of course.

"Already on it, Sunny!" he said, motioning with a hoof. "Okay, everypony, let's back up a couple lengths. Give us a little room here. That's perfect. Thanks!"

Oh hey, a male MLP character that is intuitive and uses his brain that is not Danny or Big Macintosh.

That in and of itself is noteworthy. And it had better be Hitch's wheelhouse or I'll be quite irked.

I love this story!

I wonder if canon will explore the impact of ponies rediscovering magic after potentially thousands of years...

Consider the number of wacky magical mishaps we had in G4 with ponies who should have known better. I'd have to assume that they'll be even more common here...

God, your gen 5 fics are amazing!

Thanks much! I've gotten to like writing Sunny and her friends, and I try to stay true to the characters, what little we've seen of them in the movie. Glad the result works so well for you!

While this was a pretty interesting story so it looks like sunny wanted to hang out with her friends but it looks like some of the town's ponies in Maretime Bay got a little nervous not just only Earth ponies but the Pegasus and unicorns which Sunny did not like that kind of feeling now as much she really wants to help out the situation it just can't help but ponies really fear her which she does not want but With a Little Help from her friends she managed to calm down but just a little bit so yeah it's going to be a very long day for sunny and hopefully things will get better for her and her friends but anyway this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

"I have to be careful with those," Sunny said. "Some of those 'legends' run perilously close to tall tales. Like the one about Twilight accidentally putting a curse on an entire town? Or the one where she travels through time to prevent a super-villain from destroying Equestria's future?" She shook her head. "You shouldn't believe everything you hear."

Stares in MLP Seasons 2 and 5, yeah Sunny about uhmm should anyone tell her.

Princess Twilight is likely waiting for the right time to have a heart-to-heart with Sunny and break the news gently... never look too closely at your heroes, and all that...

Could we get a follow-up one-shot then pretty please? :fluttershysad: Like Twilight giving advice to Sunny before saying that by the way the time travel story is true

If only I could trust the show to write such a meaningful series.
It was a awesome tone and handled amazingly. :rainbowdetermined2:

But it's true! Magic can't turn things into frogs.

Sunny never said anything about oranges!

Hey, there were at least five ponies in town who weren't cursed! :twilightblush:

And Starlight was a deposed cult leader, not a supervillain, thank you very much! :trixieshiftleft:


Admittedly, Starlight started as a cult leader, but going back in time to destroy history... Sounds an awful lot like a super villain to me.

"Like it says Princess Twilight did, during the infamous 'Unicorn Trials' of Ponyville..."

That... Might be the MLP season 5 finale with Starlight Glimmer

Actually, it's a back-handed reference to the Salem "Witch Trials". And it should be obvious from what we know about Twilight that this piece of so-called "pony history" is total confabulation. I mean, really...

"You just said Princess Twilight and book-burning in the same sentence... and it's making me nervous!"

This is something I wanted to see in G5, because currently Sunny is the only Alicorn. More importantly, she's the one who united everyone and got the power to raise the Moon and the Sun. So by right, everyone will go to her to settle things (like the farm and weather dilemma). So I'm happy that she found her own way of being a leader.

Yeah, about that... Does the "Want It Need It" spell count as mind control?

I'm just happy to see fics with all the heart and soul poured into them!

And as she said it, Sunny wasn't sure, but she almost thought she could hear, far away in a distant, magical plane of existence beyond the ken of mortal ponies, a certain lavender alicorn Princess...

... laughing her mane off...

Dammit, Twilight!

Really enjoyed this read; favorite part for me is Sunny 's 'transformation' when she got upset with the way Toots and the others at Canterlogic feared her wrath; shades of Daybreaker coming through. :raritywink:

Thanks much for reading! Yeah, that scene was paying off a line earlier in the story, where Sunny refers to any other aspects to her magic she hasn't discovered yet. I imagine the Royal Voice would come as a shock to anyone. Like, I didn't know my voice went to eleven...

Erh, moving the sun and the moon. I hope G5 would never go back to that again.

When Sunny gets emotional, be it positively or else, she loses control and go fanta-alicorn? This is my favourite headcanon as of now and I definitely wouldn't mind if this becomes official.

The details on characters are somewhat off, especially for Zipp, but the story is overall enjoyable and lovely. Into Absolutely Awesome box you go!

Edited: And the part where Sunny dismissed two of Princess Twilight Sparkle's epic breakdowns as myths? Hilarious as fr*tters.

"You mean... you don't want revenge?"

"Of course not!"

"But, well, it's just..." Toots looked baffled. "Anypony else would."

Sunny stared down at him. Her voice fell to a whisper.

"I don't."

I don't quite know why this is the exchange that stuck out the most to me, but it did.

Great story all around.

Thanks, JD! And that's good, because in a way, it's kind of the point of the story. Sunny realizes that a big reason she doesn't understand other ponies' reactions to her is simply because she doesn't think the way they do, doesn't make the same assumptions and leap to the same group-think conclusions. It's what makes her a natural as Princess, but it's also what's made her something of a misfit in town. She needs to find a way to communicate that difference in perspective -- and how it's a good thing -- to everypony, so they know they can trust her with the kind of power she now weilds.

Interesting take, though Hasbro has made it clear they are going to route to justify more toys, Sunny's wings and horn are a "powered up" form, it will make it easier to animated Sunny in the two G5 Shows.

Thanks -- though that's totally compatible with Sunny being able to choose when her horn and wings appear (to some extent at least), which is kinda why I went with this. It also makes the moments when she "alicorns up" more meaningful story-wise...

I think what made it sticker me is that as I've gotten older and more aware of all the little ways the world is broken, I've gotten a greater appreciation for characters who are just genuinely good and trying to make things better out of simple kindness of heart. They may not be perfect and they may not always get it right, but they honestly believe that there's a brighter side that we can reach.

It's why I liked Sunny a lot in the movie and why I like that exchange so much.

I'm with you, definitely -- thanks again!

Actually. A beautiful ending to a sweet story. :twilightsmile:

Honestly I would expect Twilight to return in Gen 5 like the first big opener is "the alicorn of magic or something" the movie established where we were in the world and how the characters interact and the story is going to have the surviving characters from Gen 4 return. The ones that I'm thinking of are Cadance, Flurry, Discord, and Twilight (possibly Celestia and Luna) Depending on how long it's been Ember, Spike, and Thorax as well.

"I sure can!" Sunny nodded, feeling on surer ground here. "I give it a little push every morning, like I'm getting it out of bed. Then I put it away again at night. It seems to be part of my job now. And that's an important point," she added. "With the return of magic, ponies will have to take more responsibility for things that we used to take for granted. The pegasi, they look after clouds and the weather. The earth ponies take care of plants and animals."

Hmm. The implication I'm getting from this is that when magic went away, the world just sort of fell into a kind of autopilot on its own, and proceeded to maintain itself. But the moment magic came back, something about magic's presence means that it can't keep doing that anymore, leaving the ponies having to more minutely maintain it themselves again, as before.

Admittedly, this would answer a lot of questions about G5 in a pretty simple and straightforward manner, but it also raises a number of additional implications with it that I'm not so sure all of which are really that positive. After all, I'm not sure that, just because you have the magic to do it, you have to maintain such natural processes yourself now and can't just let...nature be nature. After all, in the real world, it's been demonstrated again and again that the best way to protect nature is to leave nature to its own devices and not try and meddle, as meddling usually just causes more problems in the end. And granted, the real world doesn't have magic to fill in some of the gaps like the ponies would, but that doesn't mean the same lesson isn't still applicable.

For example, the raising and lowering of the sun and moon: the G5 movie demonstrates clearly that both were able to maintain their motions just fine themselves without any apparent outside interference or aid, so it's struck me as odd the apparent need to resume the tradition of manually moving both bodies when they were doing that perfectly fine on their own already. And given how difficult and how much power its implied its required to perform such a feat in the first place, I was always had the impression that moving the sun of the moon was something the ponies wouldn't have started doing themselves unless they absolutely had to. Not start doing it basically so to show off that they have the magic to do it anyway, not when both celestial bodies were capable of doing it on their own anyway.

All in all, it's an interesting headcanon, but I dunno if it's one I'd personally subscribe to, were it up to me. :applejackunsure: *handwaves it aside* ah well, it's not the chief central point of the story, so this is just a side point at best anyway. :twilightsmile:

But this was just making them inch back fearfully. Frustrated, Sunny wound up, and shouted.


Her eyes went wide. The cannon-like blast of her shout was still echoing around the room. She felt half-deafened by it.

Eeee! Filly's first Royal Canterlot Voice! :raritystarry:

"No! I'm not even sure I can! For pony's sake, why would I?"

I mean, it would kinda sorta maybe just a little totally end all life on the world as we know it, so... :derpytongue2:

A nice little story that tackles the whole alicorn subject as it pertains to Sunny. Personally, I'd figured that since the world appears to have gone alicornless for so long now, there wouldn't really be that many ponies clamping the bit to fall back to the old alicorn princess tradition/precedent so readily, but that doesn't mean there doesn't still need to be some figuring out just how Sunny's role fits into all of this is nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for reading, Scyphi, and for sharing your thoughts! You raise some good points.

Regarding ponies raising the Sun and Moon and so forth, this is actually something that appealed to me from the start about the G4 world. I view it as a subtle ecological message, that it's up to the inhabitants of a world to make sure it doesn't fall apart or end up a Buy-N-Large rubbish heap.

For ponies, this is a literal responsibility: they have to move the clouds to get rain, they have to keep the Sun and Moon moving around to get proper day/night cycles and even seasons perhaps. And they need to manage nature in ways that make it impossible for them to ignore their environment. One of the costs of living in a world with magic, apparently, is having to take greater responsibility for its everyday workings. That's a message I wouldn't want to see lost, so I hope G5 at least hints at something like it, now that magic has returned.

In any case, I wanted to suggest what the return of magic might mean for Sunny personally, being a "princess" of sorts for the G5 world, and having to deal with the responsibilities and consequences of having alicorn-level power, for which moving the Sun and Moon is merely the most obvious and unavoidable example. The showrunners may not go this route, but it's fun to explore it here.

Saw this in the featured box and found this an enjoyable read! I think you captured the characters' personalities perfectly here. This led me to also read The Once And Future Princess, which was just as delightful an adventure with the group. Looking forward to seeing what's next!

Very well written. Fantastic work

I really really liked this. Super well written and it legitimately felt like an episode of MLP, perfect length and everything, one of those fics that stays in your head as "basically canon." Well done! :yay:

Twilight is definitely laughing her mane off :twilightsmile:

"... crunchy granola tree-hugger?" Sunny suggested. "Battling vainly against the forces of modernization and commercial enterprise?"

Tree Hugger: Like, hey, Sunny. You called?
Sunny: Gah!
Tree: Yeah, I get that a lot.

I greatly enjoyed reading this story and it makes sense that many ponies in Maretime Bay were afraid of the possibility of ?Sunny wanting revenge.

If they ever find that "Unicorn Magic for Dummies" book, we're gonna be in SO MUCH TROUBLE...!!!!!

Wonderful work, by the way...!

Outstanding fanfic! I would like to continue this type of assembly.

And then of course G5 flushes this down the drain by showing that, no. Sunny in fact doesn't do anything royal related. Seems like Haven is still the only one in Equestria.

Still love the story.

"And get this," Sunny said, reading from a different chapter. " During the Battle of Butter Hill, where Canterlogic's factory is now located, the earth-ponies beat back soundly a vicious assault by the united army of unicorns and pegasi. Huh, so much for their 'unending conflict', I guess? The earth ponies scored a decisive victory when they defeated the fearsome pegasus stallion, Gusty the Great. "

HUH!? Gusty the Great was dead!
Long before FIM even started!

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