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Just after all the fuss of magic being back is sorted, Sunny returns home to the reminder that she has no home. This is not something her friends will let stand.

This is just an attempt to get my own G5 headcanons and ideas out, as well as find the voices of each member of the mane5. No shipping. No edginess. Just pones exploring their new friendships and new abilities.

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This was great! This should be featured!

I'm amazed she has signal.

That was pretty good.

This was a real joy to read. Izzy was a real standout, of course, but I also really appreciate the focus on fleshing out Zipp and Pipp as well. All told this was just very charming and I'm very happy to have read this :pinkiehappy:

"I always kinda figured you liked animals, what with The Squad and all"—Sunny could see both birds and the crab in question bundled together in a little cuddle-pile—"but this might be a little —"

Again he has that same ability as Fluttershy some Theory says that he could be related to her

This was a really nice story and the interactions between the ponies were fitting.

"Where are my wings?!" Running in circles to look at her back, Sunny felt panic filling her. She took a moment to look up and saw her horn still there. "What's happening? Where are Zipp and Pipp? Where's Hitch?!"

I remember seeing her horn and wings are transparent which that makes it temporarily there until she summoned them because I remember looking at the official picture she doesn't have them but she does have a new hairstyle

"Serve Izzy first." Hitch gestured for Sunny to give the first smoothie to Izzy, whose eyes lit up before she kissed him on the cheek. "Y-Y-You're welcome." Shaking his head while Izzy seemed determined to drink the whole thing in one go, Hitch tried to get back on track. "If that's the case, that might be dangerous for you to fly."

Aww thats so cute lol

This was sweet--to the point it has moments where it's a bit sappy or so sweet that you can't escape the pain of the metaphorical cavities that form...but I can't really fault the story for it at all. Given circumstances and how hopped up on friendship they currently are, I think the Mane 5 can be allowed to be more than a little sappy and cavity-inducingly sweet on this occasion. :raritywink:

This is actually a really cute story and seeing how these five new ponies are getting along pretty well ever since the movie how their friendship can grow and Twilight's lesson haven't forgotten and I like the way how the characters acted they were pretty good and I hope we get to see like that in the show but anyway this was a pretty good story and how they work together to fix Sunny's home keep up the good work

That was great.
Almost diabetes inducing

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