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Hug your nearest alicorn.


Your closest friend, Sunny Starscout, has had a rough week. She seems intent on keeping it that way, but you have a plan. A convoluted plan, perhaps, but a plan nonetheless. It involves smoothies, fireworks, and most importantly, a hug. Your goal?

Her smile and optimism: Restored.

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"Look, I already told you, I don't have time to visit the beach today. I need to perfect the recipe on these ghost pepper smoothies by tonight or I'm not going to be ready for the 'new flavor of the week' this week!"

Like One of the previously known hottest peppers out there!

Most of this was surprisingly subtle for a shipfic, and weirdly enough that makes me like it more.

Three hours later and you realize that you are really, really bad at making plans. But, hey. This is the best you could come up with, so it's time to see it through.

I don't know, I think that any plan that involves hugging Sunny is a good one.

Pipp has a tendency to drag you into trouble. The short, somewhat pudgy,

Uh-oh. Don't let Pipp hear you refer to her as "pudgy."

She mindlessly dumps another handful of peppers into the blender and turns it on. After a few seconds, she removes the concoction and unenthusiastically pours a drop of it onto her tongue before shaking her head in disappointment and throwing the blend into the garbage.


Yknow... i was never a fan of G5, but reading this?

It's gonna be alright.

Of course there will be shitshows, bad fanfics, and the official stuff will most likely get worse. But this...? I like this.

Thanks Runic

G5 was sabotaged. The movie was great and showed an evolution in the MLP verse. Then came the G4 connection, then the weird choices of Tell your Tale. Make your Mark is okay, but's obvious G5 didn't get the love it deserved.

*Angry mare noises ensue*

Hitch tends to have his hooves fool.

"Fool" should be "full".

This is my first G5 HiE fic, and I liked it!:twilightsmile:

I wonder what Sunny’s radio call sign is.:trixieshiftright:

You'd think that Pipp would be upset that her call sign calls her a diva.
Then again, IRL military pilot call signs are often inside joke jabs and insults that are connected to embarrassing moments.
Call signs are assigned by the pilot's peers.

Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out.

No problem! Glad I could help!:twilightsmile:

Generation 4.5 not generation 5 generation 3 had a similar situation where they tried to make a sequel series which ended up turning into generation 3.5

What are you on about?

The fact that we're seeing a sequel series makes me think it's another generation 3.5 thing every new MLP generation has been a completely different continuity based on past evidence I'm saying that this is generation 4.5

G3.5 wasn't a sequel show. It was a mid-season retooling of G3; same characters, same setting, just a new art style. G5 takes place in the same world as G4, but the setting is different. It also follows a completely different cast of characters and has a different story.

In the brony community, the phrase G4.5 is normally used to refer to Pony Life, an animated series produced in 2020 to plug the gap between G4 and G5.

I'm going more for the D&D approach when it comes to generations and editions. I know that pony life is considered 4.5 but in all honesty I consider that 4.2

I don't play D&D, so I don't get the reference.

D&D has had five generations including a 3.5 edition where things were vastly altered but still held the same continuity

This is why I make my ideas as such remember that some of the original things that went into My Little pony are actually from D&D

It brought a migraine. Oh well, they can't all be winners.

That was too much for me lol. What a cute story, and I loved those code names. Icing on the cake, 10/10!:twilightsmile:

G5 is fine with the G4 connection. The issue isn't keeping legacy tie in's with past generations (G4 did the same as well), the problem is the writing is not holding up and isn't really keeping that connection stable (lot's of continuity issues, plot holes and whatnot) . Now with that said Chapter 4 is getting much better with the writing and overarching story. Tell your Tale is just mindless nonsense for children with short attention spans. Reason for the five minute episodes. Its basically a joke. You get a punchline, delivery and reaction then move on. I really wished Hasbro would just make Make you Mark its main focus and make it just a bit more mature. (I mean the movie was a huge success and very popular). Try and focus on teenagers to twenty year old's. MLP has been around since the 80's so they got a large group of people that still are invested into it.

If only they saw that and made the stories more mature they would have another huge success like G4 was (I mean look at shows of the 90's and 2000's like BTAS Gargoyle's and TMNT in 2000's). I mean lets be honest... kids don't really play with toy's anymore. We are not living in the 80's, 90's or even 2000's We live in an era of social media and video games. Collectors buy toys and memorabilia in the truck load. Kids want laptops, cell phones and tablets.

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