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Hitch thought that the end of his shift was going to be normal; clock out, head home, shower, and go to bed. That was until his childhood best friend, and three new best friends decided that he was going to come to the Brighthouse to hang out with them, using Pipp as a weapon to get Hitch to agree, knowing he had some sort of crush on her.

The sleepover part however, didn't exactly go as planned.

Professional Audio Reading done here: Part 1 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewYyn5bTZ_4
Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z0Oh00OgEM

There is now a sequel, called I Will Always Be with You, To the End of Time

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Really nice work, Waffle. :twilightsmile:

Good use of language, nice descriptions, conversations were good. It had a good flow to it. Really nice going for your first Mlp story. :ajsmug:

Keep it up, it is certainly better than my first story. Haha! :rainbowlaugh:

I would say this is a pretty nice story so it looks like the girls especially pipp actually got hitch to join with them for this sleepover the other is kind of went ahead leaving pipp and hitch alone just to wait for him to be finished with his job while that was done unfortunately there was a major rainfall so they didn't have any choice to go to hitch apartment and there's no way they can't get to the Bright House so instead they're going to just stay at his house in the meantime and it looks like they're having a pretty romantic moments with each other and apparently they really like each other and it looks like the rain is still not letting out so they decided to call it for the night sleeping together again this is a pretty nice story I really like it keep up the good work

“So, Hitch,” Pipp started off, holding her phone, scrolling on some sort of platform. The way she said that. The only way to describe her tone was alluring. ‘Wow, if that wasn’t a sound I didn’t want to hear all the time, I don’t know what it would be’. He turned his attention to her. “Are you having fun looking at my social media accounts?” Wait what? Hitch blinked at this question before realizing it was his phone that she was holding. ‘Oh my stars, I must’ve never turned it off’. Hitch cringed internally before trying to come up with an excuse. “I-ye-uhm.. I… got bored, and wanted to see what the most famous pony in Equestria was up to… Yeah!” Hitch felt the temperature around him rising.

“Uhm” Hitch became a mumbling mess. “Hitch I’m not kidding, let’s go.” Pipp’s tone took a turn for the more aggressive, as if she was directing him.

“I just… I mean, Pipp, you are way out of my league. You’re royalty, a princess. You have your whole life together, and-” “And you don’t? Hitch you have a career, I just got my life sorted out and you’ve had your sorted for years. I may be younger than you but that’s not the point. And don’t you dare say that I am out of your league. You are so much more than you might think Hitch.”

“Wrong.” She responded before spraying his chest with the shower head. “H-hey! Haha!” Hitch backed away slightly. When he looked back to Pipp, she was smiling, white as can be teeth showing. Ears down in a sexy-like fashion. Her smile was genuine, filled with pure desire and passion. This slightly faltered Hitch.

Whenever there's a new speaker, it equals a new paragraph

Their relationship looks magical! Nice story!)

So adorable!:heart::heart::heart:

...eek! Who leaked this story out?! I'm so embarrassed~😖

Torrential downpour. Now it was Pipp’s turn to become shocked.

I have my suspicions :ajbemused:...Zipp's been reading up a lot about weather control recently.

“Isn’t that weird? Two friends, in a shower… together?”
Pipp smirked knowingly. “Only if you make it weird sheriff.”

Exactly, we don't normally wear clothes. Except you, Mr. Sheriff Hitch, sometimes...erm...I...:twilightblush:

Her wings, like any pegasus, were quite sensitive, and an intimate place when their significant other showed affection to them. Hitch could not believe how soft they were. Sure they looked soft, but wow were they soft.

Hitch put in a pre-order for my gamer-girl down blanket the next morning~~ <3 I offered him half-price :raritywink:

Congrats on your first story!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hugs 'n' kisses (esp. to you Hitch~),
𝒫𝒾𝓅𝓅 𝒫𝑒𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓈, H.R.H.

Thanks for your feedback! I will go ahead and start to fix the errors... and done!

Not gonna lie the clothing part with the linked photo got me 😂

As for the leaked story... there's much more.

As for now, take care!

I really loved the story❤️❤️❤️ and I'm seriously waiting for the next part, (if you're going to write another of course X3) you have so much potential writing in this style with romance and tease 👌😈, everything was perfect!!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

While I loved making this story, I don't think it's then end for Pipp and Hitch. We'll have to see, only time will tell!

Very sweet ship. :twilightblush:


Thank you for the feedback!
Stay tuned! :)

Oh there’s going to be new chapters or a sequel?

This story is completed.

However, I think the journey of these two are far from over.

“I just… I mean, Pipp, you are way out of my league. You’re royalty, a princess. You have your whole life together, and-”

Ahh yes, I know this song. It really works here! 😁👍

No, "Pipp Pipp hooray", your highness?

Something that bothered me.

Hitch on the other hoof, for obvious reasons, decided to keep his residence to his little apartment home in the center of Maritime Bay, making it easier for him to get to his office, and the fact that he was of the opposite gender.

Unless you're the landlord, apartments are rented, not owned.
In the movie, there's a scene where Sprout is ripping the pictures off from the Hitch calendar, and ranting his jealousy of Hitch, one of the admirable Hitch traits, is that he has a paid off mortgage.
Which usually means house, townhouse, or condo.
Unless he was living in a tiny crumbling dump, the mental security, and financial freedom of owning a fully paid off home, is hard to give up in favor of renting again.
Even if it is a new apartment, that's tricked out with all the latest bells and whistles.

I really like the picture for the fic that you chose.
The body language works for the first half, and the onesies/pj's/sweater jumpsuits really work for Hitch's feelings and the apartment dialog.
Also, I've been a Sparity shipper since season 1.

Thanks for your feedback! 😁
I elected to change multiple aspects of this version of G5 that I have created, such as no Sparky, Hitch in an apartment, and changing who Hitch might have feelings towards (usually it’s perceived as Sunny).
Maybe I should have put Alternate universe on this story, but I feel like that tag still wouldn’t support what I mean by aspects being different to the movie and the Netflix series.

Awwwwww this made my day! Boi this is a really hard day. Thank you for your story!

I’m glad you liked it! Make sure to enjoy the other additions to this story. I hope they have the same effect! :)

It was a very cute story. I found it a bit weird that most of their conversation took place in the shower, but overall a cute story

Understandable! I guess Pipp did what she had to do :D
I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and hope you enjoy the rest of them.


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