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After Pipp sees a website promoting a digital detox, she decides to have a go. Zipp is amused. Unsure of what to do without her phone, Pipp tags along with her sister on a day trip.... without phones?

Warning: I haven't watched the movie itself This story was written just before I saw the movie, having only read the story line... and read stories... and watched reviews... and seen spoilers... If there are any small inconsistencies, that's why.

Pony App name cheat sheet:
I've made up some pony app names to simplify the writing of this story. Here are the app names and their equivalent sites. Not all of them are used in the story, but I'm probably going to do something with them in the future. Feel free to use these names if you wish.
RightNow – Twitter
Glance – Instagram
Let’s Talk – Zoom/Skype
My Story – Facebook/blog
VideoTime – YouTube/streaming
Speak – Voice operated dictation app and phone ‘command system’ with a word processor
SMS, Mail, Local Files, Clock, Gallery, Camera, Calculator, Cloud, Calendar, Contacts, Card Wallet, Settings, Digital ID, Notes
PegaNet (now out of fashion) and PonyNet
Princess Pipp (www.princesspipp.com, not an actual link) a bookmarked web blog
Marketplace - Etsy/ebay/amazon

Also, an Invisible Band is the equivalent of a pony smartwatch which is 'invisible' because it is hidden under the pony's coat hair.

Behind the scenes + my thoughts on G5

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Really quite a sweet little slice of life. But yes, watch the movie. Not to improve your writing, but to just enjoy it.

Thank you!
Yes, I will be watching the movie as soon as I can access it... I'll skip the long explanation and just say I'll have to watch it at my local library

Remember Pipp... Nobody wants to be a Chris chan


Loved it! Slice of life is always fun and you made Pipp and Zipp very well in-character!

This is pretty nice! Not much else to say, but it's fun to see the two royal sisters relax and have fun with their newfound pegasus magic... and it does strike a little personal note to me since I think I do need to do a little digital detox myself in the morning. Thanks for it!


Thanks for the comments! I found Pipp and Zipp very fun to write, and hopefully some more sudden inspo pops up soon so I can write some more. Thanks for reading!

I feel a little guilty about how much time I spend on my phone, even if I am just reading horse-words. Still a cute story about sisterly bonding.

Author Interviewer

For not having seen the movie, this really felt true to life. :)

Thanks! Experience with siblings combined with what I could find of the story line at the time made me feel pretty confident that I was close

Awww this is actually a sweet story so it looks like pipp wanted to spend a day without her phone and Technology and even spending time with her sister zipp which that's really nice sure old habits is still there but at least she tried and both of them had fun with each other well this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

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