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Pipp requires assistance with preening before tonight's show, and mom insists that her sister helps. Unfortunately for Zipp, her sister's wings are usually highly sensitive.

Now available in two other languages:
Russian Translation
Chinese Translation

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This was a pretty good short fic. You did a good job, man.

I had a feeling that punchline was coming.

My goodness, this is so cute! Definitely nice to see those two being all friendly and adorable in written forms like this! Superb stuff! Hope you didn't mind, but I couldn't resist making a reading of this fluffy fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/kG5XTb2iu6g

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way)

Pipp is so giggly

Pipp released a dramatic, and shocked gasp. "I must've accidentally locked the screen by mistake! We were being watched by everypony?"

And that is why you always make absolutely sure it is off Pipp, but look on the bright side: you only live streamed your sister preening your wings and in a way showing how much you two care for each other. On the downside, the Pippsqueaks now know you're very ticklish.

At that moment, there was a light rapping on the door, and Queen Haven could be heard questioning them from the other side, "Are the two of you at all aware that you've been streaming the entire time?"

Not sure why but I can picture Haven with an amused smile on her face there.

After reading a really sad story this is just what I needed to get a laugh....and I can totally see Pipp intentionally streaming this.

I could make a sad story for these two sisters. Zipp finally tells Pipp that she's...


Really, really short.:fluttercry:


The story I read involved the anniversary of Argyle's passing so one like that wouldn't bring about tears, I'm sure it would be a fun read though.

How could Zipp know
How could she know
That Pipp was ticklish
Like she's preening her small wings because she knows
It's like she knows Pipp's laughing on the inside
And brushing those small feathers like she knows~

Gotta tickle Pipp~

And now she's coming, yeah, now she's coming
holding Pipp's brushy~

Just understand, Zipp's got a plan for Pipp
I bet she didn't know that Pipp was ticklish
It must be fate, Zipp found a place for Pipp
I bet you didn't know somepony could tickle this much~

Extremely cute. Just what I wanted to find today! :yay:

A little sisterly moment between Pipp and Zipp. I like it. :heart:

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