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One lonely night, Starlight decides to release Cozy Glow from her stony prison, and plans to let out some of her frustrations on the vile filly until she discovers that Cozy Glow can't seem to remember who she is anymore, or much of anything else from her past.

Could this be yet another trick conjured up by this scheming pegasus? Can she really be trusted?

The cover art was done by VectorVito. It was used with permission.

Click this Soundcloud link if you wish to listen to music inspired by the story.
The music was made by Vector_Monster.

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INteresting. I always wondered what could motivate a foal to such motives and what her background is. Plus, this kind of punishment is sort of unfitting for a child

Looks good so far. Eager to see where it goes

Interesting idea, I do hope some of her old personality reserfaces though. I wonder if she'll get her memories back over time.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

Who gets a nine year old filly stoned?:unsuresweetie:

Exactly. Wasted potential with the character. As such, I like the idea of the fandom that she deserved better

One thing though. Shouldn't that be prologue at the start? Epilogue the end

Good thing, I noticed, eh? Always happy to help!

I like the finale, even the trio getting stones, but that doesn't stop me from liking this.

How does a story with zero views as of 10:15 CDT on October 20th get so many positive responses?

It happened with my story. It started getting likes and responses, but took FOREVER to show me the views numbers. It’s probably a glitch.

"Ummm... What's ice cream?"w3


Weird, but we are talking about computers here. Anything is possible.

Considering NONE of us know anything about her past, you could just say she was brainwashed by the Chinese to be evil.

I mean, why not? She literally has no backstory whatsoever. You can throw in ANYTHING!! Maybe she's actually a Dalek! Or M. Bison reincarnated as an evil filly!

Total fanfic free reign! :trollestia:

A suggestion, cut down on the multiple ! and ?, just one of each is enough.

Instead of:

"Who's there!?!?!?"

Just have:

"Who's there!?"


Suggestion accepted

I was getting a little carried away.:pinkiesmile:

This is an interesting idea. I'm gonna track this...

Solid writing mechanics and presentation, and interesting idea. Will be following.

or is something much deeper going on within Equestria?

Why does it have to be Equestria? Surely being petrified would have an adverse effect on the victim's mental state, including memory retention; the only other being to have been petrified via the Elements (as opposed to cockatrice) is Discord, and only Fluttershy knows what his mental state's like.
Filly suffering from amnesia after petrification; makes sense to me.

I can't tell you. That would be spoiling the story.:pinkiesmile:

9895521 Ukranians in disguise as Russians... but they were REALLY Mark Zuckerberg's alien lizard race! :pinkiegasp:

and I'll just turn her back to stone once I'm done

...How? You're not an Element Bearer, nor are you a cockatrice. You shouldn't be able to petrify others.

There's an ever so slight chance that my chaotic and unpredictable magic is to blame for this, but that's only if it was left unchecked. That's very unlikely.

Plundervines, Discord; they were a product of your "chaotic and unpredictable magic", and they were left unchecked.
Even though you couldn't have done something about them during your statuesque days, you could have any time after - but no, you forgot about them, leaving them unchecked until they had foalnapped two princesses and began to swarm the town.

Harmony through superior magic firepower.

I like the story's concept. But I have two things to comment on.

1. Cozy Glow wasn't really given a shot at redemption. Whether she should have gotten one or not, well folks have various opinions. But she didn't get one.

2. Seems odd that you chose Starlight Glimmer to use here instead of Twilight. But hey, it's your story and you have me interested.

She is the most powerful unicorn on the show.

Well if she does get them back then she better not become evil again all of a sudden like what happened in Spider-man 3!

It’s unfortunate that cozy became evil though
(was it her family, a physical abuse event, or a psychological event that made her this way?)

I'd like her to become friends with everyone, slowly gaining a rep as actual good pony... Slowly she starts to remember her past, knowing how awful of a filly she was. *Insert sad/uplifting drama for story* Maybe a few nightmares about it... A cameo from Celestia and Luna would be nice :x ... Also... who protects dreams since Luna's retired @.@;;;

I enjoyed this story a lot. :pinkiesmile: A lot less dark, and it feels quite optimistic. I could honestly see Cozy's redemption (specifically Cozy's redemption) as a good G5 plot. And perhaps even though she's no longer evil, she'll have to struggle with the horrible things she did in the past. Much like Nightmare Moon and Luna.

You know, for kids! :ajbemused:

Or out of universe examples of villains becoming "good" and it nearly destroying them, Angel and Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

We don't know. The writers never gave her a backstory.

The only thing we can assume is that she has no parents or they dont care about her since Jim Miller said that “she received no guidance”

Mmm. For all we know, she was originally some other kind of villain - an adult mastermind or manipulator - who got turned into a pegasus filly. It wouldn't be the weirdest thing to happen on the show. It doesn't really explain absolutely no-one in canon trying to find out who she was or who her parents were, though. It's like she was eight and a half seasons of Scootaloo.

I kinda feel sad for her when I read she was crying even in stone. Is it just me or do I feel empathy for her and mercy

9896512 She's Captain Picard's half-Borg daughter who will be TEH BESTEST EVAR!!


As they headed for the front gate, even Discord would be surprised to hear Cozy Glow ask, "Ummm... What's ice cream?"

Wow she has lost her memories not completely thou just the non-important and the DANGEROUS ones. Also I actually like this Cozy glow being being good

I'm sorry what?

He giggled, and said, "Well, what I mean to say is... it might be because this spell isn't like the one that's been used on myself. Thanks to my personal touch to the spell, they can't see or hear anything from the outside, and they can't communicate with one another either, but I'm fairly certain that I didn't wipe their minds! That is... memories ."

That's... Really messed up. No wonder Chrysalis is plotting revenge this is literally worse than solitary confinement.

All I know of Cozy Glow is that she is a charismatic Lawful Evil mastermind. The petrification likely purged the Evil aspect, but the improper release broke her on a spiritual level. At least, that's what I'M getting from this chapter.

I can't WAIT to see more. Hope later chapters turn out to be even better than these three already are! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Love that new mane style for Cozy. It'll be just like Starlight Glimmer after her redemption.

She kinda felt like a throwaway character, no back story nothing. She just came into existance

This, but I would love to see her look like this while still reformed:

Reformed demon Cozy seems more fitting for some reason. :yay:

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