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Luna has just been defeated as Nightmare Moon, and is settling in nicely at the Canterlot Palace as a filly. Celestia, however, hasn't gotten used to all of the crazy things the young Luna can come up with when still in this adorable form. One day, she gets this wild idea that the moon is somehow made of cheese. At first, it seemed harmless enough to allow Luna to think this. Although, then she starts talking about how Celestia's sun is made of custard.

Celestia throws dignity out the window, and attempts to correct her much littler sister on this error. After all, how could the sun possibly be made of custard?

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Aw the cover art is so damn cute.

Bizarre, but undeniably you.

Not a bad thing, mind you.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'm not sure what I expected, but this was nice. Cute, silly, and very befitting of a magical world.

That was a fun adorable little story

Not the bees! cheese!

Woona shall wul the kingdam! Her grand arsenal of cheese shall inhabit every dream!

Good thing it's custard. The most diabolical plan she could have done is make ALL cakes a LIE. Just there existing, mocking Tia with all its glorious icing and coating. The sweet smells of the flavors hidden underneath. Alluring aroma that tickles the nose. Enticing one to take a bite. You can almost taste it.



Well this story was funny and cute:rainbowkiss:

13% of ponies believe that the Moon is made of cheese; it is actually made of yogurt and broken dreams.
Origin here at around 7:50.

This entire story is just going to be Celestia getting trolled, isn't it?

Hello! Have a review. This feels like a story from much longer ago than 2018 in some ways, what with its just-returned Luna, "Woona" and general air of silliness, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Also, any story that features custard is worthwhile! :raritywink:

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