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Everything happens for a reason, even if you don't know what that reason really is. After some untold period of time, Cozy Glow awakens and finds herself freed from her imprisonment. Unsure of where she is, how long she's been gone, or how she escaped, there's one question that haunts her and demands an answer - why was she released...

Artwork by Rhorse

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Not even 500 words, and I like what I see, Leech - the first chapter beyond it was a thrill ride, too. Keep at it!

It's quite rare to find a good AiE fic with Golly, I already love this one. Great interactions, mature dialogues and Cozy's character is well balanced - not Haber's random maniac one, not a diabetic, innocent filly.
Can't wait for more!

Looking forward to how this story is gonna play out, amazing work!

Not first, but not last!


I'll be posting two chapters every day, until she's completed.
The story itself is done, all that's left to do is trickle it out.

This is an intriguing start. Its quite sad that Cozy wasn't unconcious during her time as a statue and its a miracle she's even sane upon being released. If nothing else this does make me root for her more knowing that Tirek and Chrysalis are still suffering. Cozy's characterization was good and I'm curious to know more about the world and Anon.

Definately looking foreward to seeing how this develops.

What’s this?

A story by Some Leech that’s Rated E?

What madness is this?!

(Okay, I’m aware that they’ve written E-rated stories before, but yeah :rainbowlaugh:)

Who are you kidding - if anything, I'm known for my delightfully low-brow and wondrously depraved literature.
Yes, I know, I'm using the word literature rather loosely. :trollestia:

I love you Leech!

I'm very much digging this, there are more and more questions being raised i hope we get answers and a solution, but who knows? Real life isn't that nice so maybe it's not gonna be like that here.

And I love you, random citizen!

I assure you, your questions will be answered - that being said, they may not be the answers you were/are expecting.

Loving this so far. Great characterizations. Can't wait for the next chapter!

she clambered onto the bed, flipped the blanket up, and settled in for the night. As she rested her head on the soft pillow, it felt as if her life immediately drained from her. Her eyelids grew heavy, she pulled the cover over her shoulder, and swiftly drifted off to a heavy sleep.

This must be the first time she could actually sleep in decades. Poor filly.

There was no reasonable explanation for why Twilight would stop stepping into the public eye. The loss of her friends was regrettable and would more than justify a temporary refrain from socializing, yet that wasn’t the case. Flurry acted in the elder Princess’ stead, while the senior alicorn stayed cooped up in her castle doing Celestia-knows-what without her longtime companion and assistant Spike.

Seems to me that Twilight got depressed after losing everyone and has either still not got over it or is trying some sort of crazy experament to somehow bring them back. Considering that Twilight's bond with her friends was closer then what Cozy would probably thing I can see both happening. I do wonder what happened to Discord, Celestia and Luna though.

Any chance you'll be submitting this for the contest?

If it's the contest I'm thinking of, no, it's too long for that. :fluttershbad:

Hm. Interesting. Certainly interesting to see your name associated with something with an [E] rating, given everything else of yours I see in the box is clop... :rainbowhuh:
Tracking. Will read the next chapter later.

Well shit my briches and call me cm punk. A cozy story that has me ravenous for more content. Time to buckle up and enjoy.

*looks at author's name*

...I think a tag is missing?

Joke's on you! This sort of content is scandalous for me!!!

It's absolutely true. You're so steeped in lewdness and depravity that the filthiest thing you can do is be clean and wholesome :rainbowlaugh:.

The gauge spun all the way 'round and back into wholesome territory!

I love this. Between the characterization, and the bits of lore in the story to set up the context, it's looking like it'll be a grand story.



! If the gauge has circled around, does that mean this going to be a 100+k word epic?!

Truth be told, it's well over 50k

I think you need to let the mods know that there's been some sort of mistake. This is clearly not one of yours.

this is great, I cant wait to see where this goes :twilightsmile:

Uh oh. Not sure if Twilight or Flurry. Gonna be interesting either way.

Comment posted by Perpetually Confused deleted Aug 13th, 2020

Twilight made everyone an alicorn? :derpytongue2:

Some Leech: *publishes an Everyone story*

Me: “Impossible.”

This sounds very intriguing.

This is a really good start with an interesting idea if I ever saw one. How long have you been planning this during your usual outputs?

The reveals of this chapter left me feeling pretty let down. The story summary and Mystery tag convinces me that a large part of this story figuring out who or what set Cozy loose. Instead, we have the instigator appear immediately, and dump exposition of his identity, origins, motivation immediately into Cozy's lap, as well as cementing his role right off the bat as a friend and ally. Oh, and it's an Anon. Despite this chapter being well written on a technical and structural level, the direction it's taking isn't filling me with any confidence.

Warnings: Twists and turns ahead

There are thirteen chapters and an epilogue to be published, with two going up every day. My usual Wednesday posts will continue as normal.


My thought too.

I was shook. SHOOK I TELL YOU!!! When I saw the author name for this one.

This already looks promising from the front page.

Wait, it's not a clopfic?

Well the next chapter introduces the sexy pizza delivery princess so just wait a bit.

Interesting. It's spelled "sowing", though.

Doing good, keep it up.

I agree with you on Anon, I don't think I've yet read a good story with him/her/it in it, and see no reason why he's used here, you could use any human or pony after all. That said, I've liked what I've read from Some Leech in the past, so I'm willing to give this a go.

As to the mystery tag and the summary, I do think the summary over plays the whole question of why she was freed and by whom, but the mystery tag could be for much more as we've seen in chapter two.

As to my thoughts, I'm mostly wondering how SL will play Cozy here, I'm a fan of stories where it's revealed that she's a diminutive adult pegasus playing up the whole kid routine. That brings up the question of whether or not she'll change her look, since it is part of her shtick, and everyone knows that. On the other hand, it's the one thing she has left, the one thing she can cling to, so it'll be interesting to see the choice she makes.

I like this stories premise. It aligns with my own beliefs about what happened. Xd

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