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The sequel to Cozy Chronicles has begun. Check it out. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/498159/the-centaur-conspiracy

The sequel to Cozy Chronicles is now in development

I actually have seen this video. It's quite great. Really shows that it doesn't have to be difficult to reform her if they do it right. This video was sort of the inspiration for Diamond Tiara's role in My Boyfriend Pip, and My Filly From Tartarus.

Look INFP dont think on emotions or base everything on emotion we are idealists we can she and want the best outcome for everyone.
The emotional part comes in when we defend what we believe. We will go to the depths of hell to defend our values.

I always thought of myself as an INTJ. But I've looked into both, and they both describe me pretty well. I like to think I think logically, but I do let my emotions carry me when it comes to characters in fiction I adore. I appreciate the deep personal analysis. It's not everyday someone analyzes me like this...
I just want the cute filly to be happy. Is that too much to ask for? Feels that way at times. Sometimes it does feel like I'm arguing against degenerates who just want to pick a fight with people who still insist on picking apart the series finale. I've seen people whom I presume are trolls, say she deserved much worse. No matter how much they try to convince me she's bad, I will always cling to that seed of hope that was planted in Frenemies, but unfortunately was never tended to, and never had the opportunity to blossom. :fluttercry: Which is a shame, because I bet that seed would've blossomed into something beautiful... :fluttershysad:

The reason that different opinions hurt you is because your values are based on morals and ethics. Things that are purely good and beneficial to everyone.
In short the righteous way the correct way! Things that are supposed to be undebatable that only degenerates would argue against.
I think you are an INFP.

If there's a word that describes me, it's insecure. My recent blog, and even this comment prove my insecurities. No matter how many fics I write, or blogs, or comment replies I type, I'm never satisficed, and I'm harmed when I see opinions different from mine. I'm worried that my stories aren't valid because I'm worried they're too far removed from what Cozy truly is. The status quo is god, and I'm trying fruitlessly to deviate from it. Or is it?
Seeing all the people who agree with me, all the people who enjoy my stories. Really, that should be enough to fill to tell me that there is validity to what I believe in. The belief that Cozy Glow can change. I'm grateful for all the support, and the reception to my stories. :twilightsmile: :heart:

The next chapter of My Filly From Tartarus will not be published tonight. I had been doing weekly chapters up until this point, but the next chapter is a little bit more ambitious than the previous ones, and it isn't currently at a level of quality that I'm satisfied with. It will be published at a later time when it's ready.

Excellent 😊
Looking forward to it.

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A Different Kind of Ending - Additional info: Fixed points in time. · 5:21pm June 7th

So randomly, I felt like expanding on one of the ideas presented in A Different Kind of Ending that most people didn't seem to catch onto. Or at least, few people commented about it. And it's the fact Chapter 1 of the story almost ended with what was nearly the same outcome as canon, all three of the legion of doom turned to stone. What's up with that? Shouldn't I have written something more original?

So here's the thing.

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