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Freed from her entombment, Cozy Glow finds herself a student once more. At Twilight's behest, she embarks upon a new programme of friendship study, under the watchful (and suspicious) gaze of Twilight's protégé, Luster Dawn.

As she embarks upon her studies, Cozy Glow finds herself reconsidering everything she once took for granted, and Luster finds herself wondering what circumstances could have led the filly down the path of destruction she'd chosen. Yet Equestria seems far from ready to accept the filly who almost brought the empire to it's knees - Legion of Doom or not.

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Really liking this story so far. Luster will certainly have an interesting relationship with Cozy, who is actually written pretty well here.

"I disapprove."

Damn hyporcrit.

""If I think you're coming under her influence, or being used to influence others, I want to know - immediately" He no longer sounded aloof. Instead, there was a soft, pleading tone to his voice. "I can't force you, of course. But if Cozy Glow can trick your mentor, if she can trick me , would you really be as arrogant as to dismiss the possibility it could happen to you?"

If I recall it was Discord who tricked Cozy first and it was a combination of all three of the LOD that managed to outwit him.

And yet there was a depressingly clinical tone to her recitals. Her voice was utterly devoid of enthusiasm, and it was clear to the most passive observer that Cozy Glow felt her studies were nothing more than a fast-track out of her cell and into a better life. Luster couldn't help but be unnerved by the filly's dispassionate tone. A small part of her was even disgusted by it.

Yea, this will be the biggest problem with her. Knowing the lessons is one thing but understanding them is something else entirely.

Interesting story, post more

A unicorn guard stepped forward, his horn igniting. After a few seconds, he stepped back and grunted in satisfaction. "She's not a changeling."

Not entirely sure what I should think of that statement.

But it seems that, while she memorized her lessons by rote, she failed to properly understand their purpose.

It's a relief to see Twilight hasn't wasted any time considering nonsensical ideas like that the gap between her academic success and actual comprehension of the underlying concepts might indicate a shortcoming in her methods of teaching.

But do not ever forget - her words are empty, and her misery is feigned.

I'm sure thinking this way won't bite you in the ass at all.

Discord might be widely celebrated throughout Equestria as a hero

Once again showing the lemming-like levels of intelligence posessed by the common pony, and reminding us how fortunate it is that democracy doesn't exist there.
Sarcasm aside, in all sincerity I look forward to seeing where this story goes.

Interesting stuff. I look forward to seeimg where you take this.

Great chapter. I liked the psychiatrist report. It gives a certain sense of authenticity to her reformation process. I also must say, I really despise Discord in this. If nothing else, it makes me want to see Cozy reform even more just to stick it to him.

"He told me all about how friendship was used to defeat him, how it was the most powerful force in the world."

So Tirek also came to the "friendship is power" solution. Interesting.

For a moment, Luster was tempted to press the issue. If she could just get Cozy to admit that what she'd done was wrong, it would be a huge step in the right direction. But when she saw Cozy shaking slightly and blinking frantically in a poor attempt to hide back tears, she backed off. She knew Cozy would just feel humiliated.

At least she wasn't trying to manipulate Luster with her usual false sweetness. I'd consider that good progress.

"It's quite simple. I knew nothing of friendship before Fluttershy showed me it's worth. But that simply isn't the case with Cozy Glow. There's not a thing you could teach that filly about friendship."

Is that why he joined Tirek after being shown the worth of friendship? If anything, Discord proved himself time and time again to be untrustworthy and in constant danger of relapse given that he kept doing horrible things even after he was not only given a second chance, but also essentially given private tutoring from Fluttershy. I wonder how long it'll take before Luster finds out about his time as "Grogar".

"And what about her attempt to free Cozy Glow from her imprisonment? That doesn't trouble you?"

Well, at least she didn't attempt to completely free Cozy from any sort of imprisonment with the exception of a teleport spell which can only be used when six ponies come together and activate their powerful, one of a kind magical artifacts. Now that would be troubling.

Fav'd and tracked, I love Discord in this and overall very interested on how it goes :twilightsmile:

"Who do you think you're talking to?"

The muffled sound of the filly giggling could be heard. "Golly, I don't know. Another high-school dropout with anger issues and an inferiority complex, by the sound of things."


So happy to see this updated.

The letters between Cozy and Tirek were quite interesting. It looked like both of them were manipulating each other in their own unique ways. At the same time, Cozy also seemed to have placed some trust in Tirek. I like how it shows her paranoia as well and how Tirek and Cozy used codenames. I think this might be my favourite interpretation of what the letters between the two would have looked like.

Starlight also comes off as a well-meaning character who failed Cozy before. It seems that her dedication to her job at the time and her reletive inexperience in it kept her from doing the right things with Cozy. I liked hew pragmatic and knowing she was about Twilight and Cozy. It really shows how much she matured over the years.

The scene with the guard makes me worried. I wonder if he'll be making an unfortunate return.

Cozy's nightmare makes me wonder if she has some sort of fear of other people. Her appearent paranoia and need to control others would support that theory.

"I mean, what's really waiting for her beyond that cell? Who'd hire her? Who'd rent to her? Who'd even accept her as a friend?"

Maybe Luster could ask Twilight to help her find a job eventually?

Sensing weakness, Luster went in for the kill. "If you have information that could help her, what kind of pony would you be if you kept it from me?"

I see Luster herself knows a bit about manipulating others. Maybe thats partially why Twilight picked her.

"And with her locked up in Tartarus, I figured it didn't matter."

She just gave up on her like almost everyone else.

One thing I found very interesting was your chapter titles. I decided to check out the tarot card meanings of them and they fit the characters here remarkably well. I really like that attention to detail. I'm guessing that Twilight will be The Empress.

Overall, I'm really loving this story and eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the story. The next chapter will actually be something of a change of pace, but it'll keep up with Cozy's story in it's own way.

some bad things could be happening in the past 21 years with the changelings that is a pretty big time skip

Love it!

I really did not expect Chrysalis to be a thing here. I expected Twilight to be the empress. I wonder if those memories are related to the nightmares Starlight mentioned in the last chapter. Either way, its about as brutal as you'd expect it to be given how long ago it was.

I think that Twilight is trying too hard to act like Celestia while not realizing that Luster isn't like she was. Methinks that she may get her own Sunset Shimmer if she doesn't pull her act together. It should be interesting to see how Luster deals with Cozy now.

(Luster Dawn has just hit Discord)
Discord: (shocked) You hit me! Twilight never hit me.
Luster: (angerly)Yeah, well I'm not Twilight!

Are we going to get this scene in this story?

"Ponies aren't as forgiving today as they used to be."

You mean when they cheered as a filly was sentenced to death, for all practical purposes?

Wow. Star Swirl is such a perfect asshole here. Then again, is it really surprising given how quick he was to think the worst of Stygian?

Interesting backstory for Tirek. He was never quite as murderous in the show as you portray him here, but perhaps a thousend years in Tartarus mellowed him out. Scorpan was also an interesting touch, although I do wonder if Cozy somehow saw some of his memories given that we know his fate. Speaking of that, I can actually see Starswirl being like that given how he was in Shadow play.

If Cozy finally reveals that she's reliving memories I'd love to see her tell that particular detail to Celestia and Luna.

I do like how Luster's actually dedicated to taking care of Cozy. She is certainly a dutiful mare, although I don't think Twilight will be happy with her future plans. Still, its nice to know that Cozy has someone she can rely on.

Twilight's lack of communication of any sort seems to be taking a toll on her relationship with Luster. Maybe instead of just ignoring her for doing her task properly, berating her for disagreeing with her and planning behind her back, perhaps she should try just sitting down and talking to her student like a good mentor would.

Cozy teaching was interesting. I think she may actually have a promising future as a teacher.

The parts with Sweetie and Starlight were suitably awkward and shows just how out of time Cozy is. I do hope that she'll get to have actual conversations with them in the future.

It was the same enchantment she had used when she had freed Cozy Glow from her stone tomb, a thousand years ago.

A thousand?

"I have seen her talents recognized, some twenty-four years ago, when she bought this land to submission with the aid of a demon and a changeling queen."

Like how Starlight's talents were recognized when she manipulated all those ponies to be willingly enslaved into her dictatorship or when she stole Twilight and her friend's cutie marks? Or when Discord's talent for chaos was recognized many times all those years ago?

Twilight grimaced. "I have an idea."

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Sweetie Belle's eyes widened till they all but bulged in their sockets. Cozy considered approaching her, introducing herself - but before she could even figure out how to open that conversation, Sweetie grabbed her colt and strode away, not looking back once.

I take Sweetie isn't a big fan of redeeming Cozy?

"Strange. I could almost recall a time when you stood beside me to save Equestria."

Well, I suppose that's one way to look at it.

Sweetie Belle's eyes widened till they all but bulged in their sockets. Cozy considered approaching her, introducing herself - but before she could even figure out how to open that conversation, Sweetie grabbed her colt and strode away, not looking back once.

After reading Silvermyr's Cozy Glow stories, it's pretty strange seeing Sweetie react to Cozy like this. Not a criticism of the story, I just found it interesting that things I pick up from one fanfic continuity would change how I react to another fanfic.

Wonderful, truly wonderful. This is by far the favorite Cozy being redeemed story. Gets straight to the point. Luster takes action even against Twilight.

To which I gotta say, I think Twilight is losing touch to what made her the Princess of Friendship in the first place if her own student is doing a better job at redeeming Cozy. And those dreams really drive us a new perspective on the other villains.

Really hoping Cozy survives Whatever plans Twilight has and for Luster to be by her side.

As for how Starlight realized Twilight was prepping her to be the next Princess...Did Twilight try to do the same thing to her?

Cozy engaged well with her peers, though expressed a suspicion that the fillies had been ordered to show her insincere amiability.

It's the little details that really fill out this story. Your Cozy Glow really does feel like she's a brilliant mix of all of Cozy Glow's characteristics from Season 8 and I love it.

"My wame is Cozy Gow, an twoday we'll be wooking at - ptuh! - Alchemy!"

Everything about this scene is way cuter than it has any right to be. I love Cozy Glow as a teacher.

Discord why??? Why can't you just leave Cozy alo-one?! Just leave her alone!

It seems that Sweetie has grown up to be quite the impulsive mare. I do wonder how a potential meeting between her and Cozy would go.

I really loved the parts where Luster and Cozy just talked about school. Luster has grown to be quite the mentor for the filly.

I sincerely hope that Discord's methods weren't a part of Twilight's plan, although based on how she acted in some of the previous chapters, I wouldn't put it past her. Whatever she's letting Discord do is practically sabataging Cozy's progress. And going back to Discord, I sincerely hope that he either personally and genuenly apologizes to Cozy or gets severely punished after this. It got my blood boiling. If that was your goal then good job!

Of course, one small act of mercy did nothing to atone for everything else Cozy had done.

In the same way that any other reformed villain didn't atone before they were given the chance for it.

"You know, Twilight thought you were better than this."

I would have thought Twilight to be better then letting a plan like this happen.

Great chapter overall, can't wait for the next one!

How come you rarely respond to comments?

I really hope Discord dies in agony by the time this story is over.

"And you know what Sugar Gem is like, won't listen to a word I say. Apparently she's a good teacher. As if that mattered. She could be a professor of alchemy at Canterlot Academy and I wouldn't care."

I like how Sugar Gem has actual agency in this story.

He feels very much like a child or teen rebelling (I am not sure of the actual ages involved). That's not really something that happens a lot in these stories.

The details about Sweetie's home life (from Rarity trying to get Sugar Gem to be a model to how Sweetie Belle is battling loneliness) really tie the story together and remind us that there is even more going on outside of Cozy's story.

The more we try to accept Cozy, and accept that she's trying to change, the easier it will be for her to change.

Honestly that's about what I'd expect a honest Fluttershy to say all things considered.

She doesn't really care about Cozy's reformation outside of what Twilight (in her role as a princess) wants, but she's going to try her hardest to see Cozy reformed if that is what Twilight asks her to do, even if it means accepting a pony who did some pretty nasty stuff to her.

Scootaloo wouldn't go within a hundred feet of that filly unless it was to strangle her. Apple Bloom too.

Scootaloo I can kind of see, but Apple Bloom? Man some people really do change.

Pretty much all of this chapter is just talking, but it shows the emotions and reasoning of those involved in a much stronger light than either of the last two Season finales did. From Fluttershy's acceptance of the situation, to Sweetie Belle's mistrust and disdain, Cozy's uncertainty and despair, and Luster's pragmatic hopefulness, all combine to make something worth reading.

Fluttershy, Cozy, Equestria - all of them must, to him, be nothing more than mere passing blips in his immense lifespan.

Even Discord's character is briefly touched on, with Luster observing the fact that he abuses those around him because he can, and because in the long term he will most likely outlast his actions, meaning he has no real incentive to change.

Looking back, even Twilight's wiliness to screw Cozy out of a redemption for the greater good, is pretty in character.

I would argue however that the Twilight from the show was rarely as cryptic and would have almost certainly just told Luster what she had in mind when looking for a successor, or simply picked a final task which didn't involve making friends with a former villain.

This isn't the first time someone prized their relationship with a villain over the advice of their friends after all. (Keep Calm And Flutter On)

Then again, her critical thinking skills were starting to go as early as School Daze (if not sooner) so of course it's possible she just didn't think this through.:facehoof:

If Discord wanted to see her, she could do nothing to stop him, and making him chase her down would only make things worse.

The fundamental flaw with Discord's reformation is that he inspires fear and loathing, simply by being an untrustworthy super-powered sadist.

Just imagine the future he has in front of him if he all he is doing in life is caring out the Monarchy's dirty work.

Worse yet, if the Princess hood passes to someone he can't stand? There's a reason why the idea of him roaming around is horrifying, especially with only a couple of friends to keep him sane.

Princess Twilight and I have decided to act upon our mutual concerns. Tomorrow, Cozy Glow will be leaving Canterlot with me.

Cozy leaves tonight. I hope you enjoyed tonight, because I have a funny feeling you won't be seeing her - ever again.

Now that's terrifying. Why did Twilight outsource the job of taking care of Cozy to Discord?

I can only conclude that she's either far more naïve than we've imagined, or that Twilight wants there to be no obstacles in the way of Luster taking the throne.

"Cozy... would... never... go... anywhere... with... you!"

I mean it's not like she would have a choice given he could just teleport her-

In a second, he was gone. In his place stood - her. A copy so perfect, Luster could almost have believed she was looking into a mirror. Her heart sank.

Ugh-it's like he's trying to be as creepy and depraved as possible about this. Then again it's Discord and it's been a while since he's had any fun, so it's not as out of character as I'd like it to be.

It is, actually. considering he learned from that experience, to the point where he was willing to give Flim and Flam the benefit of the doubt.

Discord turned on his hooves and left. Luster desperately tried to climb to her hooves, only to fall flat on her face. Every inch of her body was wracked with pain. Even if she could have stood, she could have done nothing to stop Discord taking Cozy. Tears began to well up in her eyes, and in moments she was bawling, paralyzed on the floor, sobbing like a newborn foal.

I can imagine after this,Luster lose all of her respect for Twilight

Wow. Discord continues his race to the bottom, doesn't he? :/

I was referring to Star Swirl from flashback, which was set at the time when Tirek and Scorpan came to Equestria together. That's waaaay before the events of the show and way before Star Swirl started learning from his past mistakes.

Before his character development. So looking down on him for it is a little unfair.

I looked down on Star Swirl of the past, not the Star Swirl of the present who is much better pony. That's why I said he is asshole "here", which was a fair judgment of his past attitude and actions, as presented in flashback.

Yeah I’d say Twilight’s plan backfired horribly.

Wow, now I see what the adventure tag was for. I did not expect something this ambitious. I love this story and can't wait for more!

I must say, Discord is a complete monster in this. Funny thing is, I wouldn't put something like this past him and as such, can't really consider him too out of character. I sincerely wish that he will get his comeuppance later on in this story.

Luster... I did not see that coming. This Luster seems to have quite the edge to her. I guess it was shown since chapter one, but Twilight's idea and Discord's execution really drove her over the edge. I don't know what she was thinking, attacking Luster in the state she was in, what her plans originally were for Cozy or how she expected Luster to react, but damn, she was stupid here. I think its due to her trying to be too much like Celestia while not being that sort of pony, therefore failing miserably at it. I guess this is how G5 happens.

Either way, I expect plenty of negative consequences for practically everyone here. Hopefully Luster can control her rage in the future and figure out a way to deal with Discord.

One who wouldn't need a horn to cast spells. One with limitless endurance, who could walk all day. Who wouldn't turn his nose up at eating meat, or slavery. One who had never trusted her, who despised her, who wouldn't have afforded her any mercy when she was weak and suffering.

It's nice to see Cozy being smart and figuring out who the fake Luster was.

Princess Twilight would be furious. Luster would look like a hero. Unless he could find her - now .

This leads me to believe that Discord lied to Twilight about what he would do to Cozy. I wonder what her original plan was for her.

Things are starting to heat up! I don't feel much grief for Twilight after what she's put Cozy through, and I hope Discord is next on the chopping block!

It was so sudden, so unceremonious, that Luster didn't believe it. Couldn't believe it. The Princess of Equestria, who had reigned since before she had been born, was gone. There was no heir. The royal line was severed, forever. Equestria had, in an instant, been all but thrown into anarchy.

oh Gee, now All Equestria and the :rainbowlaugh: Mane Five :rainbowlaugh: gonna hunt her down

Oh damn. That turn of events cannot be good for anyone, right?
Damn tho, Twilight, avada kedavaring your own student when her back is turned? For shame

This explains why friendship is dead at the start at G5. At least history got murky enough to turn the Mane Six into fun toys and role models without acknowledging Twilight Sparkle's pride fueled fall.
Actually, i kinda think Twilight was out of character. Discord is written perfectly, but I dont know about Twilight. Not that it matters now.

I don't know how or why, but it's obvious that Twilight lost the virtues of Friendship and only cared about being a ruler, even if it hurted her relationship with Luster. Maybe the other comments are right, Twilight tried too hard to mimic how Celestia as a ruler would've acted and lost what made her Twilight and what earned her the alicorn status.

I'm glad that Cozy managed to sneak away from Discord. Ironically being away from him gives her the best chance to be found by Luster at some point. And DAMN Luster is powerful! Hope she has some method of tracking Cozy.

Shame that this happened so soon, I was hoping for Cozy and Sweetie Bell to have that talk, now it won't happen for such a long time or never.

I read this entire story and I have to say... its AWESOME!!! Betrayl, Corruption, Arrogance and worst of all; bullying. I know an era of peace would be a problem. Friendship made Twilight blind to the conquenses of her actions. Also even Discord is in league with Twilight; I hope Cozy unleash a dark truth bomb to the public who hates her by revealing who freed her from Tartarus and planned to use her to conquer Equestria as a ruse to give Twilight the confidence to be a ruler.

I must say, the investigation into Twilight's death was rather poor, although I suspect much bias was involved. It's a shame they couldn't get one of those potions that let Twilight once got from Zecora that let her see Discord's first stoning. The new Equestria government makes a bit more sense though, although one would thing that there should be an acting regent in this case until a new hair can be found.

The new yak characters are nice. I quite like them. I hope they will stay for a while and maybe someday Luster can tell them the full story of what happened.

As for what happened in the end... Gallus essentially ordered the execution of two people who were already punished beforehand, committed no crimes since then and with no due process. It was effectively murder. Gallus seems to be becoming quite the dictator at this rate.

"Sister-in- law . Princess Cadence has no legitimate claim to the throne, unless she was appointed by the previous Princess. Besides, she's already the ruling Princess of the Crystal Empire. That complicates matters further. Both countries would see it as outright annexation."

Couldn't Flurry be a choice here?

"Kill her. She's dangerous. As far as I'm concerned, she's just another part fof the conspiracy to murder the Princess. And while you're at it, destroy that damn statue, grind it to dust. Equestria is fragile enough as it is. The last thing we need is for Chrysalis or Tirek to return."

How could Cozy be a part of the conspiracy if she wasn't even in Equestria to take part in it? Gallus seemed to have turned into one cruel bastard over the years. What has the admiralty done to him? Also, fof?

Five time zones and a thousand miles away, Cozy Glow awoke with a scream.

Please don't tell me that connection she had with them was only relegated to dreams.

You're assuming Gallus is more interested in justice than order...

The connection between Cozy, Tirek and Chrysalis is definitely not buried, but I don't want to write some lame possession story. A ghost of their personalities is left with on Cozy, and they're very, very angry.

The Magic of Harmony & Friendship was dead for a long time and it didn’t die when Twilight passed away. Those who claim they believe Friendship is Magic are nothing but living lies.

Gallus, you have become a terrible person.

Wow, seems like damn near everyone in Equestria turned into irredeemable monsters once Celestia and Luna abdicated from herding the little idiots around. I can only imagine this will end with the new "council" being strung up around the palace.

Five time zones and a thousand miles away

That's a lot of timezones for only a thousand miles.

It doesn’t say the five time zones are within 1000 miles, it says five time zones plus 1000 miles.

This has turned into one of my favorite series on this site. Thanks Vanity!

One small typo I found - this should be "hay".

After some searching, she settled on a small patch of hey sequestered behind a pile of freshly-cut trees as a resting spot.

Interesting point you make asdtroi8895:

As for what happened in the end... Gallus essentially ordered the execution of two people who were already punished beforehand, committed no crimes since then and with no due process. It was effectively murder.

You forget that there was no due process from Celestia, Luna, and Discord to begin with. In the show they acted clearly out of desire for revenge (an easy way to tell the difference - revenge brings joy to the one carrying out the punishment and this was very clear from the smiles and Discord's gloating). It is a bit of debate on if it was murder - if you leave someone trapped in stone for eternity have you not effectively killed them?

The entire justice/punishment system in Equestria is just so bizarre.

On the one extreme you have the punishment of Cozy Glow which was effectively pedicide. This is made even more odd considering Cozy showed quite a bit of restraint in the battles. For example - she sent the Royal Guard teleporting into the moat when she could just as easily have sent them over the cliff to their deaths. Also, if her horn laser was capable of killing (which is implied), then she must have spared Twilight when she zapped her upon entering the throne room.

On the other hand, you have someone like Caballeron, who actually attempted the murder of multiple individuals, gets a pass.

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