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I write pony fics for fun or when I’m bored. | Yes, I’m a Starlight Glimmer fan. How could you tell? | A fan of MLP since 2011.


For an unknown reason, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, and Discord, three reformed antagonists, are now treated like enemies again: being feared by others, and quickly being shunned away due to their past actions. Its as if everyone they have loved had forgotten about their righteous actions...

Determined, the three work together to try and find out why everyone is acting the way they are, and what they can do to fix it. But the answer is more surprising than they would think.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My heart is broken! Why?!

Oh goodness. I’m so worried for Discord, hopefully the three of them figure out what’s going on. Also, am I right to assume this is all some disgusting plot of Chrysalis?

No, Chrysalis is not part of it at all.

Well either way. Hopefully this gets a happy ending.

There another Memory Stone kicking around? 'Cause this is starting to sound familiar...

I'm trying not to completely copy Forgotten Friendship, and I don't think a memory stone is causing all of this.

I was leaning more towards inspiration.
Either way, I'm intrigued.

Yeah I get that, just a little disclaimer lol.

Glad you like the story so far! Hope you enjoy future chapters!

Gosh, this chapter was hilarious!

Oh, wow, that was an unexpected turn. I hope it was just a memory stone :raritywink: But seriously, though, this is crazy talk.

Oh my gosh, this is real suspense. I hope they get out of there soon. Can't wait for whatever's coming next!

Celestia's here... well, shoot...
Hope neither of the alicorns have teleport tracking. Oh, what am I saying? Of course they do.

Speaking of Sunset, if Twilight doesn't remember reforming any villains other than Luna, then she forgot about Sunset too. Unless, by some loophole of Sunset being in another world, she was spared.
If not, it's not gonna affect her anyway, since she doesn't have to interact with Twilight on a regular basis.

Discord would be reeealy convenient right now...


Just Trixie and Starlight doing their daily things. :rainbowlaugh:


A memory stone is a most likely thing, but I don't think its it.


Yup, and lets hope Celestia is merciful towards the two of them.


Since Sunset is in the human world, I don't believe that she forgotten about her. She was probably referring to villains that she reformed in her world.

OK, this seems interesting. But what's the alternate universe tag?

A story that is very different from the events that take place in the show.

Interesting. I'd say that it would have been pretty sad for them to not to have forgiven Luna, considering the elements of harmony turned her back into her true self, so it makes sense as to why she would be the only one "redeemed" in this universe. The memory stone seems like a red herring, but time will tell. Queen Chrysalis seems like the obvious candidate (but you already stated she isn't involved). A theory (blocking out even though I highly doubt this will occur): someone is using something akin to Luna's dream magic, and has connected the dreams of all the reformed villains. Something interesting on that note is that during that dream episode ponies didn't realize they could do whatever they wanted, as they didn't realize it was a dream, and only did what they thought they could do at first until the realization hit them. Now, the how and the why, I haven't a clue. However, I do find it interesting that everything started happening after they had gone to sleep. Nonetheless, fun stuff so far. Looking forward to more!

That's actually a pretty interesting theory!

Thank you for liking it so far

This story is going to get old very quickly if it's nothing but constantly tossing the idiot ball around.

Neither Trixie or Starlight have done anything very suspicious. They're avoiding confrontation. Their behavior is clearly unusual, but it's entirely non-confrontational. And everypony knows that Starlight has a history of extradimensional/time shenanigans. All it would take to end this right now is for any two reasonable ponies to sit down and explain "hey, this is what's going on. I don't need you to believe me, but please consider the possibility. I know your version of history doesn't give you a great impression of me, but I'm not doing anything bad right now. I just want to talk. And even if I am evil like you apparently think us talking is clearly better than us fighting. So let's talk."

Now you have Celestia on the scene. Is she going to listen and let the situation diffuse, or are you going to hand her the idiot ball next?

The problem is that you appear to have written yourself into a corner. The story you seem to be trying to write, depends on everypony being stupid and unreasonable so your protagonists can be perpetually on the run. But reading about everypony being stupid and unreasonable isn't going to stay interesting for very long.

Sorry to say I'm dropping this twlight just to out of character, she at least give them a chance to explain themselves and be willing offer friendship to them if their not being hostile instead of chasing them away

True she is, which is why in the next chapter she won't be as bad. I guess she was just surprised

I wonder if Tempest Shadow is going to show up?

She will be mentioned, but she won’t be a main character of the story

Starlight's got a point, compared to the other reformed villains, Trixie is a minor one. The others are either premiere villains like Luna or Discord (or Starlight), finale villains like Starlight or the changelings, or movie villains like Tempest (or Sunset). Trixie's only mid-season.

Luna's expression is softer. Curious... some sympathy as a former villain perhaps?

Oh my gosh, this is thrilling! I can't wait to find out what happens to Starlight, even Discord. Also, if Starlight admitting her mistakes doesn't prove how much she's changed, I'm clueless on what spell or what creature corrupted everyone. :applejackunsure:
Keep up the great work, I can't wait for the next chapter!


Curious... some sympathy as a former villain perhaps?

Pretty much.


Maybe the punishment will be a little lighter since she had admitted to her mistakes

Oof, Discord being captured so easily.

I uh, may of gone a little, little overboard with my written interpretation of events prior to Discord's capture, so I apologize in advance for the wordiness. I sometimes, tend to get too into things once I start. So uh, whoops?

Something tells me the visit to Fluttershy for their usual tea time and it didn't go over very well. I can imagine him teleporting to her door and knocking, with a basket in hand. She would open the door and he would be little hurt by her reaction of running and hiding while screaming at first. However, he would probably immediately start thinking it's some kind of game! Chuckling, he would chase her around the house, finding her in different crevasses throughout the house. After finding her one last time, he would pluck her from her hiding spot, with her scrambling and flailing about, before dropping her on a couch. She would try to run, to which he would just keep having her fall through a portal back onto the couch every time she would get up. He would be laughing, wiping away a tear from his eye saying "You're a riot, Fluttershy!" He would then tell her it was his turn to hide, believing they were just having a friendly game of hide and seek! He would go to hide and... wait...

He knew he was good, but he wasn't hiding that well. Scratching his head he would teleport to his friend, only to find her galloping full speed towards town. "Where are you going, friend? I stayed in the house like you had to make things fair! Promise!" She would just stop full force and start hyperventilating. He would bring his claw up to a snap "Here, let's try this again-"

"No!" she would shriek.

Thoroughly befuddled, Discord would say "Well, if you wanted to change up the game you should of just said so! As it so happens, I always carry around a game of Ogres and Oubliettes. Look! I did your character sheet already, and I even have a miniature of you!" he would say, while in his usual outfit for the game.

"Wh-why won't you leave me alone..."

That would stop him in his tracks. "Well, first of all it's our usual tea day! Or have you forgotten? If you're having memory issues, I can help with that!"

"N-no! Please! Leave me alone!" She would scream.

"Now, what in the world has gotten into you? First, I thought you were pulling a fast one on me, in which case you got me good! But then, I thought maybe you just wanted to switch things up a bit, try something new? I mean, given my nature I thought that since we're good friends you would believe that trying something new would make me happy. Which, admittedly is a nice thought, but you should of just said so! For the record though, I don't mind keeping one thing constant, as I thoroughly enjoy the little tea get togethers with my dear friend, Fluttershy."

Fluttershy, confused but still panicking would muster up the nerve to say "I-I don't kn-know what you're talking ab-bout. We've ne-never had tea together... An-and I'm s-sorry, but... how are we f-friends? L-last thing you did was manipulate and hurt mine..."

Ultimately, I think this would completely break Discord. He would let her go, and he would just stand there for a time, unmoving. Fluttershy would alert Twilight of Discord's return, and he would still be there when she arrived... just standing.

Lol no worries.

You pretty much predicted on how Discord was treated as a villain again, with the few differences being... you'll have to wait for a few chapters to find out lol

Looking forward to it.

I love how Twilight makes Starlight apologize for her past actions. Because I don't remember Starlight apologizing to anyone. Twilight originally tried to convert Starlight to the light side during the "time war". And even the village that Starlight was in charge of did not hold a grudge against her and immediately accepted her with open arms.

Trixie, even before the alicorn amulet, was pelted with tomatoes during performances in other cities due to the fact that she lost her reputation after the incident with the star bear.

In general, I feel a taste of EG because there was also an episode where everyone forgot that Sunset was now a hero and thought that she was still a bully who terrorized everyone.

trixie is not even a proper villain. just a based unicorn.

starlight is a very fragile yet powerful unicorn. you either accept her or just outright kill her. in between like this twilight is a stupidity.

She's not really a villian, yet Twilight forgave Starlight and not her. That, to me, is off.

Wow, I can't wait to see what happens next! Though my guess is that Trixie can't do it. :fluttershysad:

You'd think, being a stage magician, Trixie would have no problem with performance issues.

I guess when she is under stressful situations then she would

"My magic only appears when I snap my claws. But these stupid rings somehow block my magic."

He's done magic without needing to snap his claws. He's done it using his tail to turn beavers malicious in s03-ep10. In some cases, he's even done magic without seeming to snap anything at all, such as summoning jail bars and turning into an accountant sitting at a desk in s06-ep17. The magic inhibitors can still stay on his fingers, but I'd suggest doing a little rewording when he talks about needing to use his claws for magic. A nitpick at the end of the day, but I thought I'd point it out nonetheless.

That being said, I enjoyed the chapter and look forward to more! :twilightsmile:

He did? Oops. Thank you for pointing that out!

Welp, Discord gotta not have magic somehow, or else the story would end very quickly lol

Not a problem. I think the magic inhibitors could still stay on his fingers and function just fine. I was mainly just pointing out Discord's wording on not being able to use magic without his claws. In the comics he had some sort of magic inhibitor around his neck and that seemed to work, so I imagine having it on any part of his body will do the trick.

Ok I'll reword it so it would make more sense.

Ok I reworded it so now its on his fingers and neck. Thank you for the lookout. :twilightsmile:

Okay, if Twilight acted bitchy like that to me too and said "wow" not once, but twice when I was trying to rekindle our friendship by jogging her memory, I'd probably punch her in the face too. Also, I know she was supposed to sound like she was impressed, but for some reason I read it in the most unimpressed voice ever. But yeah, if they weren't screwed before, they 100% are now. No going back, they're going to have to figure this out all on their own.

Starlight opened her eyes, narrowed and filled with pure anger. She immediately got on her two hind legs and immediately punched Twilight hard in the face. She was unprepared for the attack and fell to the ground. She was unconscious.



Okay, if Twilight acted bitchy like that to me too and said "wow" not once, but twice when I was trying to rekindle our friendship by jogging her memory, I'd probably punch her in the face too.

Yeah the trance that she's in is making her more hostile and meaner, which is why Starlight is trying her best to reach out to the real Twilight, but failed.

Also, I know she was supposed to sound like she was impressed, but for some reason I read it in the most unimpressed voice ever.

I tried to make her impressed but I guess it came out as sarcastic lmao

Yeah I figured Starlight had enough of the BS that Twilight is pulling. Or maybe its something else, hm?

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