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Starlight Glimmer, who was a vengeful villain just a few months ago, has been accepted by the Princess of Friendship as her very first pupil.

But despite Starlight now living a happier life, she now reconsiders if she even deserved it.

Alternate cover by Starcoder. Thanks!

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She needs to talk to Sunset. Sooner rather than later.

Oh yes, this is good. I love these kinds of stories about Starlight! Can't wait for more!

Thank you! And these stories and my favorite kinds of Starlight stories so its nice to actually write one lol

I'm already addicted to this :raritystarry:

Mhm all of my writing motivation is dying on this

She had ventured into this forest before, and she was fine. Besides, she was very powerful; and if any creature came her way, she would not be defeated so easily.

She has?

This was sweet, even though it's probably supposed to be sad. Just saying, I like it a lot.

I would imagine she had ventured into the Everfree Forest at least one or two times

Yeah it was supposed to be sad but I believe I added a little sweet note into it

ajsdjk i love it when princess luna gives advice and stuff to ponies in their dreams, idk why its just very cool

Honestly same. Shows how much she's changed.

Well, that was a nice story, and I'm glad it all worked out.
So I guess you really did want a sequel

I think you did a good job of showing Starlight's struggle with accepting being forgiven. The hardest thing is always forgiving yourself. You captured this well here. Keep up the good work with your writing. :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it and ty for the encouragement :)

11420775 You are very welcome. :)

You've already seen the review, but I'm posting it for a quick reference back to it. You can find it here!

This is a nice story and I will be reading the sequel too.

Nice. Hope you enjoy it

I liked this. I’m assuming that this was the same bugbear from "Slice of Life"?

Nice little story. I think though that it would’ve been a better bonding experience if Rarity had been the one to help Starlight change her look.

Yeah true but I wanted to change it up a bit lol

Glad you enjoy the story anyways 👍

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