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I am a big fan of Starlight Glimmer most of my stories center around her. I do crossovers as well.


Spike notices how Twilight’s been dodging Starlight’s advances without explaining why. Spike is getting annoyed by this little routine and confronts Twilight on the matter. When asked about this, Twilight’s answer is much more complex than Spike realizes.

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“Because I’m not sure I can’t deal with the pain of losing her when she’s gone.” Twilight admitted, tears threatening to brim from her eyes.



“To be fair, Friendship is kinda different from Love, kinda of course.” Spike smirked back, and soon he and Twilight shared a hug before Twilight frowned in realization.

well love does form from friendship, but it also doesn't at some occasions.

Not that I have anything against the oblivious love interest trope (because it does actually happen IRL, trust me), but do like the way you avoided it here. Well done, looking forward to the rest.

The point wasn’t exactly that Twilight was oblivious, but more or less her fearing how her life would be once Starlight passes on.

Starlight looked around the room nervously, “Are you sure you can handle eventually losing me Twilight? I want this too believe me, but I care about your happiness just as much.”

Discord will suffer the same thing with Fluttershy

That’s kinda why I made this story. This type of concept has been done so many times with Fluttercord and I thought it fits this ship too.

A great chapter for sure, I'm glad they were able to work things out.

Short and sweet. I say it is better to be in a relationship with someone you love that you would vastly outlive than not be in one at all. Especially if you are already aware of the fact, so you could mentally prepare yourself for when the inevitable happens.

That’s definitely preferable. You are correct. But knowing Twilight she could very well have these worries.

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