• Published 21st Sep 2022
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Will I Be Able To Move On? - Starlight Fan

Spike notices how Twilight’s been dodging Starlight’s advances so he decides to confront her on why, Twilight’s reason for doing so is deeper than he thought.

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Talking Things Out

Twilight was currently facing the door to Starlight’s room. She was a little nervous if she was being honest.

I mean, how do you explain to somepony you were ignoring their affections on purpose?

Though she looked behind her to Spike giving her two thumbs up, which caused her to smile warmly, she could do this.

Twilight knocked on the door to the room, and waited for a bit, kinda anxious if she was being honest.

Finally the door opened and Starlight came out with a yawn, she was probably napping, Twilight supposed that was fair.

“Oh hey Twilight.” Starlight smiled kindly, once she saw who was there.

Starlight also seemed to notice Spike was there as well and her eyes widened a bit and she began to sweat a bit, “So… how come you’re here?”

“Starlight, no need to worry. I already know you have feelings for me.” Twilight said calmly.

“What the- Spike, did you tell her?! I told you I was supposed to do it.” Starlight turned to the dragon with an annoyed frown.

“I didn’t, trust me Starlight.” Spike waved his hands in defense, “I suspected Twilight knew of your feelings for her, so I just had her admit it, but that’s all I did.”

“It’s true. He didn’t say anything about it until I made it clear I knew.” Twilight confirmed, she wouldn’t let Starlight get upset with Spike, it was her fault anyway.

“Oh, sorry about that Spike, just wanted to make sure.” Starlight looked remorsefully at the dragon before looking at Twilight with a frown, “Wait. You knew about my feelings for you and you didn’t say anything?” Starlight asked, a bit hurt by what she now knew. Twilight really couldn’t blame her for feeling this way.

“Yes. I knew about your feelings for me, but I have a reason for why I didn’t tell you.” Twilight told the lilac coated unicorn before turning to Spike, “Can we talk alone Spike? I think I need a moment alone with Starlight.”

“You don’t have to ask me. Just go inside the room. I won’t interfere.” Spike smiled reassuringly at Twilight and Starlight.

“Thanks Spike.” Twilight smiled at Spike before walking in the room, with Starlight following.

Spike was polite enough to shut the door which allowed Twilight to speak, “Okay, so here’s the thing Starlight, I feel the same way about you as you do with me, but I never told you because… I had some worries.”

“What are you worried about Twilight?” Starlight asked, a bit nervous, “Is it me becoming evil again? Because I promise I won’t go that route again.”

Twilight chuckled a bit at that, “No, don’t worry. I’m confident that you’ve changed for the better. What I’m worried about is how I’ll be able to handle it when you…” Twilight gulped, “pass away.”

“Huh?” Starlight asked in shock.

“Alicorns may not be immortal Starlight but we have a long lifespan. Basically like Discord, Dragons, and Changelings. You however, have a regular lifespan, that’s why I didn’t confront you at first.” Twilight explained before she began to tear up, “I was too scared of what would happen when you would die and not see you again until I eventually pass on. Losing a lover is different from losing a friend, you can’t make a new one as easily.”

“Oh…” Starlight glanced sympathetically, “Twilight… I had no idea that this would make you worry, I assumed that with Cadence and Shining Armor still being married despite alicorns living longer, this wouldn’t be a problem. You have every right to feel that way, it does sound tough. I won’t try and pursue you into a relationship if it makes you uncomfortable.”

Twilight put her front hooves on Starlight’s shoulders and spoke firmly, “No, you don’t have to do that. I know it’ll be hard for me when you’re gone but I think I’ll pull through. I will eventually move on when you’re gone and still be able to keep you in my heart, and I want us to be something Starlight, and I want you as my girlfriend, but do you still want us to be together?”

Starlight looked around the room nervously, “Are you sure you can handle eventually losing me Twilight? I want this too believe me, but I care about your happiness just as much.”

“If that’s the case. I think I’d be happier having you as my girlfriend instead of forcing myself to not be in a relationship at all.” Twilight said with a smile, which caused Starlight to smile widely with tears in her eyes and strongly embrace Twilight which the alicorn returned with a smile.

Though after a bit, Starlight’s grip was starting to be too tight.

“Starlight… could you loosen the hug a bit?” Twilight asked a bit raspy.

“Oh… sorry.” Starlight smiled as she blushed in embarrassment before loosening her grip enough for Twilight to melt into the hug.

Spike smiled as he looked through the peephole in the door, it seemed Twilight and Starlight had worked things out. He was glad to see they were happy together and able to work past Twilight’s concerns.

Spike had to admit, the thought of losing some creature close to you is terrifying but he knew that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel, and he was glad to help Twilight find that.

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Starlight looked around the room nervously, “Are you sure you can handle eventually losing me Twilight? I want this too believe me, but I care about your happiness just as much.”

Discord will suffer the same thing with Fluttershy

That’s kinda why I made this story. This type of concept has been done so many times with Fluttercord and I thought it fits this ship too.

A great chapter for sure, I'm glad they were able to work things out.

Short and sweet. I say it is better to be in a relationship with someone you love that you would vastly outlive than not be in one at all. Especially if you are already aware of the fact, so you could mentally prepare yourself for when the inevitable happens.

That’s definitely preferable. You are correct. But knowing Twilight she could very well have these worries.

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