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Stories up for grabs · 10:21pm Dec 21st, 2015

Hello there everyone. It's been ages since I last wrote here, so I'm gonna be quick about it. I've been out of the game here for quite some time now and decided to finally cut ties with my incomplete stories. I probably should've done this long ago, but you know how it goes.

If anyone wants to adopt/use any of my stories for their own purposes, that is if you haven't already, then by all means, go ahead.

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2081395 Sorry to say friend, I stopped writing that story for some time now. Lack of motivation and whatnot. However, like I said in my blog post, all my stories are basically fair use now

I would like a new forge world chapter please

Question, when is the next chapter coming out? Sorry for bothering you. I love your fanfic and don't want it to be abandoned.

Cool love the fic BTW.

1087090 not sure, working graveyard leaves little time for writing, i'd say in a week and a half the new chapter will be out

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