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When the time came, choices needed to be made.

Consequences be damned.

These are a series of short vignettes set in the Negotiationverse by Rated Ponystar. Windows into events briefly mentioned throughout the long journey of Equestria’s tumultuous time on planet Earth. From their encounter with the humans to the war that followed, bear witness to the choices made and the ripples that nearly destroyed Equestria.

You can read the original story here

Check out the Negotiation-Verse TvTropes page here.

(Featured 2/6/2021)

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Goodness gracious, thank you!

No worries, I can't wait to see whose next in the future chapters

Y'know I sometimes forget in the negotiations-verse. Celestia's forces killed a bunch of different creatures then tried to frame humanity. Does this count as a war crime?

Wonder Fluttershy and group are going to react to this.

Well, let’s take a closer look at what happened. The Equestrian Navy fired upon and sunk unarmed ships crewed by defecting civilians and refused to save them. That’s about four types of war crimes at the very least.

The ICC categorizes war crimes as such; willful killing, torture, mutilation or inhumane treatment, attacking civilians or civilian object, sentencing or execution without due process, denying a fair trial.

All this was done in context of an international armed conflict where the perpetrator(s) knowingly took action. Framing humanity for all this was just propaganda ala The Lusitania.

I wonder what, years later, Cadence would be thinking after hearing the reports of the Barrier being neutralized, and the humans firing their own nuclear weapons against the Crystal Empire.

Great chapter, just one small detail to remember. The Equestrian attack on New York City wasn't an attempt to hold it. Their main form of combat was to teleport into a major city, damage it while using the potion to turn as many humans into newfoals, and then leave. Basically major hit and run tactics since the barrier was slowly taking over their world. Neverthless, this was a good chapter and I'm glad you remember that the sniper was celebrated for taking out shining armor.

If you ever want to ask me questions feel free to do so

I'll be sure to correct the context.


So the Equestrian troops left every time the newfoals to their fates. Proof they didn't give a damn about anyone but themselves.

question. What happened to Cadence and Flurry post war?

They were wiped out when a nuke hit the Crystal Empire during the war. It's in the first story of the series: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/301668/negotiations

Poor Cadance (and Twilight and Luna and a good chunk of other ponies), being manipulated like a marionette('s). And the only thing that this actually did was just cause a lot of deaths on holy cities and eventually on "empire", in crystal-magic, nuclear fire and a LOT of bullets.

Keep up the writing.

How many ponies died when the nuke hit the Crystal Empire?

More than an equal retribution. In total 7 million lives were lost from those two events alone...


And the destruction of the Crystal Empire caused the extinction of the Crystal Ponies, while the human race survived.
It was a terrible war, and millions of innocents from both sides paid the price of Celestia's lies and arrogance.

After this i need to see ponies reacting to the radioactive crater that is the crystal empire now

Shows what they know. Unlike them, a human's faith comes from their heart. Sure, you can kill a person, you can steal their land, take their children, but none of that will destroy faith.

I'd actually like to see this scenario from the human side. What Fluttershy would be thinking upon learning that Equestria has officially committed genocide... but not on the ones they actually started this war for.

It's a pity that Rarity and Pinkie didn't have the courage that Fluttershy did.

I hope we get a chapter that covers the crystal empires final day.... maybe with Flurry! Imagine Cadence realizing she didn’t just lose a father... but she also lost a mother.

I’d also like to see the views of various ponies “in the thick of it”, knowing something wrong, but feel powerless to do anything but March off the cliff like lemmings.

Have an upvote for the quality of your work. But I hate the series this is based on.

I hope they skinned Celestia's corpse and made her the welcome mat at the UN or something.

In the story Truth, Celestia was vaporized by laser guns. Granted to add insult to injury they probably could dump her ashes in a litter box or something. That would be hilarious.

Edit: You know, reading the story again, it's much funnier to imagine that after her execution a janitor comes in and starts nonchalantly sweeping up her remains into a dustpan business as usual and leaves for his lunch break.

Ah, I'd forgotten the exact method of execution.

Besides, she's a sapient being. As cruel and manipulating as she was, the UN still has to draw the line somewhere. They were trying to hold the moral high ground, and skinning a sapient alive or desecrating their corpse is a war crime. Plus, they'd won, so the mere fact they put her on trial was enough to show they're in the right.

"Well, neither am I!" Rainbow lunged forward in the blink of an eye, determined to tackle Fluttershy to the ground and make her see reason, maybe break her wings if it came down to it so she couldn't fly away

I had to re-read this part. Rainbow being willing to attack and maim Fluttershy of all ponies.:fluttercry:

I wonder if there is going to be a chapter where Luna falls during Battle of Jerusalem... that's gonna be a whammy.

This was pretty good.

Would definetelly like to see a chapter of the empire getting nuked. That's a major moral tipping point for Equestria. Great work so far!

It's nice to see some of the stuff that was just alluded to in the other Negotiationsverse stories. The Death of Luna, the massacre of the non-ponies, Fluttershy's Defection... Plus it's great for the Tropes page :)

second decisive human victory

What was the first? New York?

Yes, with the death of Shining Armor who was prince of the Crystal empire.

So after the nuke and maybe Twilight's decision to surrender what other thing would we see?

There are prompts I already have set aside specifically for talking about certain moments in the story. These include but are not limited to: The forming of the EFF, the assassination attempt on Twilight, the forming of the human pony coalition army, the bombing of ponyville, Discord’s sabotaging shenanigans, general slice of life moments, etc.

Luna got completely rekt.

Cringe ass nae nae horse (xxxx-204x, shot to death)

Did Discord do any fighting/helping with the war? That would be fun to see. The spirit of chaos unleashing full power upon Equestrian troops, and the only way to stop him, the elements, unable to work because Fluttershy won't be part of it.

He acted as a saboteur during the war, blinking in and out of the barrier and disrupting Equestria’s war effort by being a general pain in the ass

Sounds like she got bipped alright.

Cool story bro

Ugh I know. Hell Pinkie even pointed out that ponies are the ones that started this war, and Rarity thought Celestia was being to hasty waging war for their refusal to turn. If they had defected, I think they would have found peace amongst humans, and moved on.

Wooo! Go Discord!
My favorite boi!

This chapter was originally supposed to be about the Crystal Empire getting nuked

...so, that's now the next chapter I take it?

Well, it does make sense for this to happen before, rather than after the place turned into a hole.

As sad as it would be, I would like to see the moment Twilight had to break it her people that Celestia killed their old world for this, Spike's reaction in particular.


They wanted to send a clear message to Equestria that no matter how much magical power you command, no matter how godly you appeared to your own people, you'll die just like anything else.

I want to talk for a second about why I like this line

Conversion stories usually aren't my thing, more often than not they are about glorifying one side or the other. The original incarnations of these stories were about humans are bad, bad, bad and ponies are good, good, good. Other stories talk about how awesome humans are and how they would never lose to Equestrians, or it's just some excuse for gun/war lust, and it makes it really hard to read.

Author, you could have gone with a line like 'no matter how godly you appeared to your own people, nothing could stand up to the human race' but instead you chose this line, because it's not about glorifying the human race or the ponies, it's about the completely fucked situation this psychopathic version of Celestia has brought into this world, and it's only through a combination of human and pony ingenuity that humans have been barely managing to survive, and only now after billions dead are beginning to win.

This is more of a thing to do with the negotiation verse as a whole, but I just wanted to point that out for a second, and appreciate it in comparison to the routes that fics like this usually take.

Well done.

It would also be interesting to see how Twilight lost the ability to bear foals. She mentions in Negotiations that she was rendered sterile by a bullet, something which made her sympathetic to the Newfoals when Doyle revealed that Celestia's potion left them sterile too.

Dang Flutters, that took some balls. Yet another clear indicator that she has the biggest cajones in Equestria.

Dang, that was dark.

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