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Two murdered in cold blood. Twilight confesses, thinking that she will simply be banished. The Punishment instead? Complete isolation, no interaction with anything for a century. No sleep, no food, no water. Only her regrets
Twilight is OOC in the beginning
Trigger Warnings
Indirect Torture
Broken Mind

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 22 )

Celestia Solaris.....

Luna Artimes.....

You BOTH fucked up.

Glad you liked it. I think.

really interested in this story's plot, hope you can updated often.

Hope we find out why she did what she did and good start

Is Spike the Dragon lord now in this world, and how will he react to what happened.

Keep in mind that this is only the first chapter, and it will mostly revolve around Celestia’s regrets and Twilight’s recovery. Of course, Spike will show up, and possibly be quite active, but the story isn’t set in stone.

Putting this on the watch list. I hope you explain why Twilight murdered two ponies.

I'm back! I know that the story looked like it was dead, but don't worry, it was just in a Coma! I recently got a job, and I didn't have time to even think of writing a second chapter! But now my work schedual is stable, and I'll update as soon as possible!

Ehhh... Okay?

“Twilight Scorpio Sparkle, Former Princess of Friendship and Alicorn of Magic,

Scorpio? That's my horoscope!!! XD


6 Months and
8 days later

instead of us deciding were it goes from the list of choices why not all three but each as their own chapter with a full recovery chapter at the end

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I think this poor story is being neglected... Author should be reported for criminal story neglection, and this story should be put in the foster system.
Hopefully someone will adopt it into a lovely story portfolio, and give it the love and care it deserves.

Unless the ''It slash They'' gets around and do what an author is supposed to do!

Still hoping....

well, that was completely horrifying!

100 years of this, I really don't think anyone could ever mentally recover from that...

the most painful and slow death would have been far more merciful than that

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Meh. Give me isolation any day. I prefer loneliness.

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