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Ashen Heart

Hey guys, just a random person writing for some fun. Stick around and see if you enjoy any of my works, always love to hear feedback. ^^


Princess Luna has a daughter before being banished to the moon. Nightmare moon's return brings about a massive change in Twilight's life in more ways then one. How will Twilight handle the changes in her life while trying to save the rest of world from Eternal Night?

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Thanks for the feedback cx I appreciate any I can get

One small note, you have a lot of cases where you use thee when it should be I or me. Thee is an Old English form of you.

Other than that, great start, tracking.

hehe guess I should've looked that up before hand. Thanks for pointing that out to me
and thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. theres a new chapter coming out on Sunday fyi

No problem. Looking forward to it.

This is really good can't wait for the next chapter.

Finally, someone writes more of this kind of story! Yay, can't wait for more!

Seems a bit rushed at times. I would have liked to see celstias reaction 1000 years ago to her being a aunt and more of the divide between them.
Good start though

Thanks i should have a new chapter up later today

Thanks cx and you shouldnt have to wait long i plan to have the next chapter up later today

I love the whole luna being twis mom stories its amazing to me. and you shouldnt have to wait long i plan to have another chapter out later today

You have a point but the way i saw it was that celestia never knew about it cause she never toke the time to listen to luna til after she was banished

Well little nebula had to be discovered by someone after NMN got banished?

i was getting there its gonna be in a later chapter. i dont want to lay all my cards on the table right away

Ah interesting approach :3 can't wait for the next chapter.

and thank you for the watch too.

She has the same lavender coat and the same purple and pink streak through her navy blue hair.

I'm really not sure, but I could bet her coat colour was different and only the pink streak is the same here.

I guess this first time i can forgive Nightmare for invading her mind because of why she did it.

Im sorry im a little confused about what you mean. Are you saying she doesn't have the purple streak? and that she's not lavender?

np and im gonna try and have it out by next Sunday.

No that wasn't what I mean, if that is the comment I think it is, then I was saying :

I believe that in the firs chapter?, I saw her havin a black coat or something and a pink streak.

I think when I had read the thirs chapter, I only remembered the pink streak and the lavender coat or what you have written looked somehow wrong.

Yea I'm still confused on what you're talking about. From what I wrote in the first chapter it was still lavender and with the purple and pink streak in the hair

I'm not sure what you don't understand, I just say that I believe, I had seen you giving a different description in the first one.
If that is not the chase, then it's no problem I believe.

I'm just not sure what is confusing you exactly.

I enjoying this already.

9/10 so far. Well done.

*shrug* ill have to go back and look sorry for any confusion still kind of new to story writing and this is my first big story that has ppl enjoying it

This is getting tense can't wait for the next chapter.

yay love the tension cx adds a good cliffhanger and intrigue XD and thanks for the comment I can't wait either I think I MAY have the next one out by Sunday but I don't know. I don't want to rush the next chapter and I have a bunch of make up work to do so it may be another week or 2 before I get the next one out.

Yes a new chapter!! As good as always.

This chapter came a tad faster than I was expecting... loved it :)

Yay I'm glad u like it so far cx

Hope tht wasnt too much of a bother lolz won't have another one up til probly next week though and glad ur loving it cx

This is a good... um story? Fanfic? Eh forget it. I love reading this. I bet the next chapter will be as good as the last ones. 10/10.

uh I don't know if its a story or a fanfic? wouldn't it be the same? and Im glad your enjoying it so much. and I hope everyone thinks so.

I see a great story in the making ... wonderful idea ... cant wait for next chapter

Thanks for the feedback XD glad ur enjoying it so far

Lolz guess I'll have to watch for the next chapter which should be coming next week. Been wanting to make this chapter worth the wait and cliffhanger

cant wait for next chapter ... hope its out soon

glad u like it so far and I hope to have another one out soon too.. just got to have motivation to sit down and write

well your doing great ... try to have a constant word count ...
you can do this i believe ya

thanks cx I hope you like the next chapter. Currently working on it some more and hope to have it out either today or tomorrow.

she was described as having navy blue/black hair (referring to mane) with a purple and a pink streak and lavender coat

This was about Twilight? I really don't know what this was about, now less than before. When did the last chapter happen anyway?

This was really good so far can't wait for the next chapter. :3 Keep up the good work.

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