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What made you think Nightmare moon was just evil magic personified? Nightmare moon is just as princess Luna and vice versa, two sides of the same coin.

So when she comes back and her sister expects some kind of change? She has nothing but pure hatred and boiling blood like poison for her sister.

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intriguing concept, it will be interesting to know where all this will lead in the end.

P.S. I wonder what Luna / Nightmare Moon looks like now? Does she now look like Luna from the end of the second episode? Or did she still look like Nightmare Moon? Has she shrunk in size or is she the same height as Celestia?

Nope, she is herself. When Luna became infuriated and angry with surplus amounts of jealousy she became nightmare moon a sort of persona for her feelings but still very much herself just with y'know, evil magic.

Can't wait for when she realizes that eternal night = no sunlight = death.

It's the thought that counts :twilightsmile:

Awesome concept. Seriously, I love it. Though, if I may, I do reccomend finding a proof reader; there's some punctuation mistakes that would make it more enjoyable to read if they were fixed.

I have been thinking about that, never actually yknow had one before so it would help I think, thanks for the suggestion!

Am I allowed to ask if I can proof read the next chapter? I might not be too much, but I do know punctuation and grammar, and should be able to help with that (though if you want to go to one of the groups for proof readers and ask for one of them that's totally fine, of course!).

I would love to take your offer up, somone that has a passion for this story wanting to make this much more enjoyable for others sounds amazing! I'll definitely hit you up when I have a rough draft for the next chapter so be sure to check your PM from time to time. :twilightsmile:

It is interesting that Princess Luna will anger more, then that she was practically erased from history, or that at the "Nightmare Night" festival it is said in plain text that Luna eats children?

Am I the only one that wants Celestia to be super pissed on Rainbow Dash for provoking her sister so much??!!

Nice to see the brainwash beam kinda fail, can’t wait to see where you bring this!

Welp, you have my attention, and a +watch. I'm curious where you shall take this.

For some reason, I have a feeling that the first character Luna can consider an ally will be Zecora.
Given that the inhabitants of Ponyville are also afraid of her at the moment in history. It would be fun to see Zecora as Luna's mentor. This duet seems to me to teach each other a lot.

P.S. my previous question about "what does Nightmare Moon / Luna look like now?" is still relevant. Please give at least a hint.

That's actually planned to be revealed in the next chapter, sorry I haven't given a hint yet but look forward to it next chapter.

Amazing story keeo up the great work

Did Zecora come to save her?

Did I predict the appearance of Zecora before her appearance?

P.S. Advice in case you find yourself in the forest with a bleeding wound, but you have no medicine to stop the bleeding. you can use spruce or pine resin. The sticky properties of the resin will close the wound, and the resin itself has antiseptic properties.

Will all chapters be Luna's or occasionally some will be Celestia or other characters?

Sorry for such a long delayed response! But yes to answer your question, which characters? Won't reveal buuuuuuut :trollestia:

Sauce for cover art?

I always add the source for the picture in the source function but here you go: https://www.deviantart.com/dreatos/art/Take-off-your-helmet-Nightmare-Moon-467545858



and you are cunning: P
I really believed that the whole story will be from Luna's perspective.

I feel that all efforts to pull Luna to the bright side may be canceled out when Luna finds out that there is a holiday claiming that Luna is eating children.
(If I were Luna, this fact would make me feel like a knife was inserted into my most painful place and turned.)

I won't spoil anything but let's just say the road for her turning point is long and bumpy

This story needs less telling and more showing. The premise has kept me interested so far, but the narration is really starting to bother me.

Comment posted by Toon deleted Dec 19th, 2021

I'll try to work on that

I would love to see the rest of the story. Sadly, seems its inactive.

I'm eager to see what happens next.

If he's anything like the grogar from the past the only true evil one and the father of all monsters possibly including Discord and Tirek, also Sombra is under complete mind control his own personality over written by his mother's he's possibly still in there but to Sombra is justifiably an evil being now since the kid got taken over by the evil of the thing that brought him into life the umbra

Please continue

You can't just abandon this?! Not like this?!

That is more or less my own take on it too, in my writing. Nightmare Moon is just Luna, and maybe even more Luna than her current incarnation, so to speak


You're comparing WH40K to this random MLP story about Nightmare Moon?

Is she dreaming unconscious in Zecora's hut, or is she dead? hmm :pinkiecrazy:

4, take it or leave it.

1 and 6 months. And I'll give you 5 bottles of lighting

I'm glad that the story still continued, but the number of words in the chapter upsets me.

Yesss! Update! Pls continue 🙏 I love the concept you wrote in description as it is what I believe in.

Author, *poke* *poke*
There's fanfic you need to finish *poke* *poke*

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