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When it comes to most of my stories, don't make assumptions. Not only is there a 99.9% chance that you're wrong, but it's also frustrating to me.


At the age of 11, Bandit, Twilight, Cadance, Spike, and Chad decided to spend the day at the park. What was supposed to be a lovely day wound up turning sour when Bandit gets a very mean-spirited message that sends him out for blood. And the sender, Solar Comet, learns the hard way that when Bandit is mad, mercy rarely becomes an option.

Don't let the teen Rating fool you, this Canon to the FaM universe.

Be warned, there will be blood. Not a lot of it, but definitely not a little. Also, the bully in question says something very, VERY screwed up.

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Nice done and man Bandit has a fit, good thing Twilighth calmed him down, and man they are bonding so well and that letter have revealed some part of bandit that he never knew about. But great job.

Aw...poor lil' Bandit...

He just wanted to have a good time at the park.

😡 That's it! Where's my sword?! I'm challenging this B****** to a duel. Loser has to scrub every last square millimeter of Canterlot Castle inside and out with a toothbrush in their mouth without using any magic or flight.

Sorry, it is illegal to duel children. Wait 6 years and then come back.

You weren’t kidding when you said Solar says something screwed up.

Don't mess with Bandit, or you'll have a very bad time.

Bro this is so wholesome wtf 😭

Bandit needs a hug and comfort rn :raritydespair::heart:

Also screw Solar Comet, he deserves it :flutterrage:

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