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Tanya Degurechaff gets tossed into Equestria and transformed into a Changeling Queen. It's a nice retirement from modern warfare as an aerial mage. Then Queen Chrysalis attacks and forces her out of retirement. Historians refer to this as 'a bit of an oopsie.'

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Always a fan of Youjo Senki crossovers.

Well, that's interesting. I'll follow to see where this goes.

Ah yes, the most evil creature in the whole multiverse, a middle management businessman.

"Yes, it's part of a series of spells made by Archmage Shimmering Heart. Just about the only class I paid attention to. In fact with her accomplishments in the field it's a wonder she isn't the Alicorn of love right now. Her cutie mark was a broken heart though, so the requirements were probably different for her."

I'm absolutely sure that the inventor of that series of spells was actually Tanya.


The only thing that's even a bit out of character is that she actually submitted a resume instead of blindly assuming that starting at the lowest level and serving zealously withiut mentioning a desire for advancement would work. And that's easy enough to explain by her being slightly more people-wise after a few hundred years.

And I'm not sure if it'd be funnier for Tanya to be right on her interpretation of Celestia's personality or not. "Ponies are more productive, content, and happier when treated with fairness and love than if you try to squeeze productivity out of them, therefore I am kind and loving" is a stance that doesn't require her to be a Changeling, after all.

Even if Tanya didn't make the species miscalculation regarding alicorns, she'd probably still have done to chrysalis what she did here, I reckon.
Not much patience for idiots, even less for idiot leaders.

Evil Tanya. I never thought I'd see am mlp crossover of that. Consider me interested.

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I hadn’t found a good Youjo senki x mlp crossover until now. Not disappointed. I will be watching your career with great interest.

Lmao that ending!
This story seems wonderful so far by the way, can't wait to see more!

Nice start.
I look forward to the next chapter.

Genuinely great story, i can't wait to read the next chapter!

Oh I am absolutely loving this! I love the charactization of Tanya on this and the wonderful lore and backstory you have given. Oh this is gonna be a lot of fun!

Have to say, its always a great sign when a fresh account comes in and drops a banger of a story. Keep up the amazing work!

Just wondering how angry Daring Do is gonna be and if she is gonna attack the hive on her lonesome to 'Find her waifu', thinking she had been replaced by Tanya there :P.

Honestly, Youjo Senki just makes for some insanely good crossover material with just about anything.

Agreed. Albeit I feel too many things in them are pushed through via "Tanya never understandings anything ever" or "Miscommunication Central".

I mean, sure, have it happen. But I would hope that without Being X messing with stuff she would eventually clock on some things.

Well, looks like we're off to a great start!

Just a detail, though: Daring Do's writer alias is A.K. Yearling, not J.K. or J.T.

Well, there is also the fact of Tanya having some of the worst luck possible which leads to all kinds of trouble. Though that applies to allot of characters just on different levels.

My most recent paramour is a roguish lass by the name of J. K. Yearling.

A. K. Yearling.

(I am really enjoying this story about our friend the Ardent, but I am also a pedant <3).

Golden Tuft is a golden haired, blond maned unicorn with an abacus cutie mark. I thought it should've been a weapon of some sort or a heart. Found her trying to tame Timberwolves of all things in the Everfree. Then she took over my finances, and it all made sense.

"blonde" One of the only English words with grammatical gender.

That was... Extreme Tanya btw did she even love her partners? Because she isn't a reformed changeling right now, unless you mean she actually has to give her love in the form of magic to do that

that was an interesting read, can't wait for more!

(Just popping in to say that this should probably be tagged as a Crossover!)

If X was still paying attention, I'd be worried that Daring was just set up to be their next brainwashed psycho.

Right, this is going on the list. Sort of disappointed that Chrysalis snuffed it early, it would have been an interesting dichotomy

Iirc the reformation thing was more about sharing their own love with other changelings as the trigger, at least in the show, it might be different here.

As for what's the difference though, the love she shared wasn't her own, it was from her stockpile of it that she'd been gathering over time.

... Me-gerd, Tanya is so wonky with what socialism is that she is gonna say turning into rainbow bug is communism or something as Tanya as that.

Heh, oh this will be a treat. For all that she's a sociopath, she's functional sociopath who sees no value in conflict. She's gonna be such an outside the box concept for the locals to try and understand.

To find out why I telekinetically threw a vole into the patch I arrived in. It turned into a guinea pig. It seemed quite distressed by this.

You just gotta love the ironic specificity of those flowers, don't you?

Buck that.

Sooo... how long will it take Tanya to realize she is censoring herself inside her own mind with words she would never normally use?

Ah, she noticed the auto-translation thing, so at least she has a heads up.

And hay! She even found a family! Good for her, though I now wonder just how honest she'll be with "The Baker's Son".

Well, what do ya know? She was actually able to keep herself out of trouble for THAT long? Also, heh, that's gonna be a hilarious conversation when she alludes to Celestia ALSO being a Changeling.

I didn't get the joke at first, that's hilarious.


Oh Yes, this looks like it will be good.




A very literal but subtle joke. Well done author.

In one of the earlier chapters the cutie mark at the time was a broken heart so that makes sense

Hahahahaha! Tanya pissed off an Order God for being boring! Truly, Dissy and her are already the best of friends! :pinkiecrazy:

This chapter was a joy to read--the experiment featuring the mole in particular got to me.

Well, that and Tanya seeing a hunting feline being turned to stone by a snake-chicken with an attitude! :pinkiecrazy:

Infiltration successful! Now, a discreet and long life awaits her as her deserved retirement~! :trollestia:

Well. she did live and learn and succeeded while at it.

Oh wow, so this is how it went down for her ... I am half sad, yet half amused at seeing her misunderstanding biting her in the ass.

Oh wow, I did not see that coming! :rainbowlaugh:

Though I can understand Tanya performing a literal coup on Chrysalis here--just imagining herself being under such incompetent management must have burned Tanya's sensibilities something fierce!

And thus, went for the option she wished she had taken back in the Empire when her fools of rulers squandered her victories away ... .:trollestia:

As a very big fan of Youjo Senki, I admit, I started reading this fanfiction with a little apprehension. I wasn't sure how you were going to combine MLP and Youjo Senki (and also because Degurechaff is missing an F in the story summary).

But in the end, it's a pretty interesting story and I hope there's a sequel. The end of Chrysalis is quite rapid and violent and Tanya's reign promises to be very interesting, especially since she leaves with false ideas about the Alicorns and sends them a severed head as a gift.
Obviously, Shimmering Heart, the first incarnation of Tanya, left behind some research books.

I was sleeping on this one a bit, but wow am I glad I decided to read it. The prose is a bit off at times, but that's easily ignored in favor of the engaging narrative. Things are moving quickly and in very fun ways! I look forward to more, (and shall follow on SV as well so I can properly Like each update.)

OK, this has gone sooo sideways so fast and sooooo funny that I can't do other thing then follow it.

Loving the concept. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Ahahaha love this! I'll echo some of the other readers' sentiments in that I was skeptical of this story at first, but you drew me in, and I am loving this story. Can't wait to see where it goes.

Any chance on a second update today? I know that super hypocritical coming from me but I can hope.

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