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Tanya is reborn again. It is her third life. It`s okay she thinks. She have excellent carier path before her in the weather control system. Her attention span problems DOES NOT hamper her at all, no matter what her friends says. Curse you, Being X, for this subpar brain!

(So i was reading a crossover between the "My little pony" and "Saga of Tanya the Evil", where Tanya was reborn as a changeling and then, because of the name of the said story, i was struck by a wild idea, a spark of inspiration for a different canon character, in which Tanya the Evil can be reborn. And nobody would have notice the difference! In certain circumstances (c)). Surprisingly, it is Cadence.)

Warning. This is badly written, this is just a first draft and i dearly hope what some better author will pick this idea and make it work, but i really want to share it. English is not my native language, tho.

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I never expected to see Tanya Degurechaff reincarnated as Princess Cadence, but I have to say that she is quite interesting.

I Love it!

Well, this is some grade A crack.

... Got any more?

Love the idea, but you need an editor.

Please continue with this story, Is amazing and have a lot of potential.

Love the story pls continue

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