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After a thrashing from a certain plumber leads to a magical mishap, Bowser and his adviser Kammy find themselves in Equestria.

Will they discover the Magic of Friendship? Will they realize this is perhaps their one last chance to change their ways and become good before it's too late?

Will Bowser rethink his whole "kidnapping princesses" thing?



Written in the 1st-person. Considers all Mario games, aside from the sports games/party games/Smash Bros to be canon. Bowser has his RPG personality.

Art by CyrusCloud

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 29 )

Heh he he... Oh I LIKE where this is going... I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on this one.:pinkiehappy:

I like this story already. More please.

If this has Kammy, it this the Paper Mario: TTYD version of the two? that incarnation was my favorite, so funny.

why am i now picturing shinning armor in marios place, jumping on hoopas and defeating bowser, time and time again to save cadence?
more please!

"Did you mention something about a princess?"

Oh no:facehoof:

6322674 my computer decided to auto correct:facehoof:
i meant koopas.

Oh yes, I like where this is going.

I like this, though I don't see why it was posted in Displaced. Game Crossovers fits, but not Displaced.

Good fic so far, but badly needs better proofreading. I wouldn't mind offering such if you like. You use gdocs?

6322938 It's news to me that my fic is in a "Displaced" group :derpyderp1:

And a proofreader is something I could very much use, and have been trying to obtain for a long time now. Do you have any experience doing so? Please, send me a message and we'll continue this conversation there. :raritywink:

Shining Armor made the biggest mistake of his life. He said the 'P' word (Princess). Never say the 'P' word of someone's titled name to Bowser.

Only bad things happen.

very nice, i am curious right now.

"Did you mention something about a princess?"

soooo Bowser is into Ponys all of sudden? It is funny, but i don´t know, i do know we don´t want him to change to fast, but i hope that he isn´t going to loose against everyone, i don´t need him to look like the total looser here.

I actually wanted to mention that i hope he doesn´t try to get every princess, the whole fanfiction, and that weaker ponys than Celestia/ Cadance have to save them.

At least don´t let him loose to fast, because he has some Magic himself somehow, i guess it is now even canon that he has it.
I don´t know about the Alicorns, maybe he could fight against them as well for a while, i mean he is strong, but not very smart, and that is probably his biggest flaw.

6322297 Yeeeees i believe i thought the same as you.

Okay i try it again to make sure you understand what i meant, i would like him to be able to fight against some strong people, like Chrysalis/Shining Armor, and others, and even win, but he could loose against Celestia/ Fluttershy or someone else, he is strong but an idiot, so i would like to see him like that. If his Magic means anything, then he should be able to fight Celestia, but probably still loose, because she is more smart.

6333164 Regarding the Pony Princess Issue, I submit the theory that Bowser thinks its a Toad-Peach situation going.
After all, the Koopa King has interacted (or at least heard of) with both Peach AND Daisy, another princess ruling over Non-Humans.
Or perhaps he is just think that a princess bakes the best cakes.


You capture Bowsers 'tone' very well. People tend to forget that RPG Bowser and Platformer Bowser act very differently . RPG Bowser being more of a bully and a goofball whilst Platformer Bowser is more competent and vicious.

Looking forward to his attempt at kidnapping Cadance, though I presume in this case for profit/land/leverage rather then as a love interest (ala Peach).


The depressing part? Bowser is lucky he did not fixate on any of the other three....

But, Bowser's thing is that he already has the Friendship is Magic thing down pat. It has been his thing from all the way to the original Mario RPG. He always turned a blind eye when if his minions were living a happy life after abandoning his castle, or when he helped the locked Chomp Chomp and treated it as if it were a cute little puppy.

In fact, Bowser could well be the element of Friendship if it was ever needed. After all he's managed to make friends with the baddest of baddest in several worlds

Just a nitpick: if you're conseding the games as canon then Bowser has traveled to other planets (Super Mario Galaxy/2) and other dimensons (Super Mario RPG/Super Paper Mario) already. He wouldn't dismiss their existence, just find them harder to get there.

Other than that, looking forward to the next chapter.

I would like to see more from this, i know Bowser is beaten everytime in the games, but it would be actually interessting to see, that not every Pony, or Alicorn could just beat him without some effort, since he has Magic in some Games if i remember it correctly.

Please continue this story, I absolutely love it. Do keep up the great work.

Definitely tracking. You capture Bowser from the RPGs spot on.

I hope you give more respect to Celestia in this story than some authors. I also hope this story will be Bowser trying to capture the princesses and failing each time by them doing something about it.

"Did you mention something about a princess?"

Oh, boy! Dis gonna be good!:pinkiehappy:

Hey. I may act like Koopa, but come on! When is the next Chapter? I want to see what happens next! Bowser about to enter the Crystal Empire now discussing what will the do to him, and soon he may plot an invasion or have a change in heart.

...at least once in a while.:ajbemused:

I would like to have a new chapter please.

Hope bowser still has all of his attacks from the old rpg games like the vacuum attack and boeser can be nice if he wants to he may be a villain but he is a good father and king

I hope you continue this is looking very good so far

Let me tell you MY theory. I think that Bowser's species is not related to turtles, but a living race of dinosaurs. Let me explain why I think this.

First off, let's look at his 'hair'. Well, no branch of turtle even has a lock of it. I think that the hair is most likely protofeathers of some sort. His spikes and horns are also not found on turtles of any kind. More evidence to him being a dinosaur. He never really drags his tail, no, it goes up an inch.

The most likely dinosaur for him to be is an Ankylosaur. Recent studies showed a meat-eating ankylosaur that had an aquatic lifestyle. Bowser also seems to be a very good swimmer. I think that his species is descended from ankylosaurian dinosaurs of some kind.

And yes, I know Luigi stole Bowser's shell in Mario is Missing, but that is not canon, and Mario is Missing was not made by Nintendo at all.

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