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All at once, I lost everything in my life, and was swept away to a new world in the body of this small... horse... thing. What now? Will I be able to find new meaning in this new world? Will I be able to get over the loss I've experienced? Will I ever confront that deep dark secret that I keep even from myself?

...and will I ever get used to not having hands?

Wooo my first fic ever! Always been a big fan of HiE fics so decided to give it a shot myself. Hopefully it isn't too depressing at the start, I have some cute ideas for some wholesome moments later on.

Note: Tags may update as I continue the story. I’ll add tags as I introduce important characters.
Also, do note that this fic will contain transgender themes. If that bothers you, please leave.

Edit 4/16/24: 250 LIKES!!! I'm running out of ways to say thank you!! But THANK YOU!!!

Edit 3/17/24: 100 LIKES WOWWWW

Thank you all so much for all the support so far!! I wouldn't have ever thought that a little story I made on a whim would grow so large this quickly! I'll be trying my hardest to get new chapters out for you all >:3

Inspired by Greenhorne's Trust Once Lost and Boopy Doopy's Beyond Me, along with a whole lot of other HiE fics that would take forever to list lol

Cover by Fireglow!

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A promising start! I'll keep an eye on it. Keep it up!

“I wish you luck in your new life. I am sorry I could not do more for you, but I encourage you to make the most of the situation. This is a new chance, in a kinder world.

You know, when I read this at th end of the last chapter, I really expected him to be literally reborn. Noz saying that I am issapointed to see him waking up in a forrest, but I consider the other to be more fun. Thought I have a few question if you don't mind.

First of, is this the Everfree forrest, or some other anywhere in Equestria? Do I assume correctly that he is an earth pony now? And last but not least, will the tags be updated during as the story progresses, or are they in their finall stage?


I really expected him to be literally reborn

Solid point, didn't even think about it. Wasn't a fan of having to write a bunch of baby/infant protagonist chapters, the main focus I plan to have for the fic is in a completely different area

is this the Everfree forrest, or some other anywhere in Equestria? Do I assume correctly that he is an earth pony now?

That'll be revealed pretty soon! As in now! Chapter 3 is up!

will the tags be updated during as the story progresses

Yeah definitely, I'm not confident in what I plan to include in later chapters, just mostly vague ideas at the moment. I'll definitely be adding more character tags as I introduce important ones, and maybe if I add enough funny stuff I can consider the comedy tag, but no other plans for tags for now.

Thank you for your comment!

Thanks for those answers

Yeah definitely, I'm not confident in what I plan to include in later chapters, just mostly vague ideas at the moment

Did the same at my first story, was fun keeping others on edge, not knowing how it will continue. Especcially the comments what they thought how it would continue.

Since you plan to update the tags during the progress of the story, I think telling so in the Long description would advisable. Others might get too upset/disapointed, if it differs to far from what they expected/hoped.

Now after reading ch. 3, I think I already have an idea about the place and where in time it would be, thought I could be complettly wrong.

Pretty good encounter given the volume of more dangerous options. Wonder who had the camp set up. :duck:

hehehe i sure do wonder...
Thank u tho!

Seems good so far. Hope it wont get dropped!

I’ll try my best! Thank you!! :3

interesting, looking forward to the continuation :twilightsmile:

Thank you!!! It’s a work in progress but going well I think :3

A nice beginning,actually

Congratulations, you made it onto the featured page. Right now it's rank 4.


nice chapter, very interesting

very interestting so far, added to tracking

hope for more, i do

Great chapter and quite different from the overused truck, mugger and suicide backstories. Really love it.

Curiosity killed the cat is a saying that almost litteraly aplies here.

Thank you!!

Cool echoey caves simply cannot be ignored :3c

I opened my eyes and turned my head to see a very large brown bear standing over me, watching me with curious eyes. My mouth gaped and my eyes widened in horror, my exhaustion completely forgotten in an instant. The bear towered over me, on the scale that a human would tower over a terrier. How could a bear get so big ?

You may be kind, but German kids are kinder.

I've got a story with a similar concept, so I'm hyped to see how this one goes. You've definitely portrayed the anguish of a person being ripped from their home quite well. It can bring some cool story points later on, and the mystery of the unknown being will be interesting to learn about.

Il keep reading with great interest! :pinkiehappy:

A fellow ambitious writer! Awesome. You're story is coming up really well right now, the balance between comedic and traumatic is just right for the tone of the story you're making. (Mine isn't too great on the comedy end).

The plot thickens. You know, when I read about the bear, I thought it was Harry so great subversion of my expectations. And no worries about cliffhangers, that's what gets the reader excited for the next chapter. Me included! :raritystarry:

Backstory is just how it should be. The mc gets some lore with family, immediately establishes connections and conflict along with a very unique way of reincarnating him. You've got the creative genius needed to make this go big. I've shall watch your career with great interest!:trixieshiftright:

Thank you very much for the kind words!! I’m glad my little story is catching the interest of so many people, I’m still kinda blown away with the amount of support this has gotten so far.

Lmao it took me until now to realize this was a pun, well done

Very much enjoying this! Something about the irrevocable finality with which the protagonist is thrust into the pony world sets this apart from other ponification fics, and I like that :)

yippeeee thank you! :3
that's actually most of what i'm trying to explore in this fic! i've read the kind of fic you're talking about, that leaves returning to their old lives an unknown possibility, but i wanted to try to explore the idea of "made a mistake, cant be undone, now what?" I've got a whole lot of ideas on where to take it so im glad ppl like it :3

Did Starscribe make the cover art? It looks like his art style to me.

It was fairly clear in chapter 3 that the bear was friendly. Just our protagonist had no way of knowing that.

I like where this is going.

nope, a friend of mine, fireglow, did. his insta is in the description :3

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I like it! The dialog was great. Apple jack was on the nose, fun country expressions and everything 'cute as a critter' put a smile on my face. Terra is a great name for our protagonist. A great chapter. Have a wonderfull night.

this is very sweet, I like the name terra. A little on the nose considering the origin of the character being from earth but that also kinda just makes it appropriate :P Also dialogue feels pretty decent to read too. Made for a relaxing read at the end of my day today, cant wait to read the next chapter!

Not gonna lie. Clicked this story because of the title thumbnail. They look very fluffy. Hoping for a good read.

I felt my eyes becoming watery, threatening to spill tears. This was strange for me, considering I hadn’t managed to cry at all at any point within the last few years of my life, even as much as I wanted to at times..

This line. While it is mostly a quick section, and I do think you do skip over the 'holy shit i'm a fucking horse' faster then expected. This line really struck a strong cord with me. I usually avoid HIE stories, but I think i'll give this fine one a shot.

Obligatory "How to Pone" chapter. Looks good so far.

While I think the chapter is good, I am still a bit disapointed were she turned out. I really had been hoping that neither the M6 and the rest of Ponyvile didn't get invovled.

Thanks for the chapter!

Couldn’t Rainbow have gotten her to the hospital and back faster? And maybe stopped by Fluttershy’s on the way back to the campsite to get her help to interrogate Harry?

Heh I just figured unconscious filly plus fast flying reckless pegasus wouldn’t have been a great combo…
And dw Harry will be interrogated eventually :3

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