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Hello, weird british brony guy here. I've been writing for a while now, but only recently did pastel ponies get involved. My Deviantart now has the cover art for my story, Of Men and Insects.



When Chrysalis discovers a portal in the badlands, the fallen Queen flees through it to escape King Thorax and his new subjects. Plotting her revenge, she takes the place of a young man, only for him to fall through the portal and into Equestria.
The young man is Allan Ryder, a Twenty-Three year old from Vancouver, who is transformed into a Changeling by the magic of the portal. From there, it's a race against time to prepare for a battle that only one side can win. Allan will need all the help and training he can get from his new friends, and perhaps a bit of love as well.
This is the story Of Men and Insects.

This is my first story about ponies, though I do have another I am also working on at the same time. This fic contains shipping of a cannon character with an OC.
This takes place right after season six, and as such, will not be effected by future episodes of the show (Unless I want to write about them :3). It also assumed that the Equestria Girls movies, and the comics are canon, featuring references, and maybe even appearances, of characters from those worlds.
Allan Ryder is a character created for this story, as are all of his family and friends, and any additional human characters from his world. In other words, they're mine.
All other characters and places set in either Friendship is Magic or Equestria Girls belong to our lords and masters at Hasbro inc.

Rated teen for swearing and mature language. Added the 'sex', 'violence, 'gore' and 'profanity' tags due to violence, mild bloodshed, barely concealed innuendos, and mature language.

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Couldn't he just learn to shapeshift?
wonder if there is a way to set a default form?

...also, if a changeling can turn into a small rock, surely body modifications are possible?

I think you're forgetting that he is only human. He hasn't got a clue about magic. Any magic.


...also, just saw your other message....
didn't think of that...
wonder if memory transfer it a thing?
like, slowly and stuff, no memories being removed or altered, just slowly added?

....he's going to crash SO many times before he learns to fly....

8012437 Thanks! Any favourite bits? Please tell me I was able to make you laugh.

BRILLIANT as usual!
ah, cars...helicopters...and other techy things.
and now with the power of flight, i wonder if he would want to spend his times in high places away from rabbity paws?

8014856 Thanks, again! And yes, Allan is going to come to love flying, almost as much as Dash does. BTW, can you tell where the story is going? I'm hoping it isn't too transparent.

why do I get the feeling that Chrissy is eventually going to get real friendly with an M16?

8028731 Well, a gun is in the plan for much later on, but for now you'll just have wait and see.

why dosent this story have more upvotes :P

Comment posted by VeganSpyro97 deleted Apr 2nd, 2017

8067694 No idea. I guess people just haven't found it yet.

well, being able to produce building material, anesthetics and other things (slight boost in healing? wrap the wound in the gel and it seals it shut?) will come handy...

8173213 By Chapter 4, no, not yet. Don't worry. He'll be getting food shortly.

Nice progression so far.

Rainbow and Twilight look like they might be running ragged pretty soon trying to fix things.

Kind of nice seeing some growth on Rainbows side here.

8173853 Thanks. Maybe you'll like what's next, too... :3

Gray Jedi wants more. Yes. Please pop more chapters and have them covered in cheese and caramel.. sorry i was thinking about popcorns... but please. Write some more:fluttercry:

Don't worry. Another Chapter is incoming. You won't have long to wait.

Okie dokie lokie!!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::yay::heart::heart::moustache::moustache::moustache:<--here, have some moustache:pinkiecrazy: Praise!! He who delivers!! Yeah!!! XD

Thank you for your... humble offering. I shall try to keep the story updating frequently, but I work night shifts, so no promises.

Nice reference to the comics on the last bits of this chapter, well done

at this point I can say I am impressed with this story, it is put to gather super good with no wasted space at all.
I really like how you are not rushing things and just allowing the story to find it's self.
the romance between Fluttershy and Allan is just so tender it just melts ones hart, but do not fall in to the trap of making it to sweet some times a little strife builds a much stronger bond as it tempers the steel of the love.
I really only see one problem over all with this story and that is that I am out of story to read.

Raven not only did your princess ask you to invite ​Allan​ ​ to the gala but she is your boss also, you best hop to it.
I like the chapter their is lots of things happening some good some bade.

Comment posted by VeganSpyro97 deleted Jul 19th, 2017

Welp... that coulda gone better. Trixie better find a way to fix things in a hurry :trixieshiftleft:
keep em coming :D


....he's gonna use those neat physical shapeshifting powers to hide, right?
like, as a winged ant.
or a tadpole...
or a speck of dust....
or a pebble at the bottom of a deep pebble filled pond

He is still human at heart, Krazy. He has the power, but not the mindset. Nah, his solution is the classic one.

Trixie​ sure made a mess of this.
she defiantly needs to find a way to fix this colossal fuck up.

a really good chapter do keep up the grate work.

and thus Allan learnt Dig.
guess he was part Mole Cricket...
i can see tunnels in the future...

Nice how the changelings support each other.
choosing concordia instead of the unity that Chrysalis uses.

The restrictions left no place for personal development and the hive of Thorax already shows how benefical this can be.
Because I can't really see Chrysalis sharing her energy even with her own changelings.

a vary impressive chapter I love it.
and I feel you are right on the money with Trixie.

My mind decided to play one of the SAO openings in the tunnel part

I hope all works out well for Allan, and I also hope he and Trixie can make amends. Those were some pretty harsh words. The poor guy has been through enough already this whole story, though this certainly isn't the last "battle" to be fought, am I right?
It's going to be an awkward conversation with Fluttershy once he reunites with her and the rest of the Mane 6. Or maybe they'll put it off for a while.

Once again, I hope all goes well with Allan, Fluttershy, and especially Trixie.

Sorry, but we won't see her for a little while. I'll dangle her in front of you guys like a carrot a few times before I bring her back into the story.


Why does Rainbow Dash sound like a (alcoholic) jerk?

Read on, and you will find an answer.....

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