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Magical mishaps, moral dilemmas, and multiple contusions -- normal ponies don't have to deal with these things. Too bad Lyle Hartston isn't a "normal" pony. From the normal life of a human to an exciting and hectic life of a pony, Lyle's life is flipped upside down. Things can only get stranger for this brony when he wakes up in Equestria. More surprises await for him as he comes to meet a certain pony by the name of Lyra Heartstrings.

All songs belong to their respective artists.

Special thanks to Toni_PWNeroni and ZST6262 for editing and pre-reading.

I still have old original chapters in html format on mediafire. (Warning: poorer quality)

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 119 )

ha this is pretty good:twilightsmile:

you may have all my yes

Thanks for the compliments everyone. :pinkiehappy:
Please give any constructive criticism so I can make this story even better.

Is your plan your plan to make lyle a colt throughout the story our is he just like that for the time being (spiolers)
don't have to let me know, and keep writing i really have high hopes fore this

i sense awkward situations ahead

Damnit, I'm a sucker for Lyra stories And this one has activated the alarm.
Better fave it :D

I'm surprised none of them have seen the resemblance between Lyle and Lyra :unsuresweetie:

Oh noes! Twilight's cracking wise! :pinkiegasp:
And that Lyra bit gave me a little Hnngggg :scootangel:

*shudders at the thought of having to sleep with somepony drooling on him*

Going as Slendermane eh? or an illusionary SlenderMan.
He's gonna give all the other ponies the SPOOKS!

I am gonna love the next chapter. :pinkiecrazy:

Thank celestia his going as something that isn't etzo from assasins creed .

Oh and "secret society" *puts on a sarcastic tone* whatever you say girls

This is really good so far, I hope you update again soon

1535256 Working on it right now, good sir. :ajsmug:

Darn you Twilight and your pesky investigation >:(
And I hope you feel better soon :)

can't wait for the next part its gunna be epic i can tell

Hope your feeling better soon mate.:unsuresweetie:

Epic trolling will soon occur with Slendermane, I predict this...

That was awesome. Can't wait to see what's next. :rainbowwild::rainbowkiss:

I wish we had something like halloween in australia it sounds like oodles of fun.:fluttershysad:

1544076 you should start a Nightmare Night in australia:rainbowkiss:

1544096 your right *gets out of computer chair, strikes a heroic pose complete with wind swept look* I haven't a moment to spare its only 364 more days untill oct. 31 I must prepare the people.*whips out his replica gasgun with grapple hook, then pretends to fire it out the third story window before jumping through it*

nice pony with a kind hard....What.
I hope you meant heart otherwise...ew.
On the plus side, if Luna waits about, oh, 20 years or and Lyle is still there, dating can commence.

1544423 Ha ha. Whoops. When you write for 6 hours straight, it's kinda hard to notice grammatical/spelling errors.:twilightblush:

oh god this is amasing

The part with the bees reminded me of left 4 dead. In the first part of the no mercy campaign my friend and I would always run away from the other 2 survivors, set of the car alarm and sit and listen to their panicked yells as they were eaten by a massive horde of zombies....good times.

Oh on a reread of this i noticed.

got chased my timberwolves

[got chased by timberwolves] still good though.:twilightsheepish:

The room got really quiet. So quiet that I'm pretty sure I heard a mouse fart two miles away

Oh man best line I have heard in a long time.

Oh my.:fluttercry: I worry what Twilight came up with ther.:twilightoops:



Chapter 2 :twilightsmile:
This is a good read can't wait for the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

"Ranks Ron Ron ," I said with the bag in my mouth.

What? is he Scooby Doo now or something? :trollestia:

1554544 Ha ha. I kinda thought of that too while reading it over. I didn't really know what kind of sound to make so I went with Scooby Doo.:derpytongue2:

1554141 I'm glad you love it. I've got a whole lot of ideas planned for the next few chapters.:raritywink:

I have a bad feeling about his costume:applejackunsure:

Really good, keep going ;)

Oh man I loved this, can't weight to see what is next!!

Vell I must say that the reaction that he got outta the whole experience would be awesome but I woulda been like OMG HOLY SHIT ITS LYRA HEARTSRTINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyra can drool all over me is she wants to.:raritywink::facehoof::facehoof::twilightblush:

it is now 2:16 A.M. haven't slept in 24 hours:ajsleepy:

Zach u read my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great fic so far. Just noticed one thing, you (I'm assuming accidentally) switched to second person in the chapter "First Encounter"

"I'm from America, "you answered back, even though you knew she most likely didn't know where America was or where your entire world was.

Not a big deal. Just a little something that gave me pause. Thought i'd inform ya. Now to continue reading this great story! You deserve an internet cookie and a up rating for this story. Looking forward to reading the rest.

Ok, one problem:
How can he be so good at magic if he's been a pony only for a few days:ajbemused:

Either this burglar didn't know I was sleeping in this room or he is probably the world's most retarded burglar to have ever existed.

What about the burglar who was caught masterbating in the house of the person he was robbing to the person he was robbing's computer.

Gotta go. Gotta go. Gotta go fast like Sanic.

What is this 'Sanic' you speak off.

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