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Anyone out there who wants to associate with me in any way, friend, follower, ANYTHING! This is the group for you! In this group I will post all the stories I have written, and the stories I like and want to add to the group.

I will create threads every now and then to announce Google Hangouts and upcoming stories, and ideas I have thought of. This group will pretty much be everything Berry Punch related, me and the awesome pony herself!

There will also be a folder for stories that YOU would like me to read, they can be your own stories if you want.

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How did I not know about this magnificent place before? :pinkiegasp:

342832 Gear up and get ready to move!

Ah...okay how about we off the, um, twidash group!

342771 We ain't the third street saints!

Drive by the clopfics group? I love clopfics though :pinkiecrazy:

All we need now is some purple low-riders and sub-machine guns. Then we can go and drive-by the clopfics group.

I assume there will be cider party RPs, am I right or am I right?

Em I the only one here not stoned or is the other way around?:yay::trollestia:

Comment posted by Dr Cupcakes deleted Dec 30th, 2013

Yay! A group by you!

I like it here :rainbowdetermined2:


its a secret to everybody :moustache:

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