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Hello! I am Crown Prince of the Fruitcakes Anonymous and Lord President "Elect" of the Pizza-Makers of Plant Xerox, among many other titles. I am above and beyond Knighty, Lauren Faust, Barrack Obama, and that Donut Man whose name you do not remember. I am the God of all FiMfiction and indeed, all of the internet!!! I demand maximum Sycophanty!! You will obey me or else perish!! You will be banned for breaking all the rules AND for following them too well!

(Don't worry, this is just a joke group in which I lampoon ridiculously aggressive admins)

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Especially the hookers! Remember, as your supreme commandant, all best hookers belong to me!


That there is a library that I would enjoy.

348943 You say it like it's a bad thing.

You know what? I'm going to make my own Library! With Blackjack! And Hookers!


I felt the need to add a fic purely so the group didn't turn into 'Group in which I parody Tyrannical Admins and Wraithwriter's personal library.'

Because we already have enough libraries people! Not every pony needs a frikken libray like 'Twilight's library,' 'Celestia's library' or 'Rainbow's libray'.

I mean Rainbow's library is probably all just daring doo books and porn.

We needs moar stories! People put yours in as well!

There should be a story folder where you ban stories that don't adhere to your strict rules that make no sense.:raritywink:

I find it ironic that I join this group

Nobody's getting permanently banned here! Don't worry, this whole group is a joke!

They can't ban you if you duck out of the group right away.

Use this knowledge wisely, Smiles. It will help you in the dark places that you tread.

And I shall make you my slave!
I know! Good to see you! I'm glad to have someone who would totally get the whole joke!

Smiles was here! :rainbowkiss:

>inb4 ban

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