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GET OUT OF HERE, S.U.C.K.E.R.--A review of Stalker: Southern Comfort · 10:58pm Sep 29th, 2014

You are cold and hungry. Your pockets are filled to the brim with glowing Artifacts; the coveted treasures of the Zone. As you run through the abandoned factory for the 100th time, you provoke a sneer of contempt from a familiar foe.

"Get out of here, stalker!" chides the burly guard on the catwalk above. It is his eternal refrain, regardless of whether you're entering or leaving.

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Well four years since he's logged on...

Yeah I don't think he's part of the fandom anymore. Don't think these stories are ever going to finish either. :(


Well, there are a lot of male guy turned to pony stories, in fact my story Unlucky Seven has a guy turned into a clumsy mare. But I liked a lot the supervillain one and I don't think I can write something like that.

I would say that if he's not around to ask for permission, he's also not around to say no. If anything, he would probably be happy to know someone enjoyed it enough to make a story based on it; when I talked to him he seemed pretty easy going, at least.

Terms of Employment was a great idea too bad it was never continued and the Author isn't around to ask if I can steal the idea - -

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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