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Idiot from England who writes bad TF stories sometimes. Gilda is the best.


I'm back · 1:19pm Aug 12th, 2015

Back to writing, and I've decided it's time for some serious clean-up in terms of things I need to do.

First off, Adjustment is being re-written, right now actually. It's not going to be as long as the King and I, but it should be a lot better paced than the old version. When I've finished the first chapter, all of the old ones are being deleted. So if you really like them, (fat chance,) you should archive them while you can.

After/during that I'm going to be working on a request.

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I like your icon its super cute

2074095 Still alive, been busy with education and all that fun stuff.

You doin' alright man? S'been a while.

2030829 It's still happening, eventually. I've been really, really busy and haven't had much time to sit down and write.

Hey sorry to sound like a bum but hows the rewrite going? Excited to see more of your work.

1936283 Maybe, I want to get the re-write of adjustment done before I start something new though.

ar you planing a Sequel to Cultural Exchange:derpytongue2:

Feeling better mi compadre? Heard ya had a rough month.

1877159 The threads I wrote it for are dead, but I might rework it and post a new version on here one day.

I caught your story Mountainous (Draganon) over on Pastebin and was wondering if you're going to continue it?

1789804 Depends on the idea, feel free to pitch something to me.

I liked your story, "Forgotton Depths"
I was making an honest effort not to clop, but I did it anyway :twilightsheepish:
Good job!

You know how you have that harder better faster donger thing? My friend went and copy pastad some huge version of that and texted it to me, I had to receive it in almost 25 texts...

Also I like your writing, it's different, like a breath of fresh air after the morning dew (I think?)

1267727 I only really write when I'm "in the mood" so to speak. Sometimes it can take a while for me to get sat down and hammer out a chapter. Sometimes I even go off and write a one-shot until I can get back into it. Just how it is really.

1267699 Moaning isn't going to make me go faster.

You dont write? Write!

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