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Harasha the Gryphon

as my name implies I'm a gryphon I like MLP fiction :) I like all kinds of pony tf from ponification to five score's nice slow tf hope you enjoy my work as much as I might enjoy yours


some news about Gallus and the waterpark problem · 9:48pm Oct 16th, 2019

So with the story officaly being marked as complete I figured it's time to inform you about the future of the story

first expect a bonus chapter that's likely just gonna be shameless clop in the next few days. second when I decide how I'm gonna do it I'm going to post Gallus and the waterpark problem to other websites so yay for that

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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

1768022 WEll, congratulations! He spread the Illogic to you!

So you also know Samaru? Ehheehaha.

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