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Hmm. Didn't know about this group until a while ago and I would love to work on my head cannon with the people in it.
A.G. (I had the screen name before MLP regenerated.)

I love Gryphons!!

306438 That's up to you my friend

306436 I...may...read it...maybe...unlikely...

306428 He's my character in the story Raze's Journey! :D And he's SSJ3 in this pic

306434 ooooooh...:derpytongue2:DUR IM STUPPID

306432 Huh? :duck:
I was talking 'bout the… thing. Not it being a gryphon/griffin/griffon. :duck:

306431 :pinkiegasp: You're just like the rest of them!

306430 Name? I don't think it deserves a name… :duck:
It is an abomination to all creatures. :derpytongue2:

306410 You have created a Gryphon.
I shall call it:
Or do you have a name already?

306398 Who the hell is this "Raze" that people keep telling me about?

306404 It's going to be a while before then. I hope I can get the next chapter out soon!

306397 I never figured out how to make one look that good.

Gilda isn't too bad a character and Raze is eventually going to travel through the Griffon Kingdom, *Spoiler Alert* so I joined in!

306394 Also, I just posted it all over my profile, and that's hard to miss. Like forty people have been notified.

306394 Well, say hello to your first member! I just start telling people...

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