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Lifesigns and other things · 3:27pm Aug 6th, 2018

Hi guys,

First, an explanation: Over the last few months my health deteriorated. The nerve damage I mentioned before got worse again and resulted in partial paralysis. Coinciding with that came a depression. I shut down and isolated myself. Not a happy time and I neither wanted to talk about it, nor wanted to get pitied. I just wanted to be alone. Now, I will not get into much detail, because it is not only unpleasant, but also unsolved as of yet.

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Thank you for replying back, I am happy that they are fine, I am a bit sad since there is no closure to the stories, but as long as they are in good health readers can finish the stories with their own headcanon.

PS. I really like your stories also!


I am sorry, but I don't have any information about that. :ajsleepy:

Would you by any chance know how Nohen would had ended some of his stories or just Evil is a Toy?

Thanks for telling us you are a pretty great writer as well

Personally wish I had this many nice comments wishing me well on my own page. :rainbowlaugh:


Jokes aside, I know nohen and can tell you they are doing well. I am mainly writing this here for everyone that might come back to this profile.

nohen won't be coming back to this profile. nohen has simply moved on from this. Sorry if that isn't quite the most positive answer I can give, but I think it is best to mention it so people know that the stories here are indeed cancelled.

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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