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I´m what happens, if you have a great libido and too much time on your hands. And yes that also includes fapping...

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Unicorn, intelligent and big cock , gold color fur, brass color eyes and bronze mane and tail, named Copper mane

Zebra, Charismatic, Dominant, Mohawk and Jewelry, named Zexis

Earthpony, Charismatic, intelligent, Light green fur, green yellow mane & tail, name Wicked Green

Zebra, Big Cock, Dominant, Mohawk with Blue Eyes, named Ray

Hows about Hugh Mungus for a name?

What's this now? A new player wishes to create a new game? Well, let us see then...

Eros... I've not heard of you before this moment. However, I remember this other force of corruption you mention. In another time, another dimension. Sadly, we have lost the ways to influence that world, but you... You can give provide us with a new game! A new plaything to shape, a new world to corrupt!

We shall enjoy it.

Hmm, what to choose, what to choose... Last time, our tool had been of earther stock. Why not try something a little more exotic?

Make him a Zebra. I have heard another Watcher advocate for "Zexis".

A well-built, striped body will make him stand out, as well as help with the mares parting their legs for him. A dominant trait will support this aim. Charisma will as well; we are out to subjugate by lust, not by force. Once we have gathered enough influence, your paradigm of stallions-over-mares can be implemented later on, Eros.

Oh, and have his affinity be to the earth itself. The town housing his greatest nemeses aside from the princesses is one steeped in the tradition of the Earth Ponies. It'll help him to fit in, even with his eye-catching, exotic appearance.

And now, we wait. We watch.

Unicorn Affinity to magic charismatic

Hello Eros I think this will be the start of a corruptive relationship after all another few hundred thousands innocents to morally and seductively make fall from Grace

As for traits I Believe he should be Unicorn, Charismatic and Big Cock, Dark Brown fur and Red Mane and tail, Caramel eyes, Name Solstice Ember
After all in the end we will make even Celestia's flames an ember and Luna's moon Darken with Desire

in the aspect of domination, I would choose a dragon is most ideal for the position.

also I have some questions usually this kind of fics I like, but I like when it is a proper character who suffers change. such as spike or if shining armor or even discord, I like more.

another question is the queen chrysalis and Princess candace will come out in this fic.

finally what will happen to spike in this story?

I will answer this one time, but please follow the rules of the fic next time. Questions in Quotation, if you want to ask the author.

Dragon is not a race avaible for selection, mostly because they have too many natural advantages (immunity to fire, physical strength, sudden growth, breath weapon, etc.). I want to keep this balanced and provide a Challenge. Otherwise it will just turn into "Protagonist fucks everbody, Victory, The End". And thats boring.

Which characters appear in the story will depend on the decision of the readers. Its too soon to make any predictions on that matter. Fixed appearences (like the Mane Six) are shown in the tags.

What will happen to Spike: Keep on reading. ;)

Well here is my input and some ideas and suggestions

Well I would say a young zebra stallion with big balls and dick. Well Zexis as some other have comment about

He can use potion making to help him

He need to corrupt some pony mares first before starting to going after the mane 6

He maybe can start with Zecora

He will corrupt her and turn her into his willing potion making cumslut.

He then has access to fertility, lust potions.

Brainwashing and transformation potions also later

Also salve and potions to increase his stallion musk and make it harder for mares to resist.

Also to upgrade his virility so that mares can smell and feel how potent he is. His load all but aranted to impregnate a mare

The spa sisters next because they can slip in the potions or salves into their treatments


He then can go after some mares close to the mane 6.

- He seduce Mrs Cake. Closer access to Pinkie. She is starving for sex since it have been dry after the twins. So when a handsome exotic zebra flirt with her she will in the end. Can start with light flirting. Then kissing then secret blowjobs and hot dogging and in the end her riding him and happily accept his virile seed.

- Ms Cheerilee to get access to the foals

And some others

Can image that Cadance going to Zecora in getting help with having a foal but Zecora will make Cadance horny and corrupted and in the end letting the zebra impregnate her.

Can image that in the end pregnant (with his mark on their bellies so that ponies will see who’s foals it is)cadance, luna and twilight will holddown celestia.

Well will see how this goes

The current scoreboard:

Zebra: 4 votes
Unicorn: 3 votes
Earthpony: 1 vote
Pegasus: zero (*sad trumpete*)

most popular traits: Big cock (who would have thought), dominant

I will wait a little bit longer and will probably start with writing the new chapter at the earliest ths late evening. So anyone who wants to vote, do it soon.

Is it possible to take the ironic route and make him the opposite of a typical stereotype? You can make him the least likely for girls to be thrown at; for example you can make him a kind of pushover wallflower or have his member deceptively smaller than the average male. And how about you make him an earth pony as well...?

Can the player make a grupp with other character like Spike, Discord or other male creatures?

Can the player get an ability that can control other male character?

5. Questions at the author (me), must be marked by quotations. Otherwise I will ignore them.
Please read the rules, before you comment. I am going to answer these question, but in future chapters they will be ignored. Unless you want to direct these questions at Eros, but then make it obvious, so its not confusing. (for example: Dear Eros, ....)

Its possible. The question is just if the others will support it. The character creation will be largely decided by a majority vote. If you want to throw your hat into the ring, tell us what you think the character should be. For examples look at the other comments.

If he can convince them to join his cause, yes.

Depends on the readers playstile and what traits will unlocked. If your lucky and you can convince Eros to endorse your ideas, it can happen. But you have to ask him for that directly. :raritywink:

Zebra, big cock, affinity to elments (nature/plants)

" was wondering how abstract we could make the affnity to elements are talking about only the basic like fire water etc... or can i go less defined like my nature selection cause i would like to have a character who can effect the natural chemistry in a creature or plants system to make something more or less potent like the hormones in a mare/stallion or the aphrodisiac in a oyster ect.ect... i think this would give us an unsual yet interest ability to use thx in advance no matter the reply."


This would be "Affinity to element (plants)". I know it sounds simple, but "nature" is too broad for my taste. Also, keep in mind that for hormone and pollen manipulation the avatar would also need extensive knowledge about chemistry, biology and alchemy. Those can be aquired later on, though I won´t say more.
Also keep in mind: its only "Affinity", not an actual ability. The first stage of this trait is rather weak at the beginning, so dont expect any miracles.

Hmm throw in Beastiality in the mix also as a trait or option for later :)

Either the character doing it or he can control basic beasts later

With him living in the forest or by other means

Why this. Well thinking he can fuck or seduce some female/male animals and use them to;
1. lure for example Fluttershy into a trap
2. him fuck Winona and use the slut bitch dog to lure Applejack into a trap, he later reward the dog with using some potion or spell to make him capable to impregnate the dog.

"That fine a was just checking what our limits were and they're about what i expected thx for getting back to me. so that means i'll change the affinity to plants now.

P.s if we are a zebra does that we automactically get an element affinity at the start if so i,ll double down on the affinity choice of plants

P.s.s will you be giving people who give reasons behind their choices extra consideration over people who just give stright answers. I do a few quest and i know certain dm/qm have prefered styles just want to know what u prefer


Personally I like myself a good roleplaying. The Great Derpsby is good example here. So if you want your comment to catch my eye, this is the best way to do it. :raritywink:
Generally speaking however, this is only important for choices, where I have the last say. In polls and the like every comment counts.

But most important is that is has to be a sound choice. Especially for suggestions to the avatar. Something like "OMG, RAPE HER! FUCK FUCK FUCK! LOL" is probably not going to be considered if you are at the Grand Galloping Gala. Remember, that Celestia is not going to pull any punches, when it comes to protect her ponies, if she becomes aware of Eros Plan. Subtelty over raw Power, at least in the beginning.

EDIT: Poll is closed now. No more suggestions for the Avatar will be accepted. New chapter will be up tomorrow evening.


Why thank you for those nice words! :twilightsheepish: Do these quotations also work to indicate a question or remark directed to you? They're definitely easier to see!

I wonder if Eros or somebody else will give an explanation why he wants/needs us outsiders to give their input. Or what we are, for that matter. Incorporeal spirits of perversion and corruption not under Eros' control? Eldritch abominations trapped outside his reality? Old demigods of wicked lust who lost their powers when ponies stopped worshipping them? Or just some pervy guys and gals whose minds Eros managed to tap? Perhaps we'll never know!

Either way, I am loving the premise so far. The maledom angle, though not for everyone, if a particular favourite of mine.

my vote
race: zebra
traits: big cock and balls or dominate and charisma.

Ok, you have star you mission.
now you need to gather info about the townspeople, so that you can learn about there weaknesses and how you can exploit it.
perhaps you can find a ally that you can use or you may be able to turn someone to your side by make them see your view or break there's believes.

Chikelu meaning god created


*gives cookie*

as Zexis's head begins to clear he starts to remember his village was a small isolated one near The Endless Night jungle a jungle similar to the Everfree being full of magical plants and monster but on a much larger scale he discoverer his natural talents with both mundane and magical plants and began his training as a alchemist/healer from the previous one his father due to the importance of this role he developed a dominate attitude towards others as his and his fathers position made them second to only to the chiefs so no one really said no to him so he may come off as an ass but will be polite with anyone with authority but with a changeling posture, as for being in Ponyville and Equestria he wanted to be as far away from home due to his indiscretions with the Chiefs daughters and he had heard of the Everfree and the town next to it and so hope that he could make use of his talents to make a living and maybe a few "friends" though he didn't know about a female Zebra being here and would want to go to see here soon to learn which tribe she is from and to see if she would allow him to stay with her till he can leave and maybe they can get to know each other better and if she rejects his advances maybe a little help from a certain brew his father taught him may be helpfull.

p.s. sorry for the long text but I figure if we flush out much of his past now it hopefully won't bite him in the ass later

This will ruin my diet, but hey free cookie! *starts to eat the cookie*

Hmm yes

1. walk around and take in the village
2. find a place to stay (that will be either an Inn or maybe Zecora's place)
The CMC figure maybe that they can sleep in the same house becuse they are the same race
3. find a Job
Can have;
Herbalist (think that is a good cover and start) (He "helping Zecora")

4. study herbs/potions to further get better in potion making
5. Slowly starting to flirt and seduce mares (spa sisters, mailmare Derpy)
6. he starting with not so common ones and working his way closer to the element bearers
7. Can see that he will corrupt the CMC at a later date. They will sneak potions and making it easier to corrupt others, can see that he will have all the fillies and colts under his lustful grasp later. But he needs to study dreamwalking before taht so that he have some defence against Luna.

8. Like thirdgod said. He can use a potion that will make Zecora more eagerly ready to do as he says. Thinking it is a lust potion or a love posion variant. So with her under his "spell" he can make it so that Zecora tells others that she known him. Also that it sems they are a couple. That will put some things at ease.

9. Can image a couple of weeks later when ponies have been familair with that Zexis and Zecora are an item and rumors that he buck her silly and about his big dick. Ponies have seen them walking together and him groping and kissing her. Zecora lewdly moan. She also dressing more slutty. And have a the stallions tribal mark on her stomach. Nurse Redheart had confimred that Zecora is pregnant. So that is a type of marking who had made her so. Zecora saying when talked about it it is a Zebra thing.

Also mares have sometimes caught glimes of Zecora down on her knees and blowing or geting fucked from behind in some alley or other secluded place by Zexis.

.... BZZZZZZT.... (BANG!)

Come on you blasted thing work already. (Bang Bang Bang)

Now that more like it. Now where did I put that those orders?

Ahhh there they are. Now it says here that i'm to provide you with advice on how to go about spread corruption (type L) in the land of Equestria.

Well that explains why they gave me this job. Most of the other don't have the mind set for this type of work bloody pure mind bastards.

Anyway i'll stop ranting now and get to work. Hmmmm.


Theses two have the right idea about using the Everfree Forest as a cover with this guys affinity to plants he can simply say that he is here to collect and study some plants, he might even suggest wanting to try and cultivate some of them out of their natural environment for their medicinal purposes. But the Zecroa angle might be a bit premature we have only stated out and according to the archives she s is a very strong and clever individual with herbal/voodoo knowledge, might want to go for a softer target. Getting to know her and maybe finding some more information on alchemy is good idea but you might not want to try corrupting her till her stronger.

Now let me just double check are here we are. The flower trio, Rose luck, Daisy and Lilly might be a bit more our level all three are know to panic and pass out at extremely silly thing, often accompanied by saying the horror. This would suggest a weak will power and they might be attracted to a dominant personality like the one we have given our selves that could protect them. They also seem to own and run a flower business which if we could get a job at would provide both income and opportunity to corrupt them.

Also might help to swing by the library and town hall to get some information about the area both Ponyville and the Everfree Forest. Plus borrow some book on potion making or more advance types of potions if we already know the basic. Also try and make friend with the young dragon at the Library called Spike he a young and impressionable and if we can get him to look up to us as a male role model of sort he will be easier to corrupt. But you will have to be careful since he is Twilight Sparkle assistant and if she suspect what your up to we could have a very bad time.

I would also suggest be careful around a couple of other ponies for the following reasons.

Pinkie Pie is the Element of Laughter and has a super natural sense called Pinikie sense which might give her some warning of our true nature but do not ignore her completely as it may cause her become obsessive about becoming your friend which would be annoying. Greet here and be nice but be careful.

Secret agent Sweet Drops AKA Bon Bon has had experience dealing with creatures from Tartarus but is currently in forced retirement.

Applejack is the Element of Honesty and can sometimes know when some one is not being honest with her so try not to have a reason to lie to her at least directly.

That about all the time I have for now will do some more research and pull out more information from the Archives.

Best of Luck

From the Archives of Enlightenment Forbidden Division

Hopefully this style is ok. Let me know if it is a bit much

Well the first thing to do is give Zexis a reason to be in Ponyville. A simple reason like "I wanted to explore the world outside my tribe" should suffice. Get to know the CMC a bit and earn their trust, especially Scootaloo's. After going to the hospital, finding a house and job is priority so ask around for help. Somewhere far away from prying eyes but close enough to town should be good. Don't forget Zexis, no funny business 'till AFTER you get to know every and earn their trust. Be subtle in any flirting.

Wow that was long, I should probably work on shortening them in the future.

Ah... our tool is born. We are ready!

He has met three important ponies already; three ponies connected to one of the most powerful of forces on this planet. Luckily, they are eager and friendly, as ponies are wont to. Except for the orange Pegasus. We will not forget that.

I agree with this one. Zexis should try not to draw too much attention by the wrong ponies too quickly. Zecora's abilities are not well-known even to us. She is too dangerous for now. The Flower Trio, on the other hand... that has potential.

Moreover, our tool doesn't know much of potion-making yet. He is a novice. He needs time to learn, to study. But tending to flowers, he can probably do that as it is. He should try to make acquaintances with the three weak-willed flower peddlers. Get to know them, perhaps gain a job with them, be their strong, exotic new friend, and eye candy. They're mares, they'll fall into typical harem slut behaviour with the right leadership. When the time is right, Zexis will give it to them.
Give it to them hard.

The library—or castle, we are not sure which is there in this world yet—is another important place. Books to study and learn, but also a young dragon male to befriend. Spike can be more mature than his years suggest. He will be a valuable ally.

There are other males out there to keep in mind, other males to look for. Including the right matches for the three youngsters accompanying Zexis right now. Such sweet fillies deserve the right masters. We will keep our eyes open for potential candidates.

For now, Zexis needs to find shelter and support. Employment would be nice, but if he can get by without a job, that's fine too.

Zexis, don't be surprised if you happen to meet a hyperactive, hyper-friendly pink pony mare waiting for you. You've heard how nice and inviting Ponyville is. Go with the flow, be nice and polite and smile for her. She'll like it. Try to be nice and smile for all the ponies you meet, being friendly will help you immensely in this town. If any of them strike you as a little air-headed, perhaps even bimbo-ish, try not to show it. They're mares and fillies, that's just how they are. You know they need a strong male in their lives. And most stallions and colts in Ponyville, or Equestria for that matter, don't really know how to be strong in the right way. Once you have your life on track, you can always think about tips on how both sides can get exactly what they deserve. Later, though.


That is more than sufficient. :twilightsmile:
Also good characterization of your Drifter. "The department of Enlightenment" sounds intriguing. Hope he will have more fun with this, than the usual papershuffling. :raritywink:

Haven't read the story yet (though I fully intend to), but I just wanted to help you out with some typos I found in the description:

Over one thousand years ago, Eros, god of lust threatened Equestria with corruption and debauchery. His minions defeated any resistance and his victory was near. His plans were thwarted however by the two Royal Sisters, who used the Elements of Harmony to banish him to Tartarus. There he sat for centuries, planning his revenge.
Now his time has come. The old shackles have been shattered, and his escape is nigh. This time however he will not come with conquest. No...this time he will use subtler methods. An avatar, who will hide his intent from outsiders, shall carry out his will. And the god of corruption will give his Chosen One any blessing he desires, should he prove himself.


Huh. I had a similar idea to this, except that the Lust God was female and was actually slain by an asexual warrior immune to her charms. But because there needed to be balance in the world, she'd be reborn centuries later as a pony who would have to work their way to ascend into god status, accidentally spreading sexy chaos everywhere she went due to a lot of power in a form not meant to contain it all.

In any case, I'll probably have to give this story a look sometime.


Ups, thats embarrassing.
But thanks, I will correct it right away.

Ooh, I found another one that I missed before: "His was plans were thwarted" should of course drop the "was".

Also, again a note on all new readers!

Please put questions directed at me and comments of the story in Quotations. It´s so I can better differentiate between Roleplay and Off-Topic and the readers themselve don´t become confused, if you´re talking to me or Zexis.
I´m going to reply to first-commenters for now, but in the later chapters any subsequent comment, which doesn´t follow the rules explained in the first chapter will be ignored. Just as a fair warning.

Other than that, enjoy. :twilightsmile:

Hmm, how strange~ It seems like a strange series of events somehow escaped my attention! I'll have to keep a close eye on this...Regardless, I'm sure this Zebra has much to learn from these ponies, so I suggest he gets right to it! No need to be too naughty in such a nice town, after all~

This looks fun! I'll be keeping an eye on this story, mmhmm. Poking in now and again. Gee, I sure hope (I) isn't corrupted~

Deep, raspy voice I suggest you work with this "Zecora" for a while, then transition to the spa. At least two of the element bearers visit it regularly.
However, you must be subtle at first, earn their trust.

The purple one is very prude, she will require much work.
Fluttershy will be the most challenging for she is very shy. Hell, it's even in her name.

This is all for now. Shadow out.

As has been stated a few times already, be careful around the pink one with the poofy mane. She has vaguely defined abilities that could ruin everything. When you encounter her, smile and be friendly, she'll accept you quickly enough. As for the first targets, I agree with what some of the others have said in that the Flower sisters would make for decent enough start.
As for Zecora, I'm not sure we should be rushing towards her flank, befriend her first if possible and play the long-term flirting game with her work on her for a while before trying anything.
As for the purple book pony, we don't know if she's ascended yet, if she hadn't, she might be even more dangerous as she spent far more time in contact with Princess Sunbutt when she was a unicorn.
As for the other elements, making friends couldn't hurt. With the marshmallow, act like a perfect gentle colt, and do nothing 'disgusting' (burping or fartingor crude) in her presence untill you've gotten her much more friendly with you.
The yellow one will be hard, depending on if she has befriended the Draconequis or not, you'll need to fool not only her animals but Him as well. Well deal with that as it arises.
Applejack values honesty and hard work, don't be deliberately false or underhanded and she'll come around.
For the Weather pony, play to her ego. Talk about how even in your home, you've heard about 'the rainbow ring' or some tribal way of describing her rainboom.
I agree about the dream walking thing, Luna can be most discerning, be careful around her.

Maybe Zexis should corrupt the crusaders first then pick off the elements one by one.

He overhears tales of the poison joke. With his specialty in plants, he gets interested in its numerous qualities, and begins to wonder if it would be possible to control its effects.

inreresting idea for a story. I can only hope to be able to contribute.. Here are the thoughts I want for Zelix to think.

1. Find the zebra the girls mentioned. She may be able to tell you about your past, maybe she knows you.

2. Look at that flank, look at those breast. Think of her on the table begging for you to take her. Her cries of pleasure.

3. Why is that guy being so soft to that women. He needs to show he has kohones and make her realize that men are in charge.

4. She's cute. Wouldn't it be nice for her lips on my cock.

5. Look at that couple. There both females. Men her just aren't statifying enough so they have do it with other females.

6. I seem to be good with plants. Maybe I'll open an hypothacary here.

7. Danger, elements! Of harmony. "No real reason why, but an overall sense of dread."

i hope this works. I don't really know if this is the format you like. I was trying to suggest that he follows the CMC. From there he wants to meet Zecora. And he thinks that the females rule too much. He may also hear about the elements of harmony and is filled with fear. Anyway for Eros. " what do you think was your favorite accomplishment while you were in power? Have you met Discord? Have you gotten any other species to have sex with you: Changlings, Buffalo, Gryphons, or Dragons. Finally how do we get Zelix to start corrupting other ponies?

I’ve gotta say that Eros isn’t the most imaginative villain ever. He’s a very powerful evil creatures, he wants to take over Equestria and he wants to turn every mare into his sex slaves. A description that fits roughly 70 to 80% of the MC protagonists on this site. :ajbemused:

The concept itself, however, is interesting. The actions and suggestions of the readers will shape the character. This could lead to a rather interesting story… or into just another story about a powerful, generic villains that has turned everypony into his fucktoy by lunchtime. Only time will tell. Let’s see where the ride takes us. :pinkiehappy:

I would also suggest a slow approach. Visit the hospital, walk around the town a bit and get a feeling for the place. Maybe chat with the locals. An occupation that allows him to visit people at their homes could be useful. Perhapshe should look for a job as handyman or something similar. He also needs a place to stay. He probably hasn't enough money to buy a house, but maybe he can rent a room from somepony.

As for job he should look for something that involves plants maybe the flower sisters. They could provide cover and an alibi if need be.

Also he should find zecora and see what info he can get from her regarding everfree plants. Have him make suggestive drugs and aphrodisiacs they will help him later.

As for conquests don't start with the elements practice and experiment with the drug. Dilivery methods and potency. Start with the less noticeable ponies i.e. berry punch, the flower sisters, flitter and so on. To perfect the drugs and delivery techniques.

Finally when he starts with the elements he should start with fluttershy. She lives on the outskirts and only goes into town when she needs to. The others wont notice her change immiediately.

~Hidemain the patient

I think that he should go to Zecora first.
It would provide him with alchemy, a hot zebra girl and shelter.

As a zebra, his magic is not the normal type. It has been shown by Zecora that even without a horn, she can manipulate things, like when she trained Twilight. Perhaps this is an aural use? With that in mind, some recommendations to Zexis:

One, Zexis, try to test out controlling plants with your magical aura. Start with minor efforts, since plants are your specialty. Maybe use such to adjust the plants' properties in their pollen if you channel enough magic into them. Could have effects on minds if you're not too hard on them.

Secondly, try to act like a 'nice guy', helping others, caring about their concerns, even offering to help and such. It may be hard work... but, with the trust gained, may open more... opportunities, for you.

And the use of altering plants with your magic should be very useful. From what little we've seen of Zecora's magic(both in show and comics), it's not as powerful as ponies when used directly, often focused on using other items to channel their power through. But in turn, zebra powers are more precise and subtle, harder to detect.

And to prove it has an effect, think of Poison Joke. In less than a night, it caused immense physical changes to victims from just brief effects. And, it's been shown that changes through magic are easy, what with species change by Twilight, and even her changing an apple into an orange or the like in moments.

However, Zexis... you're no doubt not strong enough for such grand changes. Buuut... if you used plants, altered them to constantly emit pollen with effects that hit non-zebras, and altered plants all through the rural ponyville... you could have grand effects all through town by the consistent applications of smaller effects.

...Perhaps without them even noticing, if you included mental effects too. After all... blocking mind changes can only be done if they're large enough to notice. If they're changed subtly, gradually, your victims won't even notice they've been changed.

And using the flower trio first is perfect. They sell flowers, both as bouquets and as food. Maybe you could use their different flowers for different effects. Perhaps having one pollen gradually change the minds and bodies of all non-zebra males into females or something.


Right it looks like we have some income and some easy bitches to play with but it is also clear that we have to keep our libido in check for now any way.

I reckon that Daisy should be you first target she might have a little bit stronger will but her lust is quite high making her eager to get straight to business. But make sure you aren't seen by the other at least not until you fuck each one individually any way and got them all a bit more corrupted not to sure how they react if they think your just a player.

You also need to start looking for some more permanent housing for yourself. As much as these bitches should be on their knees and taking care of your every need you know that the ponies around here don't take kindly to that line of thinking. I also recommenced that this place has a basement so you can set it up a secure and sound proof area to help break the more stubborn mined mares in.

As for place to go to first I still would recommend the Castle/Library both for more information and making friends with the young dragon there. After that go to this Zercora place but be careful not to offend her and see if you can find the reason she not taking Applebloom as an apprentice if it a cultural reason she might be more will to talk to a fellow zebra about it and you can gain some trust.

Finally keep an eye out for a chance to talk to Sweetie Belle while she is alone. Do not try to have your way with her just yet but gain her trust and find out as much as you can about her try to make her have crush on you and when you get your own place invite her over and begin her corruption. But once again be careful of her pegasus friend she might be some one who we will have to pound into submission.

That it for now

From the Archives of Enlightenment Forbidden Division

So his have somewhat settled down with the rose mares.
Hmm true with Zecora he need to get better with potions and stuff.
But Applebloom can be a key to help him learn more and faster about potions and such as she have been an “apprentice “ for about 2 years.
So with some sweet talk and flirting he can make her help learn from her.
With Sweetie Belle I can image that he will flirt, will kiss her hand or cheek.
Later (thinking weeks) it will get more heated. He will show her his member and teach her how to do a blowjob. Later still and he will take her virginity. (romantic sappy atmosphere setting)
He will teach her how to become a slut, a whore.

He can also in the meantime also training Applebloom
Can image that Scootaloo have been molest or something maybe by her father when younger. So Zexis need to show her that he doesn’t do anything “bad touch” or is like that. So he will make the little pegasus horny.

Derpy can also be a candidate. She is a typical airhead bimbo. Zexis can pretty much trick her into sucking him off or making her ride him. He maybe can’t corrupt her much but he have a dumb cock sleeve to use if he fancy that and no of the other sluts are near.
But he need to be careful with blowing his load inside her and some other mares or fillies wombs at the moment. If for example the CMC are getting bulges and later confirming that they are pregnant it can create news and draw attention.
So he need to use condoms (to his irritation, he usually has trouble finding them in his size) or make them go on birth pills or something like that (maybe a spell)

So he need to corrupt Nurse Redheart so he can get access to her service and help do abortion or providing with anti - pregnancy pills and checkups.
Can image that she will get dressed skimpier as her corruption progress (no bra or panties, also altering the uniform, so mini skirt and very tight top). Also she providing a little more “special” service to stallions in the hospital.


So he have somewhat settled.

Think he need to go and check out the library and some books and say hi to Spike.

Spike when getting more corrupt can be one that can take care of some of the fillies.

But I think Zexis can turn him to a dick sucking and loving femcolt slut.
He befriends Spike and maybe a few days in the week Spike will pay him some visits. Zexis will give him spiked tea that will make the young drake little hornier, losing some of his morals, and slowly changing his body to look more feminine.

So after some time Zexis will have the young drake between his legs and worshiping his big member.

Spike will look more slim and little curvy at a later date, his hips have widened, ass bigger, legs and thighs slimmer, bigger eyelashes and lips. (but by then Twilight have also started to be corrupted)

Can image for example Zexis tricking some stallions or colts with letting them stick their dicks into a glory hole and promising some sexy mares blow them on the other side.
But it is spike that will blow them.

So Zexis acting like a pimp. So getting money that way.
He can do the same in secret with some other mares also. Making them whore themselves.

great chapter. It's interesting to see Zelix starting to lust after mares. I can't wait for the next chapter. I wish to know how often you think you'll update.

I would suggest Zelix go for Applebloom or roseluck. I do think he should go and meet more of the town. He should continue to lust after mares. Maybe he should be disgusted by some mares ordering around the stallions. An example could be Mrs cake telling Mr cake to do stuff when Mrs cake refuses (because she is busy). I do think he should try and teach a colt or two about how to get girls, like little Pip, Rumble, and Soike. I also think Zelix should meet stallions from around and engage in guy talk, or try and get them talking about sex and who they have done it with. He may also make a scene in Mayor Mares office. He needs to get a house and maybe while she is pulling out forms he can't help but stare at her but and think about taking her.

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