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There will probably be mind control.


Wondering what's going on? · 5:37pm Feb 9th, 2017

Me too, TBQH

So, about Project Starburst. I really didn't mean to let the cliff hang that long; I was planning on actually writing a new chapter in December, but my NaNoWrMo project ran long, so here we are. Really like the theories I'm seeing, more of that, please~

Also: Swirly toes is coming, as well. Having some trouble getting the flow of the next chapter but as soon as I can, we'll be taking off!

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I'm going to guess that this story will never be continued since you last started it in 2016

If you're not going to finish Lillith, you could at least tell us how it ends.

Did you get my PM's?


No? What's the request?

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