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Bronze Inkwell

Hello to all the bronies and pegasisters. I'm a writer for fun and I am beginning to make Youtube videos of stories that I think deserve to be told.

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Another Alex Mercer Displaced? That guy sure is popular to displace.

Well he has the DNA of his normal self and James Heller, right now he just chooses to be Alex Mercer.

What happened to his normal human name?

I haven't put it in yet, I like a bit of mystery after all. And the reason he goes by Alex Mercer is because he is currently disguised as him.

Ah, makes sense. Just don't keep it permanently as Alex, otherwise he won't be unique compared to whom he is disguised as.

But of course. Like I said, he has his own DNA as well as James Heller's. It just depends on who he (I) feels like being.

When will the next chapter be out

welp this is the third displace that uses this world that i have read. first with giant mechs second the deadra from the oblvion crises being lead by a displace and now this.

Well, I like the fic, I hope the next chapter!

nope i just wish i could find the mech one again.

Just be careful writing this Chaos.😟 Cause now, you got my attention.

How about a Spiked Hammer-Whipfist?

Have the Whipfist but instead of the end being a sharp blade, It's a spiky Hammerfist. An upgrade to the medieval flail with a lot more range and power.

First off stupid question man, never ask something like that.:ajbemused: Second, I like where your thing here is going. I'm also saying be careful with your character, and I like to see more conflicts.:rainbowdetermined2:

The psae is fast, calm down and take a little more time writing, or this will be a disaster, the idea is good, just don't rush yourself.

And there will be more conflict. But what kind of conflict is yet to be seen.

I'm trying to, but it's hard to do that for me. This is one of my attempts at trying to write a bit slower and I'm using you guys, the people who comment on it, as a reference. So far, it seems that I'm doing a good job. But I feel I need to slow down even more. What do you think?

Hmm, so like a giant Axe/Hammer combo? One end being that of an Axe but the other side is the blunt end of a Hammer.

Interesting designs, though I don't know how effective they might be with the Blacklight virus. And you must remember that the blades would be as sharp as possible, down to the very molecule. So the bladed one might not be as effective as the arm blade. As for the club, I just can't see the spikes being very useful since they are pointing upwards.

Now if that was applied to the Whipfist with the end being a point and the rest of the spike being surrounded in smaller spikes pointing inwards, then that could be quite useful for not only a weapon, but also a tool.

For nothing I just like sending music to people but if you have request what type of music you like I can send that to.

OH very nice, a Displaced/FoE fanfic combined, I don't think anyone made one of those before, got to say it's doing good and I can't wait to see how things turn out, mainly due to the lost interest of FoE by many fans over the last few years now.

Classical Dupstep if possible. It's my favorite.

I think that at least some Displaced/FoE are out there, you just need to look for them. But I do agree that I am one of the few who did this. And while I don't necessarily like the idea of a standard FoE, I do like the idea of it becoming a war between a resistance versus the invading force.

Very good! I like it but there isn't enough, as Vinyl Scratch would say, Wubs. I was thinking more along the lines of this.

Love it but I have one for you.

Yes! This is some very good shit right here! Exactly what I look for.

Ого, американцы не ненавидят русских. Сука, давайте убьём Путина!

Хотя все американцы не ненавидят русских, я не люблю убивать в реальной жизни. Только в видеоиграх и книгах.

Hahahaha! This is the best thing ever! Very good, very good indeed my friend!

Хотя call off duty modern warfare 2019 оскорбил меня лично, хоть я не горжусь тем что я русский, но даже мне было обидно смотреть на сюжет. Ну почему русские всегда плохие?

Я думаю, что это в основном из-за предвзятости Америки против русских. У меня лично нет проблем с русскими, но остальная Америка либо рассматривает Россию как шутку или серьезную угрозу. Как это ни печально.

Мне интересно, когда будет следующая глава? Меня заинтриговало это произведение! Хочеться спеть гимн Белоруссии, ведь мои предки с отцовской линии от туда. Хотя Беларусь не лучше страна чем Россия и Украина.

Ну, Америка не совсем то золотое яйцо, которым она разыгрывается. Иногда я думаю, что в других странах это лучше, чем в Америке. Конечно, у нас есть хорошие технологии, но что хорошего во всем этом, когда кто-то им не делится? Я верю, что единственное будущее для людей - это оставить в стороне наши мелкие разногласия и собраться вместе. Такие вещи, как космическая гонка и все эти войны для чего? Чтобы получить права хвастовства? Чтобы подняться выше другого? Это глупо. Люди могут быть невероятно умными, но мы все невероятно упрямые, глупые и повсюду враждебные друг другу без причины.

Хорошая мораль парень, я с тобой полностью согласен.

Это в основном моя мораль.

did not have an account at that time

Well hello I see a good fic

Thank you, I'm trying to get at least one chapter up every other day.

Nice I do the same on YouTube

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