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Hello to all the bronies and pegasisters. I'm a writer for fun and I am beginning to make Youtube videos of stories that I think deserve to be told.


When the stars aligned to give their power to the Queen of Nightmares, something else over rode that power, sending her to a far off world. Now in the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D., she has a choice. Join the Avengers, or be kept as a science experiment. Seeing the fame Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have, the choice is clear.

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i like this have to see where it goes

technically, Nightmare Moon can return home via the "rainbow bridge" that Thor has access to

For all Fury knows, it's only a direct link to several key worlds. And don't forget that at this point, the Bifrost is still destroyed. And the way they get home is Asgardian Magi-tech with the Tesseract as the power source.

yes, the rainbow bridge is only connected to certain worlds, but it seems like Heimdall can look into other worlds with his all-seeing eye. It seems to me that if you ask him, then after some time he could find the coordinates of the Nightmare Moon/Luna homeworld

Nmm is best avenger prospect.

You seem to miss the part where the Bifrost is destroyed.

One of the best, yes. Chrysalis and Tempest is up there as well. Chrysalis for her skills in deception like Black Widow, and Tempest for her fighting skills and magical lighting.

well.... our queen of the night just needs to wait until the events of "Thor 2" when "the bridge is working"

The fact that Nightmare Moon's horn is only 9 inches long and that Fury so easily carried her out of an exploding building while suffering from a gunshot wound makes me think that she is probably kind of small, like 80 pounds or less. There was really nice description of her, but I still don't have a good sense of how big she is.

By the way, it would be interesting to see the reaction of Celestia, who prepared for the return of the "evil sister", saw how the moon was empty, but no one came to her.

If you actually read it, he was not suffering from a gunshot wound. He had been shot in the chest, where he was wearing a ballistic vest. I'm taking most of the scenes straight from the movie, and adjusting tidbits here and there while also completely changing other things.

thor is basically in the same position as celestia. it's going to be fun watching dynamic of these two.

"What, is your moon stuck in the sky for some reason?" Nightmare nodded, causing Fury to blink in shock. "You're not joking? Your moon is literally stuck in the sky if you don't move it?" Another nod.

did they ever explain why that is?

Continue you have my attention


For as long as she remembers, somepony always had to raise and lower the sun and moon. When she asked her sister, she didn't know either. They tried to ask Starswirl, yet he didn't have an answer either. Nopony knows why, and nopony will likely ever know.

'Thine' means 'your', not 'my'. I don't think that Fury is supposed to have a horn.

I'm sorry that I didn't realize that a ballistic vest meant bulletproof vest, but I obviously read the two chapters to get the get the info about her horn size and being carried out. No need to be passive-aggressive.:fluttershysad:

My preference is towards no although story wise a humanoid form allows for some easier integration. I mean Marvel does have some nonhumanoid and anthro characters as is so I'd look those up first for ideas about character interactions before making any decisions.

If you don't want her nonhumanoid form to be an issue or play a roll in character interactions then it may be best to change it.
Edit: I for one enjoy the idea of seeing how certain characters react. Especially Thor to whom such a form would be familiar could lead to some good comedy.

No to human-Nightmare. Superheroes get punched, kicked, tackled, etc enough by other people but imagining their surprise when a towering moon horse bucks them in the chest before bringing down the magical might of the night is a fun thought. Pretty pony princess will show those villains that underestimate her that she isn’t also some magical mythical mushball.
Superhero stories will always have a degree of wackiness to them so why tone down Moon’s own distinct appearance. Unless she wants to go incognito of course. Otherwise, magic works well enough as a replacement for hands and they can still use their mouths and their odd magnet hooves with surprising dexterity.

I don't know about having her have a human form, but so far I'm intrigued with this story and can't wait to see how it will play out.

That's what I was thinking, using her human form for incognito things but keeping her pony for most parts. I just wanted to see what y'all thought.

Yeah, exactly! She’s still the night and the night hides many so I’m sure she appreciates the art of illusion and subterfuge. But too much time away from the spotlight left her wanting for more understandably. Plus, Natasha got frosty when she learned Moon was a tyrant but Moon is used to the cold and can probably warm up to her over relatable shady spy acts and performing deeds in the dark for others. I forgot how versatile ponies could be in any setting. :rainbowwild:

I'm sure Natasha will appreciate having Nightmare use magic to change her appearance, so if anyone tries to remove her disguise, they won't be able to because magic. Maybe even appear as an entirely different gender.

Author's Note:
Should I give Nightmare the ability to make herself look human? Yes

Gal pals bonding over being sly, being sneaky, and being scary with more efficiency! And also morally dubious deeds done in the past. :twilightoops:

The rest of the Avengers will see this friendship as unpredictable yet something they also saw coming a mile away. :rainbowlaugh:

Lol, yep, sounds like something that would happen. Nightmare might even help her get the revenge she desires on the people that help make her into the Black Widow she has become.

I'd personally would prefer nightmare to not be human, it would remove a certain charm of the story, leaving a magical super-hero and no longer an alien pony alicorn

Should I give Nightmare the ability to make herself look human?

I hope no. In human form she'll be just an op wisard.

Nightmare should maybe have the ability to look human, but I don't understand why she would have any desire to to do so. If part of it is an issue about romance, have her offer to turn other people into ponies.

My preference would be to leave Luna/Nightmare Moon as a pony. At least at first. We know from the show that spells exist in Equestria that can temporarily transform on species to another, but it's questionable as to whether or not Princess Luna (and therefore Nightmare Moon) knows any of this particular subset of spells. And even if she does, it's been at least a thousand years since she had last cast a spell of that type.

Besides, as is she's basically almost guaranteed to be adored by kids of all types, as she's basically a goth pony warrior princess superhero.

So let Nightmare Moon establish herself as a superhero for at least a while before figuring out how to temporarily assume a human form (if ever). And she just may decide to not use a human form anyway, even if she does remember the required spell, as it's clear that she doesn't find the human body aesthetically pleasing to her tastes.

And one very minor nitpick: While ponies are herbivores, they are not obligate herbivores and are in fact capable of digesting meat. Some even go out of their way to do it, killing small birds and animals that happen to get too close to them and then eating them (or outright stealing unattended hotdogs or hamburgers), although it's usually more of an opportunist thing rather than something they do regularly. Whether or not Princess Luna (and therefore Nightmare Moon) is aware of this fact is debatable, and she may prefer a herbivorous diet regardless, but Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity have been shown or implied in show to at least occasionally eat meat or meat byproducts. Just not on a regular basis.

Episode: A Bird in the Hoof (Applejack was all set to eat a ham sandwich during a bruncheon gathering for Celestia at Sugarcube Corner).

Episode: Fall Weather Friends (Pinkie Pie references having participated in hotdog eating contests)

Episode: Sweet & Elite (Rarity is literally shown eating pate and caviar as she mingles with the social elite of Canterlot).

Sure, that's basically just three references out of nine whole seasons, with every other possible instance clearly showing a vegetable substitute where a meat portion of any particular meal would otherwise go. So the consumption of meat would thus logically be considered to be very rare among ponies. But they can do so if they want, and Nightmare Moon is not likely to be bothered by the diet of her new friends even if she may have no particular desire to eat meat herself.

All that said, Nightmare Moon did not lie when she said that she was a herbivore. She's just not an obligate one.

Please abonden the thought of giving NMM a human form. I honestly like it the way it is right now.

Btw. It's Königstraße 28, not 28 Königstraße.

Not in the subtitles on Disney+

Maybe it does, but that doesn't change the fact that it is wrong. Trust me on this. It is my native tounge after all

she's not far off with the staff. Will she make the comparison to the elements when she gets a better look at the thing? likely.

Yeah, I find it annoying and distracting when Nightmare Moon (or Luna) goes into King James Bible language, but the author doesn't understand how those words actually work. I would suggest (in the kindest way possible) either using modern language (I mean, we already ignore or gloss over much bigger language issues!) or spend twenty minutes research into the subject on YouTube or Wikipedia. It's not rocket science; people used to talk that way every day and think nothing of it.

IN all the pony stories I've read. there is ONE thing I have yet to see an author do when a pony is in the human world.

Make them a Centaur!

it would make sense, I mean they are a pony, so making it so their form is a centaur would make sense. and would make for some really interesting interactions and funny scenes

let her change between Pony and Anthro form at will!

just make luna's human transformation a temporary disguise like loki's illusion.
mcu is too overcrowded with bipedal anyway.

"Ah yesh, let me shroke my ego as a marval fan boy by pointing outsh that thish pershon is ushing old english wrong wishout actually giving examples assh to how they're wrong wish correcshions" Marvel nerd- 2022

Constructive criticism is three fold, the criticism and correction delivered with respect. When you make critiques, give examples of what was wrong, along with corrections to what was wrong to make it better. Just saying it's "distracting" and telling the other to "do their research or drop the Olde talk" is incredibly disrespectful, especially since old English is nearly incomprehensible to modern English speakers.

Directly give resources for someone to better themselves, or don't critique them at all. Do the work completely or don't bring it up. That's the basics of respect and valuable opinion.

My vote is that Nightmare Moon should stay a pony (why would someone as perfect as herself change to a lesser creature?). However, she has shown she is a master of illusions, so she can construct a realistic illusion of herself as a human. In addition, with her magical power and control, she can manipulate objects around her to make it look like she can touch and interact with things using her "hands".

As to if she can actually change her form like Twilight did in the Breezies episode, I am unsure since Nightmare Moon has been away from magical advancements for the past 1000 years, so it maybe unknown to her.

However, I would say play up her ability to enter and manipulate dreams, including inducing shared dreams. This appears to be a subset of telepathy (think Jean Grey). Also using a shared dream can potentially help insure that enemies cannot eavesdrop on classified meetings as well as help send messages to many agents throughout the world at the same time.

I say yes so she can have an easier time. Abd i am partial to Nyx so consuder that an alucirn trait.

For the human appearance, yes.

I’m kind of think she should have been all along and here why.

In the MLP:FIM canon Twilight Sparkle went to the Equestrian Girls universe and became Human. Later Sunset and the human versions of the cast traveled through a wild portal and became ponies.

This means the physical transformation was caused by the universe they entered not the mirror portal. So if a pony goes to another reality they change to suit that reality.

Now on the MCU side of things we see the same thing happens in “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness”.

When crossing realities there bodies changed to suit that reality. they did become paint in one reality

So in both MLP and MCU the physical form of the beings traveling through realities do change to match the reality they are in.

For your story it could be her Alicorn magic is resisting the effects. Might explain why the “Nightmare” element doesn’t have as strong control over her mind making her less Tyrant and more calm(?). Or Equestria is somewhere in the MCU universe.

Heck if the universe has a base design it could explain all the humanoids in the MCU even the cosmic beings like the celestials and the watchers.

Nightmare Moon also show she could shape shift with the smoke/cloud form. She formed the thorn from her cloud and the shadowbolts, thought they could have been illusions.

One, Equestria is in this universe. Just a very far off part of it that is quite messed up due to things that happened impossibly long ago. Two, I don't think the Space Stone alone can break the universe barrier to allow transport between universes, much less through the filtered form of the Tesseract. I say filtered because that's what I think the containers for the stones are. Except the Power, Reality, and Soul Stone. Soul has a whole planet to contain it, while Power has a softball sized orb to contain it. (If you ask me that makes no sense but whatever.) Reality is put into, possibly, another dimension to contain it. The container for the Space Stone is the Tesseract, Mind Stone is the jewel of Loki's Staff, Time Stone is the Eye of Agamoto. All three of these can and have been used but their power is filtered through their container. Well, maybe not the Time Stone. Though we only ever see one consequence of it at the beginning of Doctor Strange which is quickly thrown out the window not long after as every other instance of Time Manipulation is alright. Reversing the damage done to the Hong Kong Sanctum, looking into the Future, Thanos using it to reverse the destruction of the Mind Stone. But no, apparently manipulating an apple is too much strain for the universe. Anyway, back on track. If the Space Stone and Power Stone are combined, then yes, the universe barrier can be broken. But unlike the What If... version on Disney+ with Infinity Ultron, I'm going to make it so the Stones only work in their respective universe.


Well given that Equestria is in the Universe. Nightmare Moon still can shape shift.

Seriously dude not a good idea to be aggressive at your readers. Also despite the fact that I love the films and the film novelizations, you don’t have to transcribe the film scenes in such details. Since it’s a cross over the reader will have knowledge of the film. I did the same thing with a pirates of the Caribbean fic. Also if you put the point of View from
Nightmare moons perspective before the avengers scene the chapter might flow better. Looks promising. Keep up the good work

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