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Partially mirrored from The NP FanFiction Archive.

Half of all life in Equestria has vanished.

One year later, Twilight has finally discovered where she believes the source of the devastation can be found: the other side of the galaxy. So, as a last-ditch effort to understand the tragedy, Twilight, and her last remaining friends, go on a quest into deep space to answer one question: Why?

A crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The setting, as well as most of the characters and original concepts, are the property of either Marvel Studios or Hasbro.

[CC BY-NC-SA] Twilight's Endgame is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Ooooh That was so painful to read!:raritycry::raritydespair:

I really can't wait to see what happens next.

Already written, just waiting for my editor to get back to me.

Tracking beacon activated.

If you want a quick preview, I'll give you a hint: In my mind, Thanos wasn't simply wrong, morally, but practically. He was naive.

:pinkiegasp: Pinkie, NO!

Holy cow, this was intense. And the rest of the concept is fantastic; will Twilight get to interact with Iron Man? How will Captain America and Dash get along (I was thinking Applejack and Captain America, but considering... :ajsleepy:) Well...

Please, more whenever you can! I really can't wait to see how this plays out.

Well, I do have certain plans, and the hard part will be getting them to interact with Iron Man. Because during the five year gap, it was implied he was no longer active. But I do want Rainbow and Stark to actually meet, for various reasons.


Jeez. Even now, it still hurts.

Though Pinkie asking Spike to make Thanos pay seems OOC.

I'm really liking it so far. I wonder what happened to the other characters. I'm looking forward to see more chapters.

Little bit. I had a joke planned for the final chapter where [Obvious Avengers: Endgame spoilers] she says 'no silly, I wanted you to make him party! Hee hee! No I'm kidding, I wanted you to make him pay, seriously, he killed me, you should rip his heart out!' And she would say it all with a smile, which is creepier.

In my mind, Pinkie was really recognizing her own mortality, which is something she never really did before. And while she's normally not a vengeful pony, you can't get much more personal than someone murdering you. And she also had a bit of time to think about it. And she didn't want to die, so she was a bit angry. Asking Spike to do it was a bit selfish, and would put a significant burden on him, but she wasn't thinking about that, she was too busy dying.

Unlike Scootaloo, who was thinking about how Sweetie Belle would handle this, and ensured her final words would give her friend happiness, not grief. Not 100 per cent effective, but she tried.

exciting! 1. Was the break up lunch a reference to the Snap victims support group where Russo says he was on a date when it happened? 2. I don't think Scootaloo is that mature yet. Other than that two thumbs up. 3. What is the Equestria drinking law?

You know, I only included the breakup lunch because I wanted some dialogue of them talking and acting as if this is a normal day, and that felt like it fit. But funnily enough, I already wrote the next chapter, and that does actually tie in. I decided to have Rainbow lead a support group, and one of the members mentions he was the one at the 'breakup lunch'. But that wasn't the original intention.

Originally, I wrote Scootaloo's death to just happen like all the others, with her not noticing. But then I thought I needed to change it up a bit more, and have one where they could react and give their final words. I already had that with Pinkie, but I felt I needed another, in a different style. As for Scootaloo acting unusually mature, and handling it better than one would expect? The way I see it, she had a few seconds to process the situation, before she noticed it was happening to her, so she wasn't too shocked. She probably could've panicked, but to be honest, I just didn't think any other reaction would really work, especially without traumatizing Sweetie Belle more than she already was. And I didn't really want to make that worse. So I'll admit it was mostly narrative convenience.

I think, if Scootaloo was alone, she probably would've panicked. But then she thought about how her friend would handle this. She likes to put on a strong front, as does Rainbow Dash.

Sarsaparilla isn't alcoholic. It's just a soda, basically. From what I read, it's similar to coke, and like most of those things, was originally medicinal.

Oh Okay. I just remember Tony Dinozo from NCIS drinking it, and he's not known for making smart choices. Like his stick figure girl.

This is definitely the best Infinity War/Endgame MLP crossovers I've read and it's not a oneshot!
The anticipation to know what's going to happen next, uwu, so much death and tragedy for the characters to deal with.
My only hope is that you don't have a time skip next chapter, I want to see reunions between characters and how they react to finding half the population gone. Will they go and try to find family, will the Princesses be effected?
Can't wait to find out, have a like and putting this in my tracking.

Finally, an Infinity War crossover that doesn’t kill Spike!

Uuuugghh, I’m having the same old feelings I had in Infinity War...and of course Pinkie was the one who breaks the fourth and did Peter’s line TT_TT.

I am excited and sadly anticipating the next chapter. :S (even my emojis are getting mixed from being sad or happy)

Wasn't really 'breaking the fourth wall' but I'm glad someone pointed it out. The reason I replicated Peter's death through Pinkie was because of the reason he reacted that way. It's because they both have that sixth sense, Pinkie through her 'Pinkie Sense' and Spider-Man has his 'Peter Tingle'.

Amma follow this. Great job portraying the desperation and terror everyone was experiencing!

Oh, it's just Thanos again... *goes up into space. Punches Thanos. Thanos dies instantly.* Yeah, still just one.

Alondro = Saitama



I think it's also arguable that Pinkie had some level of awareness/intuition that she was far from being the only one to be going through that (which would also feed into the anger).

It is a bit out of character, but that gives it some weight, IMO, since it's Pinkie being dead serious.


Yeah, Twilight really needs to not lose him for once, on top of everything else. She needs her little brother.

Aaaaaa, the feels. And the only reason I know i'm gonna be able to follow this, is cause, well, [Endgame spoilers] I know they're all gonna come back. Least, if your story follows the movie plot at least. *wiggles* I look forward to the survivors meeting the Avengers, and what part they might play in fixing everything in this one.

I’m so glad we’re calling it the Peter Tingle now :) its meaning could go both ways

Good start building up how horrifying it would be. Now... What happens next?

You have my upvote and favorite.

And what's next?
They magically and conveniently plotwise create space ship to travel to Avengers?

IIRC, having half of the Earth's population die would only take us back about forty years in headcount, yeah.

So how did you decide who lived and who died?

Hmm, an interesting premise. I don't think I've seen any other story where what remains of the Mane 6 travel outside of their home planet in order to find out what happened.

I look forward to their reaction when they find the origin, and when they meet the Avengers.

Rainbow Dash is gonna break down into an emotional mess when she finds out about what happened to Scootaloo. I can see that Spike could end up snapping and becoming like Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, if he sees another one of his friends be killed off, especially if it was like how he watched Pinkie die or if it’s Twilight Sparkle that he loses.

No, that's not actually correct. You can't just flatten the population growth from the world population down into a single ratio. The current Earth population count is just a sum of all the populations of every country on Earth, most with very different circumstances and birth rates.

Magically? Yes. It's Equestria. Conveniently? Not so much. They don't even know where to look yet, I should point out.

I heard it was 50.

How did I choose? Well, I didn't flip a coin. I know someone did that. Basically, whomever I wanted. The ones I saved are the heroes of the story.

I created two lists for the Ponyville region. And every time I add a pony to one of the lists, I have to add a pony to the other. And if I want to change the list, It has to be a trade. I also had to make sure it wasn't off balance when it came to age or first initial, which seems like a weird thing to compensate for, but I had to do it. At first, too many names came before 'F'.

Yeah, that's one she doesn't handle well. But she's also trying to be the emotional rock, particularly during that first day. Putting on a brave face.

No, but the point is, when it came to overpopulation, Thano's snap wouldn't solve the problem, at least long-term. Maybe it'll take longer than 40 or 50 years, but eventually our population will double. And yeah, birth rates are different in different areas. Still... the result will be earth's population up to 7 billion once again. All Thanos did was delay things.

Actually I can see Dash pairing up with Barton better then with Tony. The whole "going underground killing bad guys ´cause I failed my family" have a really strong (abide, twisted) Loyalty vibe to it. I can see Dash having a very emotional talk with Barton ´bout letting those you love down, and how you need to put your show together to fix things up again, just like she did with Twilight in the first chapter.

Overall, Sir, you have my fully attention...great introduction, very well done.

There are lots of great ideas to that. You have the whole mirror portal thing to work with. One idea I would love to see is an alien space ship asking for help in Equestria, due to having half of its crew dissapearing, anf Twilight and Co. learning from the aliens that all the whole Universe lost half of its population. And, then, frindships kicks in, and the pair up with the aliens to go to a remote place where rumours says the final battle against Thanos happened. A forgotten planet called "Earth".


I think the better way to do this is, some years, months later, after the snap when Captain Marvel travels, guards and patrols galaxy she finds this planet and etc.

Carol interacting with poneys !?!?


I’ve got to say, this has been a really traumatic read. Good job! The way you were able to capture the feelings of loss, panic and despair was masterful.

So looking forward to see how this turns out!

Well, for once Spike survived the Decimation. Now the question which of the princesses made it through, cause usually one if not both of them end up dusted.

I'm liking this so far. Though will Discord make an appearance? He seems like a character that could add some interesting elements to the story.

Very clever Apple Bloom! Need team work to bring down Thantos.

Also I'd like Lightning Dust and Trixie to have survived...a lot of opportunity for why them as well as a chance to create new friendships in the light of tragedy.


I mean, and you're being very polite to Thanos, shall we say.

For a start, given different species reproduce at different rates, it would have mostly have meant the species - ironically - best position for over-abuse of resources through population explosions would have got their biggest leg-up ever.

Also apparently Thanos had never heard of mass extinctions, either...

(And on a personal level, one assumes all the Undead would be LAUGHING (okay maybe not that inferior breed that actually need mortal to feed off, but frack those guys anyway). Especially any groups in positions of national, global or galactic power. Wipe out 50% of all the competition at a fell stroke for no losses? Neat!)

I could go on for hours as to why Thanos' plan Teh Stupids, but that's not really why we're here.


Actually, no, now I really want to see Twilight giving the full lecture of why his plan was bad as should feel bad, as ponies and Avengers collectively kick his arse. I'm sure Carol and Celestia can hold him still long enough to give him the Full Twilight...

I... really like that idea. But my plan for the Tony-Rainbow interaction is actually Rainbow tearing him a new one. They wouldn't get on. She'd scream at him, tell him he's not a hero because heroes don't give up. Then, a few days later, just as the group is about to leave Earth, Tony shows up at Avengers headquarters to see them off, and tells Rainbow that she's probably right. So he gives her a gift, because she deserves it more than him, and it's a multicoloured nanotech Iron Mare suit.

While Carol visiting Equestria could make a lot of sense, I'm thinking of something a lot more proactive.

Discord... see I'm on the fence about him, I don't know whether or not he survives. I have been killing off a lot of characters, so Discord surviving would adjust the balance. But he might be more of a nuisance. With Flutter's dusted, he could have little to lose. He might want to go with Twilight and the gang on their journey, and just... no. He's not allowed. If he's alive, he's staying on Equestria. So I don't know yet.

Comment posted by Pogmin deleted Sep 18th, 2019

Man, give Tony a break. He didn't just give up, he gave so much to the human race only to fail. He deserved those 5 years of happiness with his daughter and wife. He gave up so much, he is a true hero. There was no clear option of what to do before Antman came back, what was he supposed to do? Keep slowly killing himself for others, only then is he a true hero? The idea of someone dressing him down just because he wants to spend time with his family is just... gross. I can get behind Rainbow getting a suit maybe, but Tony giving it away because he feels he doesn't deserve it is terrible reasoning. He saved the world so many times, put the work into building the thing, it's his. He earned it a thousand times over. Giving up the suit is just... antithetical to his whole character.

Oh, no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I would agree with her. I'm just saying that's how she would see the situation. Especially after he refuses to help them. That's my point, I'm still working on the set up.

I don't see Tony going along with it though, he protected the shit out of his suits. He only gave one to Pepper I don't see how you could justify him falling for what she's saying and giving up what he's poured so much time and effort into. Especially to someone he only met recently.

I don't think he would go along with the theoretical dressing down either. Your core reasoning is that he thinks this random alien deserves what he poured most of his life into more than him, and I just can't see that.

Well, thanks for that. I'm working on it though.

I hope you do. I like the story so far.

"Scootaloo!" the unicorn tried to grab her best friend by the forelegs, but all they did was crumble to dust the moment she touched them.

Scootaloo looked at her companion. "Sweetie Belle, it's okay, it's fine. You're my best friend, I love you..."

Her body continued to crumble, like a wave creeping across her flesh...

"... be happy..."

... flowing across her chest, up her neck...

"... please don't cry..."

The last of Scootaloo's body vanished, her remains caught by a slight breeze in the air.

Man, this really...hit me hard for several reasons:

1. Scootaloo is like a mini-Rainbow Dash: she acts harsh and tough. Yet, faced with certain death, she drops the brash and instead offers her kindness.

2. No child should have to lose a friend in such a terrible way.

Cue, muffled “Dear Mr. Fantasy” playing in the infinite of space.

Man thats pretty good


To be fair, the original (comic) Thanos made the most sense between the two.

MCU Thanos: I will bring balance to the universe and then die.
Comic Thanos: I will kill a quarter of the universe so that Death will fuck me, and then I will spend my days killing people to make her wet.

Movie Thanos was a joke.

Oh please, really?

So, why do you want to wipe out half of existence?
Movie Thanos: This'll fix overpopulation, and save the universe.
Comic Thanos: MUGH! I want to get my leg over!

Comic Thanos is just sad. He's like Elliot Rodger. He's a joke. I know it probably makes sense in comic books, but to most people, he would just seem pathetic.

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