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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for following!

Thanks for the follow!

2159814 I did not read all the comments but I think that at least most of then does not agree with you...but for different reasons.

It´s not that we don´t like the Allmighty Celestia canon, but in Onomonnono...well, whatever, in the writer stories it is standard that booth the Princiess and the Mane 6 have a very low power level, in order to make then near powerless against the threats, in order to make the chosen hero (be it Batman, Superman or Green Lantern) vital to defeat the enemy. It´s a recursive trick he uses and we came to like it.

I understand your need to make Celestia more effective against Wolverine...but you´re looking in the writer stories the wrong way. The Princess and the Mane 6 are not the true heroes, in his stories, they´re, pretty much, the Danzels in Distress to be rescued by the hero, always someone from DC or Marvel.

You can disagree with this trick, you can dislike it, but it is valid trick. I´m pretty sure there is a better word then "trick", but I am not a native english speaker. Anyway, he settled his recurring universe uppon this pattern: Princess and Mane 6 find invencible threat, a DC/Marvel hero comes, and saves the day.

I would recommend you his Captain America story, where, actually, the Princess and Mane 6 are powerfull, but, still, need the hero assistance due to...well, I will not spoiler it for you, but it is the only story that breaks this pattern. Personally, I loved his portrait of Caps, a man with no magic, facing a world full of powerfull magical enemies. He explores some aspects of Steve that does not appear as much as I would like in the comics, his tactical thinking, his leadership, and so on...

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