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Imagine being an ordinary citizen going about your day with no idea that the Wakanda battle to protect the Mind Stone is even happening. And then suddenly, your friend, your family members or even you begin disintegrating into dust. You have no idea what it is, what's causing it and you can't stop it.

That's exactly what the ponies of Equestria felt when Thanos snapped his fingers.

Click here for the complete list of who lived and who died in this story.

Featured 26th April 2019 (thanks, guys!)

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Imagine being an ordinary citizen going about your day with no idea that the Wakanda battle to protect the Soul Stone is even happening.

Wasn't it the mind stone?

...And so Spike maintains his 100% mortality rate in every single "Snap-fic" I've read! *sobs*

I've seen it all before, but it was still fun (in a morbid way) seeing it again. Have a Like!

P.S. Maybe make a sequel where everybody fades back in, assuming that's what happens at the end of Endgame. That'd be a pretty unique follow up.

Wish it hadn't been him, but the coin flip told me so. :applecry:

Maybe I'll post a blog showing all the major characters I flipped a coin on to decide their fates.

Just read the story, and now I am sad :fluttercry:

The last calm words uttered by the Lord of Chaos.

This brings up the question, what would you have done with him if he survived the snap?

Also, #DontSpoilTheEndgame

Probably track down Thanos and turn him into a pinata for making Fluttershy bite the dust (I'm terrible).

Yes, yes you are terrible for dusting derpy

Let's just hope everything is fixed by the end of endgame

Oh shirts this is sad.

I have a feeling they will come back after the End Game.

Where the hell's Captain Marevel when you need her? Or Ant-Mane, for crying out loud!

We need super ponies to do a super job and if we don't got no super ponies, we're super screwe-... dustifies


Wasn't it the mind stone?

I thought so too, I think he got the Soul Stone when he killed Gamora.

Like I said, my fault. Changed it.

All we are is dust in the wind...

This was awesome, good job!

Why’d this pop up after I just finished watching this?

So...now can you make a sequel featuring there return?

Maybe after I see Endgame on Saturday.

#DontSpoilTheEndgame, guys.

Lioth #21 · Apr 26th, 2019 · · 13 ·

Ok first there are RULES to the infinity stones/gauntlet
1. The stones can't be used on themselves
2. The stones ONLY work within their own universe, they can not affect any OTHER universe.
This is IMPOSSIBLE no matter what set of stones/gauntlet you use.

Thats only if equis isnt in the same universe as earth

In the description(the one shown if you don't have the actual story page loaded) it says "Our UNIVERSE was not the ONLY one affected by Thanos's snap." IT LITERALLY SAYS IT IS A DIFFERENT UNIVERSE!

In hindsight, that description was terribly worded. Fixed.

Well then i was wrong thank you for the info so yeah thats a dumb on the writers part


Yeah, could just be really, really far away.

Comment posted by Awesomo3000 deleted Apr 26th, 2019

So according to your story, Equestria is on a planet that exists in the same universe as the MCU.

You have no idea how hard it is not to spoil it but it will be very very interesting seeing the aftermath.

Exactly. If the universe is infinite then if you go far enough away you will find anything you can think of. Infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters and all that.

The Snap took out half of all life (50%, just so I have the number there for comparison), but some quick back-of-the-napkin math for this fic shows 90-99% fatality rate. Where are the survivors?

I'll post a blog detailing all the survivors/deaths soon.

It's half of all life in the universe, mate. Any individual planet could have a greater or smaller percentage of its population die off.

There are hundreds of ponies in Ponyville alone. Nopony is more or less important, nopony is given priority over another. The Snap does not take into account things such as "Audience familiarity" or "Narrative Role".

The story is biased to show the fatalities. We didn't even see Vinyl and Octavia, probably because they both made it, for instance, but we DID see Lyra and heard about Bon-Bon. When you look at groups that would be shown together, it tends to come out balanced (as it should be) - 3 each in the Mane 6. Two out of 3 flower sisters lived. 2 gone in the Pie family out of 5 there. One out of three in the Crystal Empire royalty died, 2/3 of the CMC are alive (oh, thought Scoots made it. OK, 1/3).

incorrect its half of each indavidual species, thanos was very keen to point out 'when this is over half of humanity will still be alive' if it was half of all life, period, he would have no way of knowing that
so half of the earth ponies, half the alicorns, half the dragons, half the unicorns, half the pegasi, there was only ever one draconiqus that we know of so im not sure how that works out, perhaps the magic singled him out because of thanos desire to prevent anything from reversing what he had done

You have it mixed up. It says earth wasn't the only PLANET affected in the universe.

Because I changed it after I realised how badly I'd worded it.

Awesome story, if you’re willing to make like a sequel to it after watching End Game...remember, Thanos is the inevitable :(

Finally got around to reading this.

Damn, man. This hit hard in all the right ways. *cries for Flurry in particular*


What I want to know is who is buying all the paper for them. That's a lot of dead trees. :pinkiecrazy:

well 50% of all trees had to go somewhere :pinkiecrazy:

You killed FLURRY HEART!? She's not even a year old! Babies are supposed to be immortal in fiction worlds! Haha. Dear God, Shiny and Cadance are probably so shocked they won't be any help at all. Good luck ruling all Equestria, Twilight. She's literally the only (not possibly insane-with-grief) Princess left.

They got major problems coming. I noticed nearly all the villains lived. Let's hope they don't decide to team up and take this chance to screw over Equestria since the Elements of Harmony AND the Pillars are divided in death. Maybe the remaining Pillars and Elements could combine their powers and win. Or Discord randomly comes back because he's Discord and coming back wouldn't make sense at all, and he likes nonsensical crap.

I wonder if Tartarus gives those inside some immunity? Or...uh...whatever Chrysalis was using to hide.

Technically they all could've died, but an equal amount of random ponies would live.

I wanna see something set between this and Endgame (which, presumably, will bring a bunch of people back) where they try to adjust to the new status quo. Celestia and Luna gone? That's going to have major repercussions. And most of the big bads survived, with the Mane Six now the Mane Three...

Oh good grief, this is still a thing?

is there literally anything of substance here, or is it really just "look, people are dying you should be sad?"

In regards to the story, this was all decided via coin flip. There was no logic to the choices, the author said so in the comments. Thanos could have singled out humanity as getting a perfect 50/50 because it wasn't a guarantee for all planets, and his respect for Tony led to him giving the fate he wished on his own people to humanity.

The Tree of Harmony itself seems okay, or at least you didn't mention it.

I'm assuming you'll be making a follow-up after seeing Endgame, right?

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