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Just a guy who found out that a show about talking ponies is a lot better than I expected.


This story is a sequel to The Snap

Warning: Mild spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

After the Avengers' desperate effort to gather the Infinity Stones, Bruce Banner snaps his fingers. Across the multiverse, his efforts to restore the damage done by Thanos reverberate, restoring everyone lost to the dust. Sunset Shimmer and her friends once again feel the power of the Infinity Stones, only this time, as a force for good.

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Comment posted by red reaper deleted May 8th, 2019

Man are you sure it's not too soon. Give it two months before not a lot of people saw this

Yeah, bud, I'm with 9611530 here. Might want to wait a little longer. :unsuresweetie:

I remember you from my first story. Man the memories. Sometime it drives mad:pinkiecrazy:

Nice to see you again.

I made new stories if you want to read. Soon I will publish new one


The directors said we can start spoiling last Monday.

Glad to see them all back but I wonder why Twilight failed to notice that Sunset and/or Spike was 5 years older? Still glad to see all the girls back once again!

Honestly the idea of everyone in the universe being restored, while joyful, is still pretty sad when you think about it. It's been five years after the Snap, and a lot can change in five years. Like, you never got to see your children grow up, maybe your lover's moved onto someone else, or perhaps they or someone else close to you has died in that time.

True. I only agreed because I myself finally just saw it yesterday. :twilightsheepish: Somehow I managed to avoid spoilers until then.


To be fair, it has been confirmed for awhile that there gonna be a Black Panther and Doctor strange sequel, and a Spider-Man movie in two months, so it’s not that much of a spoiler

....I'd just about want to see someone - you or otherwise - create some sort of EQG x MCU.....thing.

This is why Hulk is best Avenger.

On this site, go read Applejack: Marvelous (MLP:FiM/MCU)

It's a very good story that is only begining but have tons of potential. At first it follow a bit the state of canon but the author promised more waves comming soon. It's the best MLP and MCU cross that I know of.

Not gonna lie, it'd be cool if Princess Twi suddenly appeared with info on exactly what happened, and then;

Sunset: Girls.... we have a Titan to crush.


Rainbow dash should have been punched for crashing that yacht

Good to see you did make a sequel.

Sunset didn't doubt that, somewhere, a great battle had been fought just to restore what had been lost.

I think you mean a great battle's happening right now! If Sunset waits a couple more minutes I think she's gonna feel a third wind change and start freaking out. :rainbowlaugh:

While it would be a very happy incident that everybody came back, it would also be one hell of a mess.
I mean, imagine if you survive the snap, but your wife doesn't. You end up meeting and marrying a widow who lost her family in the snap and the two of you then adopt a kid who lost both of his parents. You form a new family and finally things start to settle five years in, and all the sudden everybody's back.

Would be interesting to see a story looking at that, but not sure how you'd really manage it.

I'll keep an eye out.

I agree with you there. It is pretty sad, whilst conveniently allowing the MCU to revisit these characters in the future.

"Hey," Sunset replied simply, getting to her feet and hugging the former siren. There were no more words exchanged between the two. Neither of them had any words left to say.

Adagio took a second to walk up to the memorial stone, her hand gently grazing two names that'd been set right next to each other: Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze. She didn't cry, but her grief seemed to run deeper than any tears could express. With a sigh, Adagio came and sat down next to the three former Rainbooms and their dog. Their eyes were focused on the four names of those who should've been sitting there alongside them.

When such a tragedy occurs, rivalries and hatreds become utterly pointless. Adagio and the Rainbooms ended up bonding over what they both lost.

though incredibly specific, you would probably both send the kid back to their parents (assuming they lost them to the snap) divorce and re marry their loved ones.

Thanos, ROT IN HELL!!!!!!:twilightangry2:

"Most people rejected his mensage.
They hated Jesus because he told them the truth"

Acording to Endgame no one managed to move on, wich is the most unrealistic part in a movie were people have super powers and everything is solved by a "Deus Ex-machina" kinda solution.

Excellent work. Very bittersweet, as is appropriate for a story of this nature.

....whats your point?

Thanos was right, even if his "solution" was extreme because of his past experiences what he was trying to solve is true.

Also that's a meme used when there is some "truth" that makes people mad. It is a scene from a "chick tract" comic with this phrase in it and the image of jesus talking with some people.
Here an the "know your meme" page: Know your meme "rejected mensage"

if wiping out half of the universe is 'right' to you, then i suggest we part ways before things get ugly.

Thanos and Jesus are 2 COMPLETELY different things. Jesus would NEVER condone a plan like Thanos. Im sorry but you are trying to say oil and water are the same.

If you are unable to not have an emotional response then I agree.
You didn't even read the last reply before getting all emotional and writting that lackluster response...

Jesus and Thanos are two fictional figures that tryed to warn people of some bad thing that was happening and teach some way to solve it but people didn't listen to then in their time except for some followers.
The only diference is that Jesus has all the power to solve the problem and didn't while Thanos didn't had the power to do it but searched for it in order to do what he thought was the only solution.

Also Jesus would totaly agree with a solution like that, what do you think the apocalipse is?

At least people wont vanish suddenly. Christ is not like that. ALL, and i mean ALL life will bow before Him in His glory. Jesus is God. Thanos is NOT.

Jesus is good to those that believe he is good, he is just another human for anyone with analitic perception and evil to those that see him as evil.
Same goes for Thanos, the diference is that Thanos took the journey to fufill his vision while Jesus let himself be killed with the threat of coming back in the future to torture everyone that he didn't like (weren't willing to give themself as slaves to him, wait I think je calls them "worshippers").

Man, you spamming that dogspit is just... juvenilely fanboyish.

Torture? More like saving those righteous and leaving the wicked to their fiery graves. You're in no position to say something to the very man who supposedly saved Humanity through self-sacrifice. No one respects no one's opinion if those words incorporate brazen blasphemy in it, religion or no religion.

Though I do get Thanos, even though he's a radical revisionist, he's just doing what he thinks is right, at the wrath of billions surviving his quest for universal stabilization.

Speak for yourself

Oh yeah, sure, buddy.

Well, finally read this, and well, just made me think:

so Princess Twilight and Celestia disappeared. Wonder how Equestria handled their disappearance, considering that Twilight and her friends takes an active role in defending the kingdom.

That could be something to explore.

No, Princess Twilight was still around. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Oh, I see.

Oh yeah, of course, it makes sense, human counterpart disappeared but not pony counterpart. Must have been brain fry.

I guess Equestria is safe then.

Still, though half of the Mane Six plus the Leader just disappeared. Honestly, given the disappearance, I am surprised that society in Endgame still managed to function somehow (though given all the abandoned boats shown five years later, I suspect that the economy must have slowed down somewhat, probably even crashed before adjusting. And who knows, maybe many were killed in the ensuing panic.

Yikes, imagine that, someone returns back to life only to discover that their spouse was killed in an ensuing IKEA riot.

Plus, who knew what the criminals and the terrorists and the supervillains did with world leaders missing. Ronin emerged for a reason, after all.)

Thank whoever is up there for Banner.

Love Tony 3000

Why are Twilight and the others that were snapped back not questioning why the others are all five years older?

I would’ve liked to see the 5 year change mentioned


That could actually make for a pretty good story.

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I read this a second time and I really want to see a sequel where Twilight calls the the Equestria Girls in and they all prepare to face off against Thanos with the Avengers.


And then the girls snap instead of Tony.

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