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I am like Wallflower Blush, but WITHOUT the fanatical jealousy. I have autism, am a devout Christian, and I LOVE Disney.

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Happy Birthday, Disneyland · 10:55pm July 18th

On this day in 1955, the public concept of 'doing Disney' was born. What began as rows and rows of orange trees just off Interstate 5 in Anaheim, California became a symbol of childhood memories, magical memories and so much more. Disneyland celebrates 63 years of happiness, joy and merriment that has carried it to this day. I only visited this great park once, a small number compared to Disney World, but it was NONETHELESS a magical experience i will never forget. I wish all bronies who love

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May the Divine be with you as well

Well, either way, may God bless you wherever you go!

Perhaps I was unclear:twilightsheepish:

I have reconnected with Christ, but the longer I stay in the group; the more I'm reminded of Christians who actively pushed me away from Christ.
I feel that I should leave the group so that I do not reject Christ in the future.

Blessed be:eeyup:

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