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Hello, folks! Jade Dawn here.

After seeing some of my online friends, namely BradyBunch and A Man Undercover, create their own fan club groups, I figured, "Eh, why not give it a try myself?"

And voila. Here we are

Rules are basically the same as the site rules. I think you all know the drill. Keep debates rational and level headed if they come up, and no NSFW content. I will put up a folder for story recommendations, but keep in mind that I'll read them at my own discretion, and I reserve the right to not read a story if so choose. I will also not be reading stories any higher than a T rating.

Other than that, welcome to the group!

P.S. You can find my YouTube channel here.

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If you really feel that you no longer wish to be my friend, then so be it.

It’s clear to me that you have completely regressed from the person I used to know. The person who was one out of the many I made a connection with on here.

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted Sep 16th, 2021

How interested would you be in making a folder where we can make requests for film and TV show reviews?

Greetings, saw this group. Knew I had to join.

Oh, I see. I'll give it some thought.

You know, like what I’ve done for my fan club.

What would that look like?

Would you be interested in adding a “Favorites” folder?

Yeah, I think so. I started reading through the Pinocchio one.

Did you see the stories I recently put in your “Recommendations” folder?

Thanks for inviting me! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the invite!

Hi! Welcome to the group!

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